Dec 01, 2021


Heavenly Patron : St. Joseph
Shanthi Bhavan Catholic Bishop´s House 
Panjala, Mundoor P.O. - 574 20, Narimogaru Village, Puttur Taluk
Phone: 08251 238538, 08251 236538
Short History
The Church in India traces its origin to the missionary endevours of St. Thomas the Apostle who arrived in India in 52 AD. Due to this Apostolic foundation, the ancient Christian Community in India was known as St. Thomas Christians. This Church that remained one, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic was autonomous and remained in communion with the Universal Church till the 17th century. A movement to Latinize the Indian Church, with the arrival of Portuguese missionaries resulted in a schism and a portion of this undivided community eventually came into contact with the Jacobites under the Patriarch of Antioch.
Ever since the split there were many attempts for reunion with the Catholic Church. The efforts of the Servant of God Archbishop Mar Ivanios and Bishop Jacob Mar Theophilos paved way to the historical event of Reunion Movement in the Malankara Church. On 20 September 1930 the Universal Church received the Malankara Church into the Catholic communion with its own liturgy, customs and jurisdiction. As the Reunion Movement developed, Pope Pius XI established the Syro-Malankara Catholic Hierarchy for the reunited people and established the Archieparchy of Trivandrum and the Eparchy of Tiruvalla by the Apostolic Constitution, Christo Pastorum Principi of 11 June 1932. The Eparchy of Tiruvalla extended from the River Pampa in the south to the River Ponnani in the north.
The migration of people from Kerala to the southern parts of Karnataka began during 1950s. The pastoral works in Karnataka commenced with the extension of the Eparchy of Tiruvalla on 14 February 1958 by the Holy See with the Decree Prot. 534/43. In the second half of the 1960, Most Rev. Zacharias Mar Athanasios sent Fr. Thomas Neriamparambil to explore the possibilities of the extension of the Malankara Mission in Dakshina  Kannada. And later in 1967 the first Malankara Catholic Rite Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Isaac Koottaplackal, who later became the Bishop of Thiruvalla. In the same year Rev. Fr. Thomas Thannickakuzhy was appointed Vicar and was sent to South  Kanara (Dakshina Kannada) to work among the Malankara faithful living in this region. Desiring to establish the identity of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church and to accelerate the Reunion Movement in the newly organized territories, Mar Athanasios requested the Holy See to bifurcate the Eparchy of Tiruvalla and to erect a new Eparchy with Sulthan Bathery as its headquarters. His Holiness Pope John Paul II responded to this request and erected the new Eparchy of Bathery on 28 October 1978. Most Rev. Dr. Cyril Mar Baselios was appointed as its first Bishop.
After the erection of the Eparchy of Bathery, there has been a great progress in the evangelization work in Karnataka. However, the distance from the eparchial headquarters as well as the shortage of priests and religious were strong obstacles in organizing the migrated people and founding new missions in this area. In spite of the said difficulties, due to the selfless hard work of priests, both eparchial and religious belonging to the Order of the Imitation of Christ (OIC), and the religious sisters belonging to the congregations of the Sisters of the Imitation of Christ (SIC), the Daughters of Mary (DM), the Deena Sevana Sabha (DSS) and the Holy Spirit Sisters (OSS), new parishes and mission centres were established. The Eparchy and the religious congregations started a few educational institutions also to impart a value-based education to the children and youth irrespective of their social, religious and cultural differences. There arose a desire in the Faithful of the Malankara Catholic Church in this region for ecclesial growth and overall development.
The Holy Episcopal Synod convoked from 17 to 21 November 2008 decided to erect a new diocese in Karnataka State, on the recommendation of Most Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Divannasios, the then Bishop of Bathery, taking into consideration of the geographical, cultural and linguistic differences of Karnataka State. Considering the importance of Puttur and its relation with the various other Churches, the city of Puttur was suggested as the center of the new diocese. His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis Catholicos, the Father and Head of the Church, with the Apostolic Decree Prot No.2/2010, erected the Eparchy of Puttur on 25 January 2010. He also transferred Most Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Divannasios from the See of Bathery and appointed him as the first Bishop of the Eparchy of Puttur. The Pro-cathedral of the new eparchy was fixed to be St. Mary’s Church, Noojibalthila and the Patron Saint of the Eparchy is St. Joseph. The official inauguration of the new Diocese of Puttur and the Installation of its first shepherd took place on 15 April 2010 at St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Noojibalthila.
The Eparchy of Puttur consists of nine civil districts of Karnataka State with a vast geographical area of 51,950 sq. km. The civil districts are Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Mysore, Chamarajnagar, Kodagu, Mandya, Shimoga, Chickamagaluru and Hassan.  At present it has two ecclesiastical districts, namely, South Kanara (Dakshina Kannada) and Shimoga.
His Excellency  Most Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Divannasios submitted his resignation to the Holy Synodal Commission on account of failing health. The Holy Synod had accepted his resignation and the Episcopal Synod in consultation with the Holy See appointed Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. George Kalayil, then Vicar General, as the interim Administrator of the Eparchy on 24th January 2017, and later he was appointed as the second bishop of the Eparchy by the Holy See by the recommendation of the Episcopal Synod and was consecrated on 21st September 2017 in the 87th Reunion Day Celebration at Mar Ivanios Nagar, Adoor, Kerala opting the name as Geevarghese Mar Makarios, the Saint of Jerusalem. His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cardinal Cleemis Catholicos, officiated the Installation Ceremony on Saturday 30th September 2017 at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Noojibalthila. The Installation Service was held amidst the concelebrated Holy Eucharist by the Catholicos and His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore delivered the Homily in the function. His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Divannasios and other Bishops from KRCBC and KCBC were present in the Eucharistic Celebration. A vast group of civil and social leaders and thousands of faithful thronged the Cathedral premises to witness the Installation Ceremony and also to convey the best wishes and prayers to the new bishop.       
His Excellency Geevarghese Mar Divannasios, Bishop Emeritus of the Eparchy of Puttur, who was taking rest in Snehasadan, Tiruvalla on his last days after the voluntarily retirement was called to Eternal Bliss on Monday, 16th January 2018.  As his will, burial was in a simple way in the presence of all bishops from Malankara Catholic Church. He is buried near his ‘Prede cessors’ tomb in Tiruvalla.
His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Makarios
       Born                                                                           : 16-07-1958
       Ordained Priest                                                          : 01-05-1986
       Announcement as the Bishop of Puttur                       : 05-08-2017
       Episcopal Consecration                                               : 21-09-2017
       Installed as the Bishop of Puttur                                  : 30-09-2017
       Feast of Heavenly Patron - St. Makarios of Jerusalem : January 19 
I. PROTO-Syncellus
       Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Eldho Puthenkandathil 
II. Eparchial Curia
    President             :  Most Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Makarios
    Proto - Syncellus :  Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Eldho Puthenkandathil
    Chancellor           :  Very Rev. Fr. Philip Nellivila
    Finance Officer    :  Very Rev. Fr. Philip Nellivila
    Secretary            :   Rev. Fr. Kurian Pulipra
III. College of Eeparchial Consultors
     President           :  Most Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Makarios
     Members           :  Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Eldho Puthenkandathil
                               :  Very Rev. Fr. Philip Nellivila
                               :  Rt. Rev. Fr. Koshy Kackanatt Corepiscopo
                               :  Very Rev. Dr. Vincent Punnathanathu
                               :  Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Oonanparackal
IV. Eparchial Tribunal
     Judicial Vicar              : Very Rev. Fr. Rooble Ayiravelil 
     Adjutant Judicial Vicar : Rev. Dr. George Thomas Kochuvilayil
     Defender of the Bond : Very Rev. Dr. Varghese Thannnickakuzhy
     Promoter of Justice : Very Rev. Fr. Lukose Thaniyil
     Notary                    : Rev. Fr. Thomas Neernakunnel
     President               : Most Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Makarios
     Secretary               : Very Rev. Fr. Philip Nellivila 
     Members               : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Eldho Puthenkandathil
                                   : Mr. Samuel Jose, Kadaba 
                                   : Mr. Sajith K. J., Shimoga
VI. Minor Seminary
      Rector                 : Very Rev. Fr. Lukose Thaniyil
      Vice-Rector         : Rev. Fr. Thomas Kanjirathumkal
    1. Malankara Catholic Sunday School
        Director : Rev. Fr. Daniel Kadakampallil
    2. Malankara Catholic Children’s League (MCCl)  
        Director : Rev. Fr. Daniel Kadakampallil
   3. Malankara Catholic Youth Movemnet (MCYM)
       Director : Rev. Fr. Thomas Neernakunnel
   4. Malankara Catholic Association (MCA)
       Spiritual Advisor : Rt. Rev. Koshy Kackanatt Corepiscopo
   5. St Vincent de Paul  
       Director : Very Rev. Dr. Vincent Punnathanathu
  6. Legion of Mary
      Director : Rev. Fr. Daniel Kadakampallil
  7. Dalit Christian Movement Society  
      Director : Rev. Fr. John Kunnatheth
 8. Social Service
     Director : Rev. Fr. John Kunnathethu
 9. Family Apostolate
     Director : Rev. Dr. Vincent Punnathanathu
10. Women’s Commission  
      Director : Rev. Dr.. Vincent Punnathanathu
11. Education
      Secretary : Very Rev. Fr. Philip Nellivila 
VIII.  Institutions
  1. Ecclesiastical
     Minor Seminary
     San Jose Minor Seminary
     Parladka, Puttur P.O.-574 201, Karnataka State
     Rector : Very Rev. Fr. Lukose Thaniyil
     Vice-Rector : Rev. Fr. Thomas Kanjirathumkal
 2. Educational
   i. Colleges
      1. Mar Ivanios College of Education
          Kunthoor, Puttur, DK - 574 285
      2. Mar Ivanios Degree College
          Kunthoor, Puttur, DK - 574 285
      3. St. Thomas Pre-University
          Byndoor, Udupi Dt. - 576 214
      4. Sapiencia Bethany First Grade College
          Noojibalthila, DK- 574221
      5. Bethany Pre-University 
          Nelliyady, Puttur, DK - 574 229
      6. Bethany Pre-University 
          Noojibalthila, DK - 574 221
     7. Shanthigiri Pre-University College
         Panjala, Puttur - 574 202
   ii. Schools
     1. St. Thomas Residential CBSE School, Byndoor, Udupi Dt. -  576 214.
     2. St. Mary’s English School, Bhadravathi, Shivamogga Dt. - 577 301. 
     3. Sarvodaya Special School, Kalare, Puttur - 574 201
     4. Bethany High School, Noojibalthila, D.K.- 574 221
     5. Jeevan Jyothi Special School, Mardala - 574 221, 
     6. Girideepam High School, Thyavarekoppa, Shivamogga - 577 201
     7. Mar Ivanios E.M. School, Kunthoor, Puttur - 574 285
     8. Bethany High School, Nellyady, D.K. - 574 229
     9. Shanthigiri Public School, Panjala, Puttur - 574 202
 iii. Technical School
     1. Bethany ITC, Nellyady, D.K. - 574 229 
IX. Eparchial Commissions
      Liturgy                        : Rev. Fr. Mathew Vazhackapara
      Bible Apostolate         : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Eldho Puthenkandathil
      Evangelisation            : Rev. Fr. Mathew Vazhackapara 
      Theology and Publications : Very Rev. Fr. Philip Nellivila
      Ecumenism and Dialogue : Very Rev. Fr. Peter John OIC
      Clergy and Religious   : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Eldho Puthenkandathil
      Laity                             : Rt. Rev. Fr. Koshy Kackanatt Corepiscopo
      Youth                            : Rev. Fr. Thomas Neernakunnel
      Family                           : Rev. Dr. Vincent Punnathanathu
      Catechism (Faith Formation) : Rev. Fr. Daniel Kadakampallil 
      Seminary Formation      : Very Rev. Fr. Lukose Thaniyil 
      Education                       : Very Rev. Fr. Philip Nellivila
      Social Apostolate and Dalit Christians : Rev. Fr. John Kunnatheth 
      Health Services             : Rev. Fr. John Kunnatheth 
      Communication Media, Directory and  Common Celebrations : Very Rev. Fr. Philip Nellivila 
X. Priests’ Welfare Association
    President                 : Rev. Fr. John Nellivila
    Secretary                 : Rev. Fr. John Kunnatheth
XI. Eparchial Presbyteral Council
      President               : Most Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Makarios
      Secretary               : Very Rev. Fr. John Nellivila 
      Ex-Officio Members : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Eldho Puthenkandathil
                                     : Very Rev. Fr. Philip Nellivila
                                     : Very Rev. Fr. Lukose Thaniyil 
     Elected Members    : Very Rev. Dr. Vincent George Punnathanathu 
                                     : Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Oonamparackal
                                     : Very Rev. Fr. John Nellivila 
     Nominated Member : Rt. Rev. Fr. Koshy Kackanatt Corepiscopo 
                                      : Very Rev. Fr. Satyan Thomas OIC 
XII. Eparchial Pastoral Council
       President               : Most Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Makarios
       Secretary               : Very Rev. Fr. Philip Nellivila
   a. Ex- Officio Members : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Eldho Puthenkandathil
                                        : Very Rev. Fr. Philip Nellivila
                                        : Very Rev. Fr. Lukose Thaniyil 
                                        : Very Rev. Fr. Peter John OIC
                                        : Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Oonanparackal 
                                        : Mr. Sajith K.J., Classic Car  Accessories, 
                                                                   L. L. R. Road, Shimoga, Karnataka - 577 201
                                         : Mrs. Ponnamma Varghese, Sannidhana, 
                                                                  D’ Block 57, 2nd Main, Gopala Gowda Extn. Shimoga, Karnataka
                                           : Mr. Shain B.V., Baikara House, Shibaje P.O. 574 198, Belthangady Taluk, Karnataka 
  b. Elected Members                   
                                     : Mr. V. M. Kurian, Vadakedathou House, Kodenkiri House,
                                       Sunkadakatte P.O. 574 221, Puttur Taluk, Karnataka, Mob:                                                                                                                9741015040
                                    : Mr. V. K. Varghese, Valiyaveettil House, Renjilady P.O. 574 221,
                                      Puttur Taluk, Karnatka, Mob: 9741219209
                                    : Mr. Jimson Varghese, Kallamparambil House, Ichilampady P.O.
                                      574 229, Puttur Taluk, Karnataka, Mob : 9686317327
                                    : Mr. Cherian P. K., Peediakel House, Hosmatta P.O. 574 221,
                                      Kutrupady Village, Puttur Taluk, Karnataka, Mob : 9448932362
                                    : Mr. Mamachen M, Sneha Nilaya House, Rama Nagar,
                                      Dadamoor P.O. 574 200, Puttur Taluk, Karnataka, Mob:                                                                                                                           8746845280
                                    : Mr. Yohannan O.M., Oonanparackal House, Renjilady P.O.
                                       5221,Kallugudde, Puttur Taluk, Karnataka, Mob:8970894425;
                                    : Mr. George K. Thomas, Arampulickal House, Nellyady P.O. 
                                       574 229, Puttur Taluk, Karnataka, Mob: 9945359769
                                    : Mrs. Valsamma K.T., Moneamon House, Ichilampady P.O.
                                      574 229,Puttur Taluk, Karnataka, Mob: 9980881810
                                    : Mrs. Annamma P.M., Padijarekara House, Mardala P.O.
                                       574 230,Kermai, Puttur Taluk, Karnataka, Mob : 9741482790
                                    : Mrs. Gracy Varghese, Pulikukku House, Kodimbala P.O.
                                      574 221, Puttur Taluk, Karnataka, Mob : 8722341069
                                    : Mr. Suresh Babu, Babu Tyres, Garden Area, 1st Cross, 
                                      Shimoga - 577 201, Karnataka, Mob : 9986803783
                                    : Mr. Babu K., Hejjal House, Yalgith (P), Byndoor 576 214,
                                       Karnataka, Mob : 9481754329
                                    : Mr. Babu, Chammanapadath House, Mudur P.O. 576 233,
                                      Kundapura Tq., Udupi, Karnataka, Mob: 9008743605,                                                                                                                        9482255043
                                    : Mr. Honey Mohan, Staff Nurse, Colombia Asia Hospital, 
                                      Mysore - 570 015, Karnataka, Mob : 8073927564
                                    : Mrs. Baby Alex, St. Mary’s English High School, Hosamane,
                                      Bhadravathi, 577 301, Karnataka, Mob: 9986373645
                                    : Mrs. Preethi Shaji, Social Welfare Society, Sunkadakatte, 
                                      N.R. Pura - 577 134, Karnataka, Mob : 8762074752
  c. Representatives of Religious Communities 
                                    : Rev. Sr. Grace Mary DSS, Mariyalam Social Centre,
                                      Noojibalthila P.O. - 574 221, Kadaba, Karnataka
                                    : Rev. Sr. Prasanna OSS, Holy Spirit Sisters, Jeevajwala Nilaya,                                       
                                       Hosamane, Bhadravathi, Shimoga - 577 301, Karnataka
  d. Heads of Various Associations, Apostolates and Departments
       Sunday School     : Rev. Fr. Daniel Kadakampallil
       MCYM                  : Rev. Fr. Thomas Neernakunnel
       Social Service      : Rev. Fr. John Kunnathethu
      Family Apostolate : Rev. Dr. Vincent Punnathanathu
      MCA, Advisor        : Very Rev. Fr. Koshy Kackanatt Corepiscopo
      Correspondent & PRO  : Very Rev. Fr. Philip Nellivila
  e. Nominated Members : Mr. Philip K.T., Kochuparampil, Aithoor,
                                           Sunkadakette-574 230, Puttur Taluk, Karnataka
                                           : Mr. Thomas Paily, St. Mary´s SMCC, Shirady,
                                               Udane - 574 229, Karnataka 
                                           : Mr. Thomas Kuriala, Kuriala House, Noojibalthila P.O.
                                                574 221, Kadaba, Karnataka
                                            : Mrs. Lovely Eldose, Mundakodiyal House,Evergreen                                                       
                                               Apartment, Block C, Flat - A, Falnir, Mangalore - 575 001
                                            : Mrs. Usha Manoj, Thekkumkattil, Vimalagiri,
                                              Kutrupady, Kadaba P.O. - 574 221, Karnataka 
                                             : Mr. Mathai P.C., Puthenpura House,Hiluvalligrama,
                                               JailRoad, Narasimharajapura P.O.  577 134,
                                                Chickamangalore, Karnataka
                                             : Mr. Rajendran K., Top Tiles & Sanitary World, #35/5, Near                                             
                                                D-Mart, Siddapura, Varthur, Main Road, Bangalore - 560 066
   01. PUTHENKANDATHIL Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Eldho
         Mob : 09480387710
         Email :
   02. KACKANATT Rt. Rev. Koshy Corepiscopo
         Mob : 09449652061
         Email :
   03. AYIRAVELIL Rev. Fr. Rooble
         Mob: 09447877500
   04. KADAKAMPALLIL Rev. Fr. Daniel
         Mob: 09591172773
   05. KALEEKAL Rev. Fr. Thomas
      Mob: 004915166723482 
  06. KALLUKIRTHOTTIYIL Rev. Fr. Shaji Sebastian
        Mob: 004915166723481 
        Email :
  07. KANJIRATHUMKAL Rev. Fr. Thomas 
       Mob  : 07338241537
  08. KOCHUPURACKAL Rev. Fr. Roy Martin
        Mob : 09483499064
  09. KUNNATHETHU Rev. Fr. John
        Mob : 08105755737
  10. KUZHINAPURATH Rev. Fr. Thomas
        Mob : 08746960793
  11. NEERNAKUNNEL Rev. Fr. Thomas 
        Mob : 07829140710
  12. NELLIVILA Rev. Fr. John
        Mob : 09901487490
  13. NELLIVILA Very Rev. Fr. Philip
        Mob : 09448445591
  14. OONNAMPARACKAL Rev. Fr. Thomas
        Mob : 09483290744
  15. PUNNATHANATHU Very Rev. Dr. Vincent
        Mob : 09483140295
  16. THANIYL Rev. Fr. Lukose
         Mob : 09481949123
         Email :
  17. VAZHACKAPARA Rev. Fr. Mathew Kurian
        Mob : 09164088308
  1. Very Rev. Fr. Peter John OIC
      Mob: 08301028653
  2. ARIPARAMBIL Rev. Fr. Cyril OIC
      Mob: 09481816507, 08943290091
  3. KAIPPALLIL Rev. Fr. James Mathew OIC
  4. PADIKKAPARAMBIL Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Jacob OIC  
      Mob : 09448479741
      Email :
  5. THERADIYIL Rev. Fr. Binoy George OIC
      Mob : 08277035070
      Email :
   6. THEKKEPOOKALAM Rev. Fr. Francis OIC
       Mob  : 09741363654
      Email :
   7. THEKKEPOOKALAM Rev. Fr. Vijoy OIC 
   8. Rev. Fr. Satyan Thomas OIC
       Mob : 09449732822
       Email :
  9. Rev. Fr. Anjelo OIC 
      Mob : 09496893464
      Email :
  10. Rev. Fr. Paul Vineeth OIC 
       Mob : 09496522686
XV. Parishes and Mission Centres
Proto-Presbyter: Very Rev. Fr. Peter John OIC
01. Addahole (Estd: 1980)                                
      St. Mary’s SMCC Addohole, 
      Gudhya P.O. S. Kanara - 574 229
02. Bathody (Estd :1989) 
      Assumption SMCC 
      Bathody, Mardala P.O., Kadaba, 
      S. Kanara  574 230 Karnataka
      Vicar: Fr. Daniel Kadakampallil
03. Ichilampady (Estd:1970) 
      St. Thomas SMCC 
      Ichilampadi P.O., Nelliyadi
      S.Kanara 574 229, Karnataka 
      Vicar: Fr. Fernard Jacob Padikkaparambil OIC 
04. Josegiri (Estd: 1968) 
      St. Joseph’s SMCC 
     Josegiri, Hosmata, Kadaba 
     S.Kanara 574 221 Karnataka
     Vicar: Fr. John Kunnatheth
05. Kadaba (Estd: 2011)
      St. Paul’s SMCC 
      Kadaba P.O., - 574 221
      South Kanara, Karnataka 
      Vicar: Msgr. Eldho Puthenkandathil  
06. Kallugudde (Estd: 2012)
      St. George SMCC
      Kallugudde, Noojibalthila P.O.,
      Kadaba (via), 
      S.Kanara Dt. 574 221
      Vicar: Fr. Thomas Kuzhinapurath  
07. Kermai (Estd: 1979) 
      St. Mary’s SMCC 
      Kermai, Mardala P.O.,
      Kadaba, S.Kanara 574 230 
      Vicar: Fr. Daniel Kadakampallil
08. Kemmara (Estd: 1993)        
      St. Mary’s SMCC                                          
      Kemmara, Koila P.O., 574 241 
      Uppinangady, S.Kanara 
      Vicar: Fr. Roy M. Kochupurackal 
09. Kodimbala (Estd: 1978) 
      St. George SMCC
      Kodimbala P.O., Kadaba (via) 
      S. Kanara Dt., 
      Karnataka 574  221
      Vicar: Fr. Mathew Vazhackapara
10. Kunthoor (Estd: 1978) 
      St. George SMCC
      Kunthoor P.O., Uppinangady 
      S.Kanara, Karnataka 574 341 
      Vicar: Fr. Roy M. Kochupurackal 
11. Nellyadi (Estd: 1979) 
      St. Joseph’s SMCC 
      Nelliyadi P.O.,  
      S.Kanara, Karnataka - 574 229
      Vicar: Fr. Lukose Thaniyil
12. Noojibalthila (Estd: 1967)
      St. Mary´s Cathedral Church 
      Noojibalthila P.O., Kadaba (via) 
      S.Kanara Dt. 574 221
      Vicar: Fr. Thomas Kuzhinapurath 
13. Puttur (Estd: 2012)
      St. Joseph’s Malankara Community, C/o Shanthi Bhavan, Parladka, Puttur, 
      Karnataka - 574 201
      Vicar: Fr. Lukose Thaniyil 
14. Shibaje (Estd: 1979)  
      Holy Three Kings SMCC    
      Shibaje, Karnataka 574 198 
      Vicar: Fr. F. Thekkepookalam OIC
15. Shirady (Estd : 2012)                                                                                                  
       St. John´s SMCC
       Shirady, Udane, D.K. 
