Dec 01, 2021


Heavenly Patron: St Ephrem
Eparchy of St Ephrem
51 BhauPatil Road, Near Pune IT Park
Bopodi 411 020, Pune, Maharashtra
Ph: +91 9145273369; Email:
Short History
The history of the Church in India begins with the arrival of St.Thomas, the apostle, in India in 52 AD. It paved the way for the foundation of the ancient Christian community in India called the St. Thomas Christians the Malankara Nazranikal. The Church, rooted in the cultural traditions of India, was in contact with the Universal Church through her communion with theChurches of the Middle-East. The indigenous Church remained one with the Catholic Church until the 17th century. But the direct interference of the Western Churches in India through the Portuguese missionaries and their tactful attempt to Latinize the Church of the St. Thomas Christians created  aversion among the faithful here and it paved the way for the historical event ‘Coonan Cross Oath‘ in 1653 and the division of the Church into two. The breakaway group in due course got in touch with the Jacobites under the Patriarch of Antioch. This paved the way to the establishment of the Jacobite Church in India.
Ever since the split, there were uninterrupted efforts to re-establish communion with Rome. However it was the movement under the zealous leadership of Mar Ivanios that realized the great reunion of the Malankara Church on 20th September 1930, when the Universal Church received the Malankara Church into the Catholic communion with all its cultural, liturgical, theological, spiritual and disciplinary patrimony. And as later developments, His Holiness Pope Pius XI established the Syro-Malankara Hierarchy and erected the Archieparchy of Trivandrum with the Eparchy of Tiruvalla as its suffragan on 11 June 1932. On 14 February 1958 through the letter (Prot.No.534/53) of the Congregation of the Oriental Churches, the territorial boundaries of the Eparchy of Tiruvalla was extended to the north including the Malabar region of Kerala, the civil districts of Coimbatore and NilgirisandKaroor Taluk in Tiruchirappally District of Tamil Nadu and districts of Mysore, Mandya, Coorg, Hasan, Chickamangalore, Shimoga and South Kanara of Karnataka State.
The establishment of BethanyAshram Pune on 24 October 1955 can be said to be the beginning of the mission of the Malankara Catholic Church outside its canonical territory. From Pune the Bethany Fathers took care of the Malankara Catholic faithful in Mumbai-Pune regions.  Soon the Malankara Catholics in other cities of India began to organize themselves as Malankara Catholic  Associations.  From the beginning of 1970s the Malankara Hierarchy directly took initiative and began sending priests from the Eparchies to these communities.  From 1980 these communities began to be erected canonically as personal parishes in the dioceses where they were registered. The Hierarchy gave further support to them appointing Rev. Fr John Berchmans OIC in 1997 as the Co-ordinator of the Malankara Catholics outside the territoriumproprium. Under his untiring leadership the communities got organized strongly under the banner ‘The Malankara Catholic Church Extra Territorial Regions in India (MCCETRI).’
 And later on February 2007 Bishop Jacob Mar Barnabas was appointed Apostolic Visitator by Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI. Later the Holy Episcopal Synod of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church entrusted the pastoral care of the Malankara Catholic faithful of ETRI to Bishop Jacob Mar Barnabas.
For long years, the Malankara Catholic Church had been incessantly attempting to gain all- India jurisdiction to impart the joy of the Gospel to every nook and corner of India. And it was, by divine grace, realized on 26 March 2015 with the erection of the new Exarchate of Khadki in Pune and the new Eparchy of Gurgaon in New Delhi. This is a significant event in the history of Malankara Catholic Church as well as the Church in India. It was for the first time, such a right was granted to a particular oriental church in India. 
The Exarchate of Khadki in Pune is named after St. Ephrem and His Holiness Pope Francis appointed as its first Apostolic Exarch, BishopThomas Mar Anthonios Valiyavilayil, OIC, with the title “Bishop of Igilgili.”  According to the decision of the Holy Episcopal Synod he continues to hold the office of the Curia Bishop of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church and the office of the Postulator of the Cause of Canonization of Servant of God Archbishop Mar Ivanios.
The exarchate extends over the entire southern part of India where till then there was no Syro- Malankara ecclesial circumscription, namely, the entire states of Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, together with parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Today the Syro-Malankara presence in the region of the Exarchate consists of 27 parishes or missions. There are 21 priests dedicated to the pastoral care, 13 convents of women religious and about ten schools, including a college for higher studies. The majority of the faithful is found in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Nashik, Aurangabad and Nagpur. The first Exarch will have his residence and chancery in Khadki, Pune, in the complex which includes St. Mary‘s Malankara Catholic Church, which will serve as cathedral.
After the for mal inauguration of the Exarchate, in two years time It started 4 new parishes, 2 missions, two areas of mission initiatives, and one nursery school too.
His Excellency Most Rev. Dr Thomas Mar Anthonios OIC
Born                                             : 25-11-1955
Ordained Priest                           : 27-12-1980
Appointment as Postulator          : 01-02-1998
Appointment as Curia Bishop     : 25-01-2010
Episcopal Ordination                : 13-03-2010
Appointment as Exarch            : 26-03-2015
Installation as Exarch               : 30-05-2015        
Feast of the Heavenly Patron- St. Antony of Egypt  : 17 January
Very Rev. Msgr Varghese Angadiyil
President                                                    : Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Anthonios OIC
Proto-syncellus                                            : Very Rev. Msgr. Varghese Angadiyil
Chancellor                                                   : Very Rev. Fr. Melwin Mathew Anthalil OIC
Associate Finance Officer                           : Rev. Fr. John Achuthaparambil
Co-ordinator of Eparchial Commissions : Very Rev. Fr. Varghese Valikkodath
Cathedral Vicar                                          : Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Venmanath
Secretary                                                     : Rev. Fr. Justin Kuzhivila
President                    : Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Anthonios OIC
Secretary                    : Very Rev. Msgr. Varghese Angadiyil
Members                    : Rev. Fr. Varghese Mattamana
                                     : Rev. Joel Mathew
                                     : Rev. Fr. Mathew Pallikunnel
                                     : Rev. Fr. John Achuthaparambil
                                     : Rev. Fr. Mewin Mathew Anthalil OIC
                                     : Rev. Fr. Thomas Attumalil
Judicial Vicar                      : Rev. Fr. Joseph Venmanath
Judges                                : Rev. Fr. George Thomas
                                            : Rev. Dr. John Kuttiyil
Defender of the Bond     : Rev. Fr. Benedict Perumuttath
Promoter of Justice        : 
Notary                             : Very Rev. Fr. Melwin Mathew Anthalil OIC
President  : Most Rev. Thomas Mar Anthonios OIC
Secretary  : Rev. Fr. John Achuthaparambil
Rector  : Very Rev. Fr. Mathew Punakulam  
Director                  : 
President                : Mr. Johnson T. M.
Vice - President I    : Mr. Rex Yohanan 
Vice - President II   : Mr. Manoj Mathai
General Secretary : Mr. Jose Alexander
Joint Secretary I    : Mr. Jaison Kuruvilla
Joint Secretary II   : Mr. George Abraham
Treasurer              : Mr. Abraham Samuel
Director                   : Rev. Fr. Mathew Thazhethottathil
Animator                 : Mr. Saji Daniel, Mrs. Juli Philip
President                : Mr. Saju John
Vice-President I     : Jithin Saji
Vice-President II    : Mr. Dickson Joseph
General Secretary : Renjith Varghese
Joint Secretary I    : Ms. Josmi Jose
Joint Secretary II   : Jinu Cheriyan 
Treasurer              : Lijosh K. J.
Director                 : 
President               : Mrs. Lizy Koshy
Vice-President I     : Mrs. Ponnama Varghes
Vice-President II    : Mrs. Rosamma Chacko
General Secretary : Mrs. Sussama Jose
Joint Secretary I    : Mrs. Selin Thomas
Joint Secretary II   : Mrs. Jessy Mathews
Treasurer               : Mrs. Lizzy Samuel
Director : Rev. Fr. Philip Pulipra
A.  College
1. Mar Gregorios College of Arts of Science
    Block No. 8 Mogppair West Chennai 600 037
B. Schools
1. Nirmal Bethany High School & Jr. College
    Vijay Nagar, Kalewadi, Pune, Maharashtra - 411 017
2. St. Joseph’s Bethany Convent School
    Meena Colony, Vikas Nagar, Kiwale, Dehu Road, Pune, Maharashtra
3. Mar Ivanios Convent Higher Secondary ,
    Mar Ivanios Nagar, Pimple Guruv, Aundh P.O, Pune - 411027
4. St. Thomas Malankara Catholic School primary
    Plot No.97/98, Khutwad Nagar, Basero Park, Kamatwada, Nashik - 422 009
5. St. Thomas Bethany Convent School 
    Goulana Road, Pathardigoan Nashik- 422 009
6. St. Joseph’s Bethany Convent School 
     Vadolgaon, Ulhasnagar-3, Mumbai
7. St. Thomas Malankara School
    Behind RBI quarters, Kanderpada Dahisar West, Mumbai-400068 (BORIVILI), Maharashtra.
8. St. Mary’s Malankara School 
    Pipeline Road, Saki Naka, Mumbai 400072, Maharashtra
9. Sacred Heart Matriculation Higher Secondary School
    Marianagar, Near Golden Flats, Padi, Chennai-600 050
10. Mar Gregorios CBSE Public School
      Block No. 8 Mogppair West Chennai-600 037
11. St. Mary’s Bethany English Medium Convent School
      St. Mary’ Bethany Convent Vidyalaya, Nagaram P.O., Keesara, R.R. (Dist),  Andhra Pradesh-500062
12. St. Joseph Bethany Navajeevan Vidyalaya
      Savithri Nagar, St. Joseph Colony, Rampally P.O., Cherlappally, R.R. Dist. - 500130, Telangana.
13. Navjyothi Bethany Vidyapeeth,
      Survey Number 43, Runde Village, Phalegaon, Thane District, Kalyan Tal, Maharashtra 421301
C. Nursery
1. Ave Maria Play School
    Bethany convent, Near Nirmal Bethany School Kalewadi, 
    Pune, Maharashtra-411 017
2. Little Flower Nursery School, 
    Marianagar, Near Golden Flats, Padi, Chennai-600 050
3. St. Joseph’s Nursery School
    462/A, 2nd Main Road, First ‘B’ Cross, M.K.Extension, 
     Mathikare, Bengaluru-560054, Karnataka.
4. St. Mary’s Nursery School, Karsundi, Kopoli
D. Hostels
1. Bethany Women’s Hostel
     Bethany Convent, Near Nirmal Bethany School Kalewadi, 
     Pune, Maharashtra - 411 017
2. St. Thomas Womens Hostel, Satyanagar, Padi
3. Charitable
A. Old Age Home
1. Bethany Karunalayam (Old Age Home)
    Bethany Karunyalaya, Bethany Nagar, 
    House No. 2-3-2,3/A, Cherlappally, P.O, R R (Dist), Andhra Pradesh-501301
2. Nirmal Nikhethan, Kalameswar,Nagpur (Run by DM Sisters)
3. Samrakshana Ashram 
    Dondhi Village PO. Sivampet Mandal, Medak Dist ., Telangana State
4. Others
1. Bethany Institute of Printing
    Bethany Karunyalaya, Bethany Nagar, House No. 2-3-2, 3/A, Cherlappally, P.O, R R (Dist),
     Andhra Pradesh-501301
1. Eparchial Commission for Liturgy
        Secretary    :    Rev. Fr Mathew Punakulam
2. Eparchial Commission for Bible Apostolate
        Secretary    :      Rev. Fr Varghese Valikkodath
3. Eparchial Commission for Evangelisation
        Secretary    :     Rev. Fr Varghese Valikkodath
4. Eparchial Commission for Theology, History and Publication
        Secretary    :     Rev. Fr George Ayyaneth OIC
5. Eparchial Commission for Ecumenism and Dialogue
        Secretary    :    Rev. Fr Justin Kuzhivilayil
6. Eparchial Commission for Clergy
        Secretary    :     Rev. Msgr. Varghese Angadiyil 
7. Eparchial Commission for Religious
        Secretary    :    Rev. Fr Thomas Bijily OIC
8. Eparchial Commission for Laity
        Secretary    :     Rev. Fr Francis Varghese Thekkepookalam OIC
     A: LABOUR DESK Co-ordinator : Rev. Fr Francis Varghese Thekkepookalam OIC
     B: WOMEN DESK Co-ordinator : Rev. Fr John Achuthaparambil
9. Eparchial Commission for Youth
           Secretary     :   Rev. Fr Mathew Thomas Thazhethottathil
10. Eparchial Commission for Family 
        Secretary    :     Rev. Fr Melwin Mathew OIC
11. Eparchial Commission for Faith Formation
         Secretary    :    Rev. Fr Philip Pulipra
12. Eparchial Commission for Vocation
         Secretary     :     Rev. Fr Joshua Manimalaparambil
13. Eparchial Commission for Seminary Formation
         Secretary     :     Rev. Fr Joshua Manimalaparambil
14. Eparchial Commission for Education
         Secretary    :    Rev. Msgr. Varghese Angadiyil
15. Eparchial Commission for Social Apostolate, Dalit and Backward Classes
         Secretary    :     Rev. Fr Samuel Thekkekavinal
       A: ECCOLOGY DESK Co-Ordinator: Rev. Fr. Maria Sobu
16. Eparchial Commission for Health Service
         Secretary    :    Rev. Fr Varghese Mattamana
17. Eparchial Commission for Communication, Media, Directory, Celebration
         Secretary    :    Rev. Fr Gevarghese Panicker OIC 
18. Eparchial Commission for Migrants
         Secretary    :     Rev. Fr Varghese Kurisinkal
Priest-in-charge : Rev. Fr. John Achuthaparambil
President : Most Rev. Thomas Mar Anthonios OIC
Ex-officio Members : Very Rev.Msgr. Varghese Angadiyil
                                  : Rev. Fr. Stephen Chempakathoppu 
                                  : Rev. Fr. John Achuthaparambil
                                  : Rev. Fr. Melwin Mathew OIC
                                  :  Rev. Fr Joshua Manimalaparambil
Elected Members   : Rev. Fr Varghese Mattamana
                                 : Rev. Fr. Joel Mathew
                                 : Rev. Fr. Mathew Pallikunnel
                                 : Rev. Fr Thomas Bijily OIC
                                 : Rev. Fr. Varghese Manoj OIC
                                 : Rev. Fr. James Cherivuparambil
                                 : Rev. Fr. Thomas Attumalil
Nominated Member : Rev. Fr. Solomon Raju
Chariman           : Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Anthonios OIC
Secretary            :
Vicar General      : Very Rev. Msgr. Varghese Angadiyil 
Members (Priest) : Rev. Fr. Melwin Mathew
                               : Rev. Fr. John Achuthaparambil
                               : Rev. Fr. Varghese Valikkodath
                               : Rev. Fr. PhilIp Kaleeckal
                               : Rev. Fr. Maria Sobu
                               : Rev. Fr. Joseph Noble OIC
                               : Rev. Fr. Robin Ettithadathil OIC
                               : Rev. Fr. Philip Pulipra
                               : Rev. Fr. George Ayyanethu
                               : Rev. Fr. Mathew Pallikunnel 
                               : Rev. Fr. James Cherivuparambil
                                : Rev. Fr. Joseph Menakaliekkal OIC 
Members (Sisters) : Rev. Sr. Pradeeksha SIC
                                : Rev. Sr. Vimal SIC 
                                : Rev. Sr. Abhishikta SIC
                                : Rev. Sr. Selin DM 
                                : Rev. Sr. Jephin SIC
                                : Rev. Sr. Ronny Maria 
                                : Rev. Sr. Arpana Therese DM 
                                : Rev. Sr. Maria Kutharavattom
                                : Rev. Sr. Kripa
                                : Rev. Sr. Keerthi SIC, Superior Bethany Convent
                                : Rev. Sr. Lusia SIC, Mother Superior
                                : Rev. Mother Superior Bethany Convent 
a. Ex- Officio Members
: Mr. P. V. Thomas (Bar Itho Kasiro), D-2/604, Prestige Uttam, Townscapes, Pratikngar,
   Yerwada, Poona - 411006, Pune
: Mrs. Sara Mani (Barz Itho Kasirtho), B/502,Shringeri 5th fioor Vrishi Complex, Holy Croos Road,
  IC Colony Borivili West Mumbi, 9821543663, 9004043141
: Mr. V. A. George, Flat No. 4, Mantri Residency-1, 
  Bhau Patil Road, Kirkee, Range Hills, Pune-411020, 9822012870
: Mrs. Rosamma Rajan, 302/Alpha Apartments, IC Colony, Borivili West, Mumbai-103, 9819446888
: Mr. T. M. Johnson, No 36 2nd Main Brindavam Esate, Marthahalli P.P., Bangalore-37, 9845636023 
: Mrs. Lizzy Koshy, C-303, Ashok Vihar Military Road, Andheri East, Mumbai- 72, 9819662887                              
c. Elected Members
1. Mrs. Bindu Susan Varghese, D-604, Kailash Tower Bldg No.1, Sector Yashwant Viva Township,
    Nalasopara East, Palghar Dt., Maharashtra-401209, 9004472006 
2. Mr. Babu George, Ellora, 1201 A Wing Plot No: 27, Sector 11, CBD Belapur, New Bombai-400 614,
3. Mr. Mathew Thomas, A 1105 Jasmine Towers, Opp. Amrapali Shopping Arcade, Vasant Vihar,
    Thane West - 400 610, 98330 89029 
4. Mr. Mani Kuriakose, B/502 Shringeri Vrishi Complex, Holy Cross Road I.C. Colony, Borivili, West Mumbai 103,
5. Mrs. Alice Joy, 23/24 Rustomji Adarsh Residency, Adarsh Lane off Marve Road, Malad, West. Mumbai - 40064,
6. Mrs. Suja Mary, H no. 05-3-110/37 Saikrupa Colony, Yapral, Sucenderabad - 500087, 9908414024 
7. Mr. John Mathew Thenalil (Sibi), H No. 7-4-190/ Navjeevan Nagar
    Ferozguda, Balanagar Hyderabad 500011, Telangana, 9246504623, 9100992634 
8. Mr. Lawrence, No. 69/11, 2nd cross street Sathianagar, Padi, Chennai-50, 9840211782 
9. Mrs. Ponnamma Varghese, Kurukoot house, Door no. BG 2, Plot no. C84.GV Ashirwad appt,
    2nd Main road, Thiruvenkatam Nagar, Ambattur-60053, 9884743112
10. Mr. Salu T. Thomas, Padipuraveetil House, Flat No. I 403, Lakevista; Datta Nagar Katraj, Pune-411046,
11. Mrs. Kunjunjamma John, B 303, Royal Heights, Off Bhau Patil Road, Bhopodi, Pune - 411020, 7507656202 
12. Mrs. Beena R Mathews, A 705, Venkatesh Graffiti, Keshav Nagar Manjiri Rd. Keshav Nagar, Pune-400136,
13. Mr. Jose John, Valayil Houe, Meena Colony, Vikas Nagar, Dehu Road, Pune, 412101, 9158881053, 8766905219
14. Mr. T. M. Johnson, A-0, Sheejas Res B block, 26th B Cross, Balaji Layout Kaggadasapura
     C.V. Raman Nagar (P.O.), Bangalore-93, 9845636023 
15. Mrs. Leelamma Abraham, #32/5, Ferns Residency, K Narayanapura, Blr 560007
16. Mrs. Dolly Eapen, Sai Krupa Hanging Garden, House no C111,Basapura road,
       Hosa road Junction, Electronic city- 560100, 9845440512
17. Mr. Thoma Mathew, 2 Anandadevi Anushakti Nagar Mumbai- 400094, 7045537808
18. Mrs . Molly Reji, Flat no :205 E wing Sonigara Residency, Nadhenagar, Kalewadi, Pimpri, Pune- 411017,
19. Mr. Johnykutty P. Mathew, B-705, Nav Dombivli CHS, 7th Floor, Opp. Rly Station,
      Near Laxmi Hospital, Ramnagar, Dombivli East. Pin:421201, 8097129530
20. Mr. K.O. Abraham, 9422490274
21. Mr. P.G. Samuel, Hilltop Residency, Flat No: 302, Bldg. p-4 Sector-29, Pradhikaran, Near lscon Tample,
      Ravent, Pune, 9922450579
22. Mrs. Laly Mathew, 352/9,35C Housing Bord Colony Mapusa, Goa - 403507, 9420819690 
23. Mr. Leo Philip, Q-605, Srishit Heights Mayuresh Srishti Complex, LBS ROAD Bhandup West Mumbai- 400078,
24. Mr. M. V. George, Duplex no 98, vasant vihar shivamkunj barde Nagar, borgaon Nagpur 440013, 9823160426
25. Mr. C. Babu, Rupali Row House Kuttuward Nagar Kamattuwada Nashik-09, 9850426182 9767887422. 
26. Mr. Thomas M.T., No. 650 Menakallelcal House, Layout Bagalagonte,Nayasandhra (P.O.) Bangalore, 560073,
d. Nominated Members
1. Mr. John Mathew, G-1, Flat No.14, Vijay Nagar, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai-400 059.
2. Mr. N. C. Jose, A 104, Sarala Garden, Opp. State Bank of India, 
    Nehru Road, Vakola,Santhacross East, Mumbai-400 055
3. Ms. Julie Philip, C-404, Vini Garden, Bldg. No. 1, Behind Union Bank Tower,
    Off Village Mandapeshwar Road, Borivili (West), Mumbai-400068.
4. Mr. Daniel Babu, 06 Venkatgiri, Anushakti Nagar, Mumbai-94
5. Mr. Johny Yohannan, 301 Malhotra residency 38 union park chembur, Mumbai - 400071 next R K Studio. 
6. Mr. Sam Thomas, A2/101, The Rutu Estate, Near Hiranandani, Estate, G.B. Road, Thane-400607 
7. Mr. Jose
8. Mr. Zakaria Pawath (Sunny), 8 Rujuta sector 10A, Plot no 2, Vashi,  Navi Mumbai 400703
9. Mr. Xavier Pawath (Tony), Pawath House, Plot No: 11, C-2, Sector-10, Vashi, New Bombay - 400 703
10. Mr. V. A. George, Flat No. 4, Mantri Residency-1, Bhau Patil Road,Kirkee, Range Hills, Pune-411020.
11. Mr.  Alex Valavil, Valalvil Vann Villa, Oonnukkal (P.O.) Omallor (VIA), Pathanamthitta, Kerala - 689647
12. Mr. Jose Alexander, Joyce Bunglow, Plot No. 18, S.No. 38, PCNTDA, Jijamata Park,
      Krishnanagar, Chinchwad, Pune - 411019.
13. Mr. P. K. Cherian, 335, 7th A Main, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore-560 034
14. Mr. Biju S.R., No:15/3A Third Floor, Kasavanahalli, Sarjapura Road,
      Carmelaram Post, Bangalore, Karnataka-560 035.
15. Mr. John Raj Y., No. 31/1, 7th Cross, Chamundeswari Layout, Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore-97. 
16. Mr. K. N. Sebastian, Grafs Lifestyle, 3-10, Pakala Plaza, Chaitanyapuri, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad-60
17. Mr. P. A. Joykutty, 
18. Mr. Zakarias George, No. 324, 4th Main road, Kamaraj Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041
19. Mr. Ajit John Kuttiyil, Orion B 501, Cosmos Paradise, Shivai Nagar, Thane (West) 400606.
e. Representatives of Religious Communities
                : Rev. Fr. Thomas Ancheril OIC
                : Rev. Fr Joseph Noble OIC
                : Rev. Fr. Thomas Bijily OIC
                : Rev. Fr. Ani Sakaria
                : Rev. Fr. Varghese Manoj OIC
                : Rev. Fr. Cyril Anand OIC
                : Rev. Fr. Benedict KaniyanttayyathuOIC
                : Rev. Fr. George Mathew OIC
               : Rev. Fr. Blessen George Oic
               : Rev. Sr. Arpana DM
               : Rev. Sr. Lucia SIC
               : Rev. Sr. Bhavya SIC
               : Rev. Sr. Vimal SIC
               : Rev. Sr. Keerthi Sic
               : Rev. Sr. Pradiksha SIC
               : Rev. Sr. Kiran SIC
               : Rev. Sr. Jephin SIC
f. Heads of Various Associations Apostles and Departments
Social Service                       : Rev. Fr Samuel Thekkekavinal
Health                                   : Rev. Fr Varghese Mattamana
Corporate Manager 
of Educational Institutions: 
Sunday School                    : Rev. Fr Philip Pulipra 
MCYM                                   : Rev. Fr Mathew Thomas Thazhethottathil
Family Apostolate               :  Rev. Fr Melwin Mathew OIC
MCA                                      : Rev. Fr Francis Varghese Thekkepookalam OIC
Suvishesha Sangham         : Rev. Fr Varghese Valikodath
Promoter of Vocations       : Rev. Fr Joshua Manimalaparambil
Bible Apostolate                 : Rev. Fr Varghese Valikkodath
Mathrusangam                   : Rev. Fr Varghese Valikkodath
MCCL                                   : Rev. Fr Varghese Valikkodath
Liturgy                                 : Rev. Fr Mathew Punakulam
Ecumenism & Dialogue    :  Rev. Fr Justin Kuzhivilayil
Rector of Seminarians      : Rev. Fr. Mathew Punakulam 
Communication Media    : Rev. Fr Gevarghese Panicker OIC
President             : Johnson TM, Singasandra, Bengaluru
Vice President I   : Rex Yohannan, Dehu Road, Pune
Vice President II  : Manoj Mathai, Picket , Hyderabad
Secretary             : Jose Alexander, Chinchwad, Pune
Joint Secretary I  : JaisonKuruvilla, Kharghar, Mumbai
Joint Secretary II : George Abraham, Aurangabad, Pune
Treasurer            : Abraham Samuel, Vasai, Mumbai
President               : Libin Samuel, Chinchwad, Pune
Vice President I     : Nancy Sam, Thane, Mumbai
Vice President II    : Rinson Thomas, Padi, Chennai
General Secretary : BincyPattiyanickal, Vikhroli, Mumbai
Secretary I             : Josmi Jose,  Nashik, Pune
Secretary II            : LibinOommen, Kalewadi, Pune
Treasurer               : Dixon Joseph, Mathikara, Bengaluru
President               : Lizy Koshy, Sakinaka, Mumbai
Vice President I     : Ponnamma Varghese, Padi, Chennai
Vice President II    : Rosamma Chacko, Picket, Hyderabad
General Secretary : Susan Jose, Dehu Road, Pune
Secretary I             : Selin Thomas, Vikhroli, Mumbai
Secretary II            : Jessy Mathews, Hennur, Bengaluru
Treasurer                : Lizy Samuel, Mathikere, Bengaluru
01. VARIKKATT Rev. Fr. Mathew
      Mobile: +49 15124682184 
02. VALIKKODATH Rev. Fr. Varghese
      Mobile: +91 7019301997, 8018805870 
03. VATTAPARAMABIL Rev. Fr. Joseph (temporary)
      Mobile:+91 9989741987 
04. ELAVAUNKAL Rev. Fr. John
      Mobile: +49 1757062497 
      Phone no: +49 15237299450
06. Rev. Fr. Amutharaj Thomas (temporary)
      Phone no: +91 7639116616, 9489251717 
01. Angadiyil Very Rev. Msgr. Varghese
      Mobile no: 9400144129
02. Chempakathoppu Rev. Fr. Stephen
       Phone no: +91 9486460702 
03. Achuthaparambil Rev. Fr. John
      Phone no: +91 8281594277 
04. Kaleeckal Rev. Fr. Philip 
      Phone no: +91 9445928871 
05. MANALEL Rev. Fr. Abraham 
      Mobile: +91 8075949059 
06. Pulipra Rev. Fr. Philip 
      Phone no: +91 9884271485 
07. PUNAKULAM Rev. Fr. Mathew 
      Phone no: +91 9605205077 
08. THAZHETHOTTATHIL Rev. Fr. Mathew Thomas (Soju)
      Phone no: +91 9496424432 
09. Thoppil Rev. Fr. Samuel
      Phone no: +91 9447010169
10. VENMANATH Rev. Fr. Joseph
      Phone no: +91 9495803756, 8830746743 
11. THANUVELIL Rev. Fr. Abraham
      Phone no: +91 8589895436
12. MARIA Rev. Fr. Sobu
      Phone no: +91 9488780216 
1. Anthalil Rev. Fr. Melwin Mathew OIC 
    Phone no: +91 9645232777 
2. Rev. Fr. Blesson George OIC
    Phone no: +91 8977007171 
3. Kannamkulam Rev. Fr. Joseph Noble OIC
    Phone no: +91 7741843243 
4. Kaniyanttayyathu Rev. Fr. Benedict OIC
    Phone no: +91 7012495542 
5. Rev. Fr. Thomas Bijili OIC
    Phone no : +91 7039975901 
6. Rev. Fr. Varghese Manoj OIC
    Phone no: +91 9146459308 
7. Valiyatharayil Rev. Fr. Zacharia OIC
    Phone no: +91 7400391638 
8. Rev. Fr. Joel Mathew OIC
    Phone no: +91 8281259067, 8075488502 
XV. Parishes and Missions
1. Aurangabad
    St. Mary’s SMCC
    SFS Compound, Jalna Road,
    Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
   Vicar:Fr Mathew Punakulam
2. Chinchwad
    St. Thomas SMCC
    Ekta Nagar, Near Trinity School,
    Akurdi, Chinchwad,
    Pune, Maharashtra- 411035
    Vicar: Fr Mathew Punakulam
3. Dehu Road
    St. Joseph’s SMCC
    Meena Colony, Kiwale, 
    Dehuroad, Pune -411021
    Vicar:Fr Joseph Noble Kannamkulam
4. Kalewadi
    Holy Redeemers Malankara 
    Syrian Catholic Church
    Near Nirmal Bethany HS
    Vijay Nagar, Kalewadi, Pune, 
    Maharashtra 411017
    Vicar: Fr J. Noble Kannamkulam OIC
5. Khadki
    St. Mary’s Malankara Syrian 
    Catholic Cathedral Church
    51,BhauPatil Road,
    Near Pune IT Park,Bopodi – Pune
    Maharashtra 411020
    Vicar: Fr Joseph Venmanath
6. Vishranthwadi
    St. Antony’s SMCC
    Plot No. 41, Moze Nagar, 
    Yerwada, Vishrantwadi,
    Pune, Maharashtra-411006
    Vicar: Fr Varghese Kaithon
7. WarjeMalwadi
    St. Mary’s SMCC
    Mumbai – Bengaluru Highway, 
    Warje, Pune – 411052
    Vicar: Fr George MKaithakakathu OIC
    St. Mary’s SMCC
    Anushakti Nagar,
    Mumbai 400094,Maharashtra.
    Vicar: Fr Ani Sakaria
2. Boisar
    Malankara Catholic Community,
    Tarapur, Boisar,
    C/O St.JohnThe Baptist MCC,
     Vasai Road, West, Mumbai.
    Vicar: Fr Thomas Bijili
3. Borivili
    St. Thomas SMCC
    Hanuman Nagar Road,
    Behind RBI quarters,
    Kanderpad, Dahisar,West,
    Mumbai-400068, Maharashtra.
    Vicar: Fr Benedict KaniyanttayyathuOIC
4. Dombivli
    St. Mary’s Malankara Syrian Catholic Church
    C/o. Bethany Ashram, S No.43/4, Titwala
    Phalegaon P.O. Rnda 421605
    Raigad Dt, Maharashtra
    Vicar: Fr. Manoj Varghese
5. Kharghar
    St. Mary’s SMCC
    Sector 5, Plot No. 28, Kharghar,
    Navi Mumbai-410 210,
    Vicar: Fr Ani Sakaria
6. Malad
    St. Mary’s SMCC
    Marve Road, Rathodi Village,
    Opp. Bulbul Nest, Malad West,
    Mumbai-400 095, Maharashtra.
    Vicar: Fr  BenedictKaniyanttayyathu OIC
7. Nashik
   St. Thomas SMCC
   Plot No.97/98, Khutuwad Nagar
   Basea Park, Kamatwada, Nasik 422010
   Vicar: Fr. Varghese Mattamana
8. Nagpur 
    Malankara Syrian Catholic Church
    C/O St. Francis Xaviers Church,
    Temple Road, Sitabuldi,
    Nagpur, Maharashtra.
    Vicar: Fr Samuel Thoppil
9. Sakinaka
    St. Mary’s SMCC
    P.B No. 18095, Pipeline Road,
    Saki Naka, Mumbai-400072
    Vicar: Fr. Philip Pulipra
10. Thane
     St.Thomas SMCC
     4/30, M.H.B Colony, 
     Vartak Nagar, Thane, 
     Mumbai 400 606, Maharashtra.
     Vicar: Fr Soju ThomasThazhethottathil
11. Ulhasnagar
     St. Joseph’s SMCC
     Vadolgavu, Ulhasnagar-3,
    Vicar: Fr. Varghese Manoj OIC
12. Vasai
    St. John The Baptist SMCC
    Plot No. 142, Barampur,
    Fr  Agnelo Road, Manikpur,
    Vasai Road West, 
    Thane-401 202,Maharashtra.
    Vicar: Fr Bijili
13. Vikroli
     Holy Family SMCC
     149/2533, Tagore Nagar,
     No. 5, Vikhroli East,
     Mumbai-400 083, Maharashtra.
     Vicar: Fr Philip Pulipra
St. Ephrem Malankaa Syrian Catholic Church
C/o Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Chapel
Near Cortalim Church
Cortalim, Goa 403710
Vicar: Fr. Abraham Manalel
CHENNAI District
1. Ayyappakam
    St. George SMCC
    RettythopuMaruthiram Nagar
    Ayyappakam, Chennai 58
    Tamil Nadu
     Vicar: Fr. Stephen Mathaar
2. Padi
    St. Thomas SMCC
     Maria Nagar, (Sathya Nagar), Near Golden Flats
     Padi, Chennai-600050
     Tamil Nadu.
      Vicar: Fr. Varghese Maruthoor
 Chennai Missions
1. Aadayar
    St. Antony’s SMCC Mission Centre
    Gandhi BhavanSt. Patrick’s  Campus
    NearBusDepotAadayaar, Chennai
     Vicar: Fr. Varghese Maruthoor
2. Thambaram
    St George Malankara Community
     Vicar: Fr Stephen Mathaar
3. Thiruvattiyur
    St. Mary’s SMCCMission Center, Our Lady Centre,
    Near Police Station,
    Thiruvattiyur, Chennai-600019
    Tamil Nadu.
     Vicar: Fr. Varghese Maruthoor
3. Nanganalloor
1. Carmelaram
   St. Alphonsa Malankara Catholic Church
   Snehadaan Campus, Ambedkar Nagar
   Sarjapura Road, Bangalore 560035
   Vicar: Rev. Fr. Thomas Chaprath
2. Hennur
    St. Mary’s MSCC, 1823/1,
    80ft Road, Hennur,
    Main Road, K.K.Halli,
    Kalyan Nagar Post,
    Vicar: Fr Thomas Chaprath
2. Mathikare
    St. Joseph’s MSCC,
    462/A, 2nd Main Road,
    1st ‘B’ Cross, M.K. Extension,
    Mathikare, Bengaluru-560 054,
    Vicar: Fr Joel Mathew
3. Singasandra
    St. John’s MSCC,
     5/43/2-343, Arthinari Layout,
    Singasandra, Off. Hosa Road,
    Hosur Road, Bengaluru-560 100,
    Vicar: Fr Thomas Chaparath
1. Denkinikottai
    Plot No. 152, AVS Villas 
    Denkinikottai 635 107
    Krishnagiri District 
    Tamil Nadu
     Vicar: Rev Fr Thomas Amutharaj
1. Hyderabad 
    St. Joseph’s SMCC
    Nos. 240 & 241, Plot No. 399 & 400,HNo.7-53/C,  
    SubashNagara Colony, Quthbuyllapur, Jeedimetla,
    Vicar: Fr Blessen OIC
2. Secunderabad 
     Mother Mary SMCC
     Plot No.16, House No.3-6-169 & 170, 
     Picket, West Marredpally
     Secunderabad -26, Telangana.
