Dec 01, 2021


Short History
The history of the Syro - Malankara Catholic Church is closely linked with Italy. The epoch-making reunion of Archbishop Mar Ivanios on September 20, 1930, marked not only the inception of an individual Church, but the healing of the broken communion between Rome and the Malankara Church. It should be emphasized strongly that the Successors of St. Peter remained ever open and welcoming to the faithful of the Malankara Church. 
All through the years, the Malankara presence in Italy was basically academic. In the course of time, numerous Clerics and Religious received intellectual training and formation from the various Universities in Rome. Reasonably, the co-ordination of the community was thus realized by means of internal arrangements. The annual liturgical celebration and the commemoration of feast days consolidated the emerging sense of community. 
To mark the conclusion of the celebrations of the Great Jubilee year a grand celebration was held at Santa Maria Basilica in Trastevere on November 21, 2000. All the Bishops from the Syro - Malankara Catholic Church together with the community celebrated Holy Qurbono. 
It is with the dawn of this century that the Religious Congregations of the Syro - Malankara Catholic Church inaugurated various houses in different parts of Italy. Moreover, from the onset there was also a significant number of migrant Malankara families. The attempts to assist them pastorally in Italy took a decisive step, with the nomination of His Grace Isaac Mar Cleemis as the Apostolic Visitator for North America and Europe. His successor, His Excellency Joseph Mar Thomas furthered this pioneering mission. The directives of the circular Prot. N. CPL 3/2008 of June 12, 2008, from His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis Catholicos, regarding the pastoral care of the Malankarites outside the territorium proprium, provided a solid platform for future development. Thereby, Msgr. Johnson Kaimalayil was entrusted with the pastoral co-ordination of the Malankara Catholic Church in Italy.
On July 14, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI appointed His Excellency Thomas Mar Eusebius as the first Exarch of North America and as the new Apostolic Visitator of the Malankara Syrian Catholics in Europe and Canada.
It was a great joy for the community in Italy when His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis Catholicos was created a Cardinal in the Consistory held on 24 November 2012, officiated by the Supreme Pontiff Pope Benedict XVI at St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome. The following day the entire Delegation and the Syro - Malankara Catholic community and its friends gathered at Sts. John and Paul Basilica (the Passionist Generalate, Rome) to celebrate the event. Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI addressed the Malankara Catholic Community on 26 October at Paul VI Audience Hall, the Vatican. 
On 5 August 2017, Pope Francis appointed Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. John Kochuthundil as the new Apostolic Visitator to Europe and Oceania, as the then Apostolic Visitator is transferred to the new Eparchy of Parassala. 
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. John Kochuthundil was ordained a bishop with the name Yoohanon Mar Theodosius by His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cardinal Cleemis Catholicos on 21 September 2017. 
Apostolic Visitator : Most Rev. Dr. Yoohanon Mar Theodosius
                                   Major Archiepiscopal Curia 
                                   Catholicate Centre, Trivandrum
Coordinator           :  Rev. Fr. Thomas (Boby John) Malancharuvil
                                  Congregazione per le Chiese Orientali
                                   Via della Conciliazione 34 - 00193 ROMA
I. Council
Apostolic Visitator : Most Rev. Dr. Yoohanon Mar Theodosius 
Coordinator : Rev. Fr. Thomas (Boby John) Malancharuvil
Elected Representatives : Rev. Fr. David Vadakkummuriyil
                                        : Rev. Sr. Krupa Maria DM
                                        : Rev. Fr. Francis Plavarakunnil
Synodal Commission Member : Chev. Koshy Parapattu
II. Name and CONTACTS of the Priests
1. Puthenpurayil Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Joseph Antony 
    Ph. 0039 3891163056
2. ANJILIMOOTIL Rev. Fr. Roy Philip 
    Ph: 0039 - 0572 82784
3  Rev. Fr. Anoop Thomson
    Ph. 0039 3397133233
4. Arackal Rev. Fr. Saji (Mathew) 
    Ph. 00393395341353
5. CHARIVUPARAMBIL Rev. Fr. Sijo James
    Ph. 0039 3394462934
    Phone: 0039 334 990 5883
7. Chirakkarot Rev. Fr. Koshy 
     Phone: 0039 3664626323
8.  Rev. Fr. Darbello Christus
     Ph. 0039 3312506903 
9.  Rev. Fr. JEROME 
     Ph. 00393395340379
10. Rev. Fr. John Britto OIC
      Ph. 0039 3274114917
11. Rev. Fr. Joshy John
      Ph. 0039 3240983421
12. MAVELIL Rev. Fr. Joshua
      Ph. 0039 3664548885.