       Karnataka - 574 229 
16. Valencia (Estd :2003)
      St. Mary´s SMCC                   
       Valencia, Mangalore
       Karnataka - 575 002  
       Vicar: Fr. Philip Nellivila
17. Vimalagiri (Estd : 1983)                    
      St. Mary’s SMCC                                                                                   
      Vimalagiri, Kutrupady
      Kadaba P.O., S.Kanara 574 221 
      Vicar: Fr. Peter John OIC
2. Shimoga District
Proto-Presbyter: Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Oonanparackal
01. Bhadravathi (Estd: 1993)    
      St. Thomas SMCC
      Hosmane Circle, Bhadravathi P.O., 
      Karnataka - 577 301 
      Vicar: Fr. Thomas Neernakunnel
02. Byndoor (Estd : 2002)
      St. Thomas Catholic Community 
      Byndoor Mission Station
      Vicar: Fr. Vincent G. Punnathanathu
03. Chickamagaluru (Estd: 2010) 
      St. Alphonsa SMCC
04. Doodally (Estd:1994)
      Mission Station
      Vicar: Fr. Vincent G. Punnathanathu
05. Ganganadu (Estd: 1992)                                       
      St. George’s SMCC 
      Ganganadu, Byndoor P.O.,
      D.Karnataka - 576 214
      Vicar: Fr.  Vincent G. Punnathanathu
06. Gundlupet (Estd: 2018)
     Mission Station 
     Vicar: Fr. John Nellivila
07. Hebri  (Estd.: 2013)
      St.Joseph’s Catholic Community  
      Hebri Mission Station
      Vicar: Fr. Binoy G. Theradiyil OIC
08. Hosur (Estd:  1992) 
      St. George’s SMCC              
      Hosur, Umblebyle P.O.,     
      Shimoga, Karnataka - 577 115
      Vicar: Fr. Rooble Ayiravelil   
09. Mudur (Estd: 1992) 
      St. George’s SMCC
      Mudur P.O., South Kanara, 
      Karnataka - 576 233
      Vicar: Fr. Binoy G. Theradiyil OIC 
10. Mysore (Estd: 2005) 
      St. Mary’s SMCC, Maria Bhavan,
      Opp. G.R.S. Fantasy Park 
      Mettugally P.O., Ring Road, 
      Mysore, Karnataka - 570 016
      Vicar: Fr. John Nellivila
11. Narasihmharajapura (Estd: 1991)   
      St. Peter’s SMCC, 
      Mensur, Narasimharajapura P.O.,  
      Karnataka - 577 134
      Vicar: Fr. Rooble Ayiravelil 
12. Shimoga (Estd: 1989) 
      St. Mary’s SMCC
      I Stage Vinobhanagar  
      Shimoga, Karnataka - 577 201
      Vicar: Fr. T. Oonanparackal
XVI. Recapitulation of Statistics
        A. Malankara Catholics                                     : 3200
        B. Parishes                                                        : 24
            Mission Centres                                             : 5
       C. Priests                                                            : 27
           Eparchial                                                         : 17
           Order of the Imitation of Christ (OIC)              : 10
       D. Seminarians
           Major                                                                : 12
           Minor                                                                : 11
       E. Congregations:
           i. Religious Men:
              a. Order of Imitation of Christ (OIC)               : 10
          ii. Religious Women
            a. Sisters of the Imitation of Christ (SIC)          : 12
            b. Daughters of Mary (DM)                               : 15
            c. Holy Spirit Sisters (OSS)                              : 3
           d. DSS Sisters                                                   : 5
      F. Institutions
          I. Ecclesiastical
             Minor Seminary                                               : 1
         II. Educational
             Colleges                                                          : 7
             Schools                                                           : 9
             Technical Institute                                            : 1
        III. Charitable
             Home for Children                                           : 3
        IV. Others
             Publication                                                      : 1