     Vicar: Fr BlessenOIC
3. Bapatla 
    C/o Sreenivasa Ro, T Nagar,
    Near – GayathriPrince Apts., 
    Suryalanka Road,  Bapatla, 522101
    Andhra Pradesh
    Vicar: Fr. Stephan Chembakathoppu
1. Pune District
a. Bethany Ashram
i. Ramwadi
Bethany Ashram, Bethany Scholasticate, P.B. No 3018, Ramwadi PO, Pune, Maharashtra
ii. Kalewadi
Bethany Ashram, Near Nirmal Bethany High School, Vijay Nagar, Kalewadi, Pune, Maharashtra
b. Bethany Convent
i. Kalewadi
Bethany Convent, Near Nirmal Bethany High School, Vijay Nagar, Kalewdi, Pune, Maharashtra
ii. Dehu Road
Bethany Convent, Meena Colony, Vikas Nagar, Kiwale, Dehu Road, Pune, Maharashtra
c. DM Convent
i. Gurav Pimple
DM Convent, 439/9, Mar Ivanios Nagar, Gurav Pimple, Aundh PO, Pune, Maharashtra
ii. Supa.
DM Convent, Stella Maris Convent School, Hanga, Supa, Parna District, Ahmednagar
2. Mumbai District
a. Bethany Ashram
i. Kharghar
Bethany Ashram, Flat No. 135, Sector 21, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai 410210
ii. Titwala
Bethany Ashram, Survey Number 43, Runde Village, Phalegaon, Thane District,
Kalyan Tal, Maharashtra 421301
b. Bethany Convent
Bethany Sisters, 203 2nd Floor, Christ Apartments, Near Fathima Church, Ambernath P.O, Thane Dt. Mumbai-421 505.
ii. Borivili
Bethany Madhom, G-102, Panchavan Complex, Behind Mary Immaculate H.S, Borivili (W),  Mumbai-410 103.
iii. Sakinaka
Bethany Sisiters, Flat No. 410, B.D’ Silva Smruti C.H.S Ltd, C.T.S No. 321,  AsalphaNss Road, Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai- 400084.  Tel. 022- 25020452
iv Nashik
Bethany Convent, Akamsha, Goulana Road, Pathardigoan, Nashik 422 009
c. DM Convent
i. Nagpur
Amal Jyoti, DM. Convent, Plot No. 37, Joshiwadi, Bhagavan Nagar PO, Rameshwari, Nagpur-440027, Maharashtra
3. Chennai District
a. Bethany Convent
i. Padi
St. Thomas Bethany Madhom, Mari Nagar, Near Golden Flats, Padi PO Chennai- 600050. Tel-044- 26244619
b. DM Convent
i. Ayapakkam
80,ICF Employees Colony, CaverySalai, Ayapakkam, Chennai -58 Tamil Nadu
4. Bengaluru District
a. Bethany Convent
i. Bengaluru 
Bethany Convent, 33/13 Bharathy Layout, Ist Cross, Ist Main, S.G Palaya, Dharmaram PO, Bengaluru 29, Tel – 080- 26688490
ii. Madivala
Bethany Convent, VidhyaBhavan, 25/27 4th Cross Marutinagar, Madivala, Bengaluru-560068, Tel – 08025537836
b. DM Convent
i. Bommanahally
Convent of Daughters of Mary, SanjoeBhavan St. Mary’s Nagar 
Bommanahally P.O, Bengaluru-6, Tel – 08025726128
ii. Madiwala
Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Maria Nivas, House No. 29, 10th Cross, 
Marutinagar, Madiwala, Bengaluru – 560068,
Tel - 08025539424
iii. Jalahally
Convent of the Daughters of Mary, C/o St. Thomas Church, MES road, 
Jalahally PO, Bengaluru – 560013, Tel -0802-8383701
5. Hyderabad District
a. Bethany Ashram
i. Cherlapally
Bethany Ashram, Bethany Karunalaya, Bethany Nagar, House, No.2-3-2, 3/A, 
Cherlapally P.O, R. R. Dist. – 501 301, Telangana.
b. Bethany Convent
i. Keesara
Bethany Convent, St. Mary’s Bethany Convent Vidyalaya, Nagaram, Keesara P.O, 
R. R. Dist. – 500 083, Telengana.
c. Holy Spirit Convent
i. Jeedimetla
Holy Spirit Sisters, JeevadharaNilayam, Jeedimetlavill, R R Dt. 500 067, Telangana. 
XIII. Recapitulation of Statistics
A. Malankara Catholics                        : 10,000
B. Parishes and Mission Stations         : 35
C. Priests
     i. Eparchial                                        : 17
     ii. Religious                                       : 07
D. Seminarians                                      : 23
     i. Major                                              : 14
     ii. Minor                                             : 9
E. Women Religious
     i. Daughters of Mary (DM)                : 13
     ii. Sisters of Imitation of Christ (SIC) : 21
     iii. Holy Spirit Sisters (OSS)              : 13
F. Institutions
i. Educational
   a. Colleges                                         : 01
   b. Schools                                          : 12
   c. Nursery School                               : 04
   d. Hostels                                           : 02
   e. Orphanage / Old age home           : 02
ii. Others
    Publication                                        : 01