13. MEKKARIKATHU Rev. Fr. Prabheesh George
      Ph. 0039 3665433846
14. Meppurathu Rev. Fr. Jince 
      Ph. 0039 3665433846
15. Paickattethu Rev. Fr. Samuel
      Ph. 00393337100239
16. Panthirayithadathil Rev. Fr. Anoop Varghese
      Ph. 0039 3312488864
17. Plavarakunnil Rev. Fr. Francis 
       Ph. 0039 3663752995
18. Punnamoottil Rev. Fr. Koshy
      Ph. 0039 3394230753
19. THOMAS Rev. Fr. Pramod OIC
      Ph. 0039 3339163756
20. Vadakkummuriyil Rev. Fr. David 
      Ph. 0039 3663753715
21. ValiyantEparambil Rev. Fr. Varghese
22. VELLAMCHALIL Rev. Fr. Chacko
      Phone: 0039 318989459
23. Vellavoor Rev. Fr. Saji 
      Ph. 00393299831910
III. Address of the Religious Houses in Italy
1. Bibiano
Casa Accoglienza, Via G.B. Venturi - 14
42021 Bibiano, Reggio Emilia, Italia
Tel: 05 22240067, 0039 334 712 2137
01. Rev. Sr. Amala SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Thushara SIC
2. Montechio Emilia
Casa della Carità, Via Franchini - 45
42027 Montechio Emilia, Reggio Emilia, Italia 
Tel: 05 22864386, 0039 3899361607
01. Rev. Sr. Roselet SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Sanidhya SIC
3. Reggio Emilia
Casa Vescovado, Via Vittorio Veneto - 8, 42100 Reggio Emilia, Italia
Tel: 05 22402203, 0039 3345430709
01. Rev. Sr. Sneha SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Mercy SIC 
4. Selva Candida- Roma
Bethany Madhom, Via Santi Martiri di Selva Candida - 7
00166 - Roma, Italia, Tele. 06 30998110, 0039 3280541736
01. Rev. Sr. Keerthana SIC (Superior) 
02. Rev. Sr. Sandhitha SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Sayujya SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Sandra SIC, Ph. 00393270541024,
5. Rodigo-Italy
Med Services-Società Cooperativa Sociale
Via Cantarana, 25, 46040 Rodigo (MN), Italy, 
Phone: 00393347810699
Rev. Sr. Shanti Xavier DM 
Rev. Sr. Rose Philip DM 
Rev. Sr. Jecina DM
1. Rev. Sr. Krupa Maria DM, Via del casaletto 540, 00151 Roma, Italy, Tel. 0039 3204021994
2. Rev. Sr. Francy Maria DM, Via del casaletto 540, 00151 Roma, Italy, Tel. 0039 3347860690
3. Rev. Sr. Divya Jose DM, Via delle sette chiese 91, 00145 Roma, Italy, Tel. 0039 3890560563
4. Rev. Sr. Rani Paul DM, Via delle sette chiese 91, 00145 Roma, Italy, Tel. 0039 3882534325
5. Rev. Sr. Merlin Philip DM, Suore della Beata Angelina, Via Giorgio Bolognetti 4, 00151 Rome, Italy; Tel. 0039 3275624757
6. Rev. Sr. Hannah DM, Via S. Maria Mediatrice, 8, 00165 Roma, Italy, Tel.0039 334183 7037
7. Rev. Sr. Mahima SIC, Maria del Patrocinio, Via Carlo Emmanuele 1, 46,00185, Roma, Italy; Tel.0039 339 719 4861
8. Rev. Sr. Sampoojya SIC, Maria del Patrocinio, Via Carlo Emmanuele 1,46,00185, Roma, Italy; Tel.0039 334 390 0859
9. Rev. Sr. Vinaya SIC, Collegio Mater Ecclesiae, Piazzale Della Pace, Roma 100040, Italy; Tel.0039 334 369 0791
10. Rev. Sr. Joice SIC, Domus Helena, Via Ferruccio 25, Rome 00185, Italy; Tel.00393312975285
11. Rev. Sr. Josmi SIC, Collegio Mater Ecclesiae, Piazzale Della Pace, Roma 100040, Italy; Tel.0039 366 975 2999
12. Rev. Sr. Ananda SIC, Congregation of Sisters of St. Felix of Cantalice, Via del Casaletto 540, Rome 00151,Italy;
      Tel.0039 327 667 7297
13. Rev. Sr. Lidia BS, Suore Basiliane, Via Roma, Frascineto, 87010, Cosenza, Italy; Tel. 098132019
14. Rev. Sr. Angela BS, Suore Basiliane, Vicolo scariano,3, PalazzoAdriano, 90030 Palermo, Italy; Tel.0914328058
15. Rev. Sr. Gloria BS, Instituto S.Macrina, Viale Dei picciotti,12, 90123, Palermo, Italy; Tel.091475857