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 Heavenly Patron: Mary, Mother of God.

Catholic Bishop’s House,

 Mudavoor P.O., Muvattupuzha – 686 669

Tel.: 0485-2812650, Fax: 0485-2814346



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Short History
The sacred mission command of Jesus Christ to preach the Gospel to the whole world was fulfilled in India by the apostolic activities of St. Thomas. The emergence of Thomas Christians in India particularly in Kerala led to the growth of a solid Christian community in Kerala, which is characterised by its liturgy, spirituality, tradition, discipline etc. The Thomas Christians were one community till the historical Coonan Cross Oath in 1653.  The event divided the Church into various denominations. In order to restore the unity, Archbishop Geevargehese Mar Ivanios wholeheartedly accepted the communion of the Catholic Church.  Since then, the Malankara Catholic Church has been growing steadily and extending its missionary activities to the various areas of India and abroad. 
Though much has been done to set the foundation for the unity of Churches, there still remains a large area untouched as far as the mission of the Church is concerned. It was absolutely out of the ardent mission zeal that the Malankara Syrian Catholic Church wished for a new diocese in the central part of Kerala. The establishment of the Eparchy of Muvattupuzha is really a milestone in the stable development of the Malankara Syrian Catholic Church in India. Since the geographic area covers the highest number of non-catholic Thomas Christians, the mission and vision of the diocese cannot be other than that of the Reunion Movement itself.  
It was then Metropolitan of the Eparchy of Tiruvalla, His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Timotheos, out of his far-reaching vision of the mission of the Church and for the overall development of the Northern Region of the Eparchy, took initiatives to bifurcate the Eparchy of Tiruvalla and to erect the new Eparchy of Muvattupuzha. The proposal was accepted by the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, who made canonical provision for the establishment of the Eparchy of Muvattupuzha on 15 January 2003. The Holy Father appointed His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos as its first Metropolitan. The installation took place on 6 February 2003 at Vazhappilly,  Muvattupuzha. His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos took initiative to organize departments and institutions for the effective realisation of the goals set by the new Eparchy. The 76th anniversary of the Reunion Movement was held at Vazhappilly, Muvattupuzha on 20 and 21 September 2006. After five years of leadership in the Diocese His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos was appointed Metropolitan-Archbishop of Tiruvalla on 2 May 2007. On the same day Major Archbