Mar 23, 2019

Christian Life is a Struggle against Temptation: Pope Francis

Pope Francis invited the faithful to let themselves be drawn by Jesus pointing out that Christian life is a daily struggle against temptation. He was speaking during the homily at morning mass in the Casa Santa Marta on 19 January 2017. Commenting upon the end of the Gospel passage which says ?whenever unclean spirits saw him they would fall down before him and shout, "You are the Son of God"?, Francis said that whenever we try to approach God, the unclean spirits try to prevent us from doing so, and ?wage a war against us.?
?Those, who feel they are very Catholic and never have temptations, must pray because they are on the wrong path. A Christian life without temptations is not Christian, it is ideological, it is Gnostic, but it is not Christian?.

When the Father draws people to Jesus, Pope Francis explained, there is an opposite force that causes conflict. ?That?s why St Paul speaks of Christian life as a struggle: a daily struggle. A fight!  That?s why Jesus came: ?to destroy Satan's empire, the empire of evil. He came to destroy its influence in our hearts. So while the Father is attracting you to Jesus, the spirit of evil is seeking to destroy that attraction.?
The Pope concluded with the exhortation to fight on and feel the heart that struggles for the victory of Jesus.  ?May the Lord give us the grace to know how to discern what is going on in our hearts and to choose the right path upon which the Father draws us to Jesus.?



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