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The Personal attendance of Servant of God Mar Ivanios  to  the Holy Eucharistic Congress held at Dublin Ireland in the year 1932  marked the beginning of the current mission work of the Malankara Catholic Church in England and Ireland. It was an honour for not only the Malankara Church but for the Indian Church as a whole. As it was very much in the fresh context of the Reunion movement, the other delegates received the discussions by Mar Ivanios on the newly re united Church and its responsibilities in India with utmost curiosity and respect. (The speech delivered by Mar Ivanios is currently archived at the Public Library in Dublin). The talk delivered at the conference by Mar Ivanios dwelled on introducing the ancient Indian culture and the Syriac liturgy of the East.
The Celebration of the  first Holy Malankara Qurbono after the installation as a Metropolitan Bishop and receiving the Pallium from the Pope  at the St. Francis Church, AG Gardiner Street in Dublin was a novel experience for many of the Bishops participating at the conference.
Following the conference, Servant of God Mar Ivanios was invited to England to attend at the royal banquet hoisted by King George V where Mar Ivanios discussed at length on India and the cordial co-existence of the various religions in India.
Although, one can believe that nothing happens accidentally, it is evident from history that Mar Ivanios might have foreseen the today’s presence of the Malankara Church in England and Ireland.  The work related migration of Keralites, particularly in the field of Nursing and IT related, to these countries experienced a significant increase towards the end of the 1990s. From the very onset of this increase in the influx of Keralites and particularly the presence of  its members in various places encouraged the church leadership to ensure that the Malankarites would have access to their rich liturgical patrimony and church activities  
The migrated presence of the  catholic communities and their fervent leadership and interest at church’s activities in the Region have set an example for many of the European churches especially in the context of degeneration of faith and family values in the latter churches. At a time of decrease in the social and moral values wide spreading in Europe, the presence of the Malankara church, and her mission activities are a beacon of hope for the young families in this region.
Malankara Church and its Mission activity
Syro-Malankara Catholic Church’s first Catholicose late His Beatitude Moran Mor Cyril Baselios initiated the exploration of the possibility of serving the Malankara Catholics in the region.  The strategic planning, decision-making and due diligence of the then Apostolic visitor to America and Canada, Most Rev. Joseph Mar Thomas laid the strong foundation for the church in UK and Ireland.  Bishop Joseph Mar Thomas arrived at London on 4 July 2005 to celebrate his first Holy Mass and to commence the Mission works in the region.
Notable contributions towards the success of initiating the Mission work in UK were also made successively by Rt. Rev. Geevarghese Mannikarot Corepiscopo, Rev. Jiji Charivupuridam, and Rev. Luis Charuivlla and other visiting priests at various periods.
In 2009, the strategic decisions, planning and leadership undertaken by Major Archbishop and Catholicose Cardinal Baselios Cleemis with the close cooperation from the England and Wales Bishop’s Conference led to the appointment of a permanent Malankara Catholic priest to serve the  Malankarites in the region. The Brentwood diocese under the London Westminster province undertook the responsibility of hoisting the Malankara Chaplain and the appointment was taken place by July 2009.
On 3 October 2009, Most Rev. Joseph Mar Thomas officially inaugurated the  Malankara Catholic Missions in UK by inaugurating the First Mission in London under the heavenly patronage of St. Joseph. Following this, the present Bishop in charge of the American Exarchate, Most Rev. Thomas Mar Eusebius continues to give the church strong leadership for its growth  in the region as Apostolic visitor. .
Currently, Rev. Fr  Daniel Kulangara; Special Pastor and Coordinator-(Brentwood Diocese), Rev. Fr Thomas Madukkamootil ; Chaplain ( Shrewsbury Diocese) Fr  Abraham Pathakal ;Chaplain ( Dublin Arch Diocese) are serving as residing chaplains in London, Manchester, and Dublin respectively . Hitherto, nearly 300 families and 14 Mission centres have been formed in both UK and Ireland.  The Mission centres currently serving the Malankara Catholics are in East London, South London, West London, Luton, Ashford, Southampton, Bristol, Coventry, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Nottingham, Glasgow and Dublin.  Also, every attempt is being made to form new mission centres to serve the Malankara Catholics and provide all the pastoral support to the people.
The annual convention, which is an opportunity for the Malankara Catholics to convene together, has been a significant boost to the growth and coordination of the church in the region.  At these conventions, pastoral visits by His Eminence Baselios Cardinal Cleemis and other bishops are considered as an inspiration and source of happiness for the Malankara Catholics in the region. To date, five conventions have been convened at five different places in England.  The pastoral visits by Archbishop Thomas Mar Koorilos, Bishop Joseph Mar Thomas, Thomas Mar Eusebius, Joshua Mar Ignathius, Yuhanoon Mar Chrysostom, Abraham Mar Julios and Vincent Mar Paulos have significantly strengthened the various mission works in the region.
To further, to boost the Mission work in the region and to coordinate the church activities, it has been identified by our Venerable hierarchy  that a centre in London is essential and efforts toward  this objective is gradually progressing.   Every effort from our people is to be canalized to achieve this fulfil the dream.
Apostolic Visitor    :     H. E. Most Rev. Dr Thomas Mar Eusebius
                                  Exarchial Chancery
                                 1500 De Paul Street, Elmont, NY 11003, USA
                                 Tel: 516-233-1656; +1 516 305 0003;
                               +1 516 858 0191
Special Pastor &    :  Rev. Fr  Daniel Kulangara
Coordinator               The Assumption Church
                                98 Manford Way, IG7 4DF
                                Tel : 00 44 (0) 20 8500 3953  
                                Mobile 00 44  7947563066,

 Chaplain    :   Rev. Fr Thomas Madukamoottil
                      St. Anthony’s Church
                      Port way, Manchester, M22 0WR
                      Tel. 0044 7722116265
                      Email :

Patron         :    His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cardinal Cleemis
                       Major Archbishop-Catholicos
Chairman    :    Most Rev. Dr Thomas Mar Eusebius
                       Apostolic Visitor to Europe & Canada
President    :    Rev. Fr  Daniel Kulangara
                      Special Pastor and Coordinator

President    : Rev. Fr  Daniel Kulangara
                    Special Pastor and Coordinator
Vice President     : Dr Anuj Joshua Mathew ,

                            1 Grosvenor Court. Grosvenor Road,

                            Chiswick  W4 4EF
Secretary    :    Manosh Mathew, 205 Forest Road, Fishponds,
                       BS16 3UD.,  
Joint Secretary    :    Chacko  Ninan Kovoor, 6 Warwick Terrace, Lea Bridge Road, Walthamstow E17 9DP
Treasurer    :    Jaison Nariyattil , 99 Stanley Road, Croydon CR0 3QF;            
Members    :    Mr T J Varghese, 24 Morven Avenu, e Paisley PA2 8DR, vargis2002
                  :    Mr Shaji Chacko Kottinattu,3 Eyre Point Court,
                       Glasgow G33 3GE,                              
                  :    Mr  Ninan  Samuel, 11 Burton Road Avenue,
                       Timperly Altricham WA15 6AR,
                  :    Mr Joby Varghese, 6 Southwick Road, Northern Moor, Manchester M23 0FU; E-mail:
                  :    Mr  Vinod Maliyil,  138 Trenton Dell Road,
                       Prenton, wirral, Merseyside, Liverpool, CH43 3BU
                  :    Mr Roy George  27 Earls Drive, Nottingham NG5 5BQ,
                  :    Mr Soni Kochuvilayil, 8AD Winchester Road, New Milton, Hemsphere BH25 1LW; E-mai:
                  :    Mr Telsemon T Thomas, 74 Packer Avenue, Leicester, Forest East,LE3 3QN;
                  :    Mr Pradeep Pathiparambil 29 Valley Road, Coventry CU2 3JE,
                  :    Mr Varghese Daniel, 77 Hatfeild House Lane, Sheffeild  S5 6HXE
                  :    Mr Christon Francis 51 Salisbury Road, Sheffeild  S10 1WA ,
                  :    Mr Saji Mon John ,11 Cobalt Court, Frobishar Close, Gosport, PO13 8EP,
                  :    Mr Binoj john, 66 East Road , Bedfont Hounslow  TW14 8DQ ;
                  :    Mr Raju Varghese, 6 Ribble Street, Belfast, BT4 1HW,  
                  :    Mr Prakash T Oommen ,105 Gay Gardens, Dagenham East RM10 7TH,
                  :    Mr Liju Chacko 397 Hythe Road, Willesborogh Ashford  Kent TN24 0QQ;
                  :    Mr Jose K Varughese,5 Garrison Terrace,
                       Amherst Hill, Gillingham, Kent ME7 5BE,
                  :    Mr Sunil Philip 4 Royal Croft Liverpool L12 2BJ;
                  :    Mr Sony Varghese 8 Chiltern Close Birkhamsted, HP4 3JR,    
                  :    Mr Varghese K V, 90 Whitely Road, Upper Cambourne Road, Cambridge CB23 6HS, E-mail:
                  :    Mr Shaji Skariah 289 Grey Stoke Avenue, Southmead  Bristol BS10 6BD;
                  :    Mr Shaji Samuel, 3 Coulsdon Place, Caterham Surrey CR3 5NL;
                  :    Mr Johnson Joseph ,56 Heatherly Drive, Nottingham  NG6 0FN ,
                  :    Mr Johnson Meledath, 21 Hemans Road, Daventry, Northampton NN 11; E-mail:

01.St. Joseph’s Mission London
    The Assumption Church
    98 Manford Way, IG7 4DF, Chigwell
    Holy Qurbono on 2nd Sunday of the month

02.St. Alphonsa Mission Bristol
    St. Maximilan Church
    Bristol, BS7 9NH
    Holy Qurbono on 3rd Saturday of the Month

03.St. Mary’s Mission Manchester
    St. Hilda’s R C Church
    66 Kenworthy Lane
    Northenden, M 22   4ER, Manchester
    Holy Qurbono on 4th Sunday of the month

04.St. Basil Mission Liverpool
    St. Joseph’s Convent
    Oakhill Park, Old Swan
    L13  4BP.  Liverpool
    Holy Qurbono on 2nd Sunday of the Month

05.St. Jude Mission Coventry
    Saint John Fisher Parish
    Tiverton Road, Wyken
    CV 2  DL, Coventry
    Holy Qurbono on 1st Sunday of the month

06.St. Andrews Mission Glasgow
    St. Paul The Apostle catholic Church
    1653, Shettelston Road
     G 32  9AR. Glasgow
    Holy Qurbono  Second Saturday of the month

07.St. Anthony’s Mission West London
    Our Lady of Sorrows and St Bridget Church
    Isleworth, TW7 6DL
    Holy qurbono on Third Sunday of the Month

08.St. George Mission Luton
    Holy Ghost Catholic Church
    Luton, LU4 8JD
    Holy Qurbono on Fourth Saturday of the Month

09.Sacred Heart Mission, Nottingham
    St. Pauls R C Church
    Nottingham, NG7 2ET
    Holy Qurbono on

10.St. Johns Mission  Southampton
    St. Joseph Centre, 8 Lyndhurst Road
    SO40 7DU
    Holy Qurbono on the First Saturday of the Month

11.St. Peters Mission  Mission, Sheffeild
    St. Charles R C Church
    Sheffeild , S9 3WU
    Holy Qurbono on the Third Sunday of the month

12.St. Thomas Mission Ashford
    St. Teresas R C Church
    TN24 8TX
    Holy Qurbono on the First Sunday of the Month

13.St. Pauls Mission south London
    St. Getrude’s  R C Church
    Croydon, CR2 6EY
    Holy qurbono on Fourth Sunday of the Month