Apr 24, 2019

Work is More Than Money: Pope Francis

Vatican: Reflecting on the dignity of work, on 1 May 2017, as the Church remembers Saint Joseph the worker, a day marked across the globe as International Labour Day, Pope Francis said: ?A society of fraternity promotes the dignity of the person and provides a solution to the ?global economic dictatorship.?

Pope Francis? thoughts in these days go especially toward young people as expressed in his May 1st tweet: ?May Saint Joseph give young people the ability to dream, to take risks for big tasks, the things that God dreams for us,? many of whom are faced with unprecedented high rates of unemployment and socio-financial difficulties.

And in a message to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences that in these days is holding its Plenary Assembly in the Vatican (28 April- 2 May 2017), the Pope recalls the ? hard battles? of workers during the 19th and 20th centuries which took place ?in the name of solidarity and rights.? He says these battles ?are far from over? pointing to the ?social exclusion and marginalization of millions of men and women today.?

The solution is a society of fraternity, said the Pope, which contains not only the right to equal and just wages, but also supports the development of skills in correspondence to the individual?s vocation and dignity. Before equal remuneration is ?conceived as a right? said the Pope, it is important to first recognize work? as a capacity and an inalienable need of each person.?

Courtesy: Vatican Radio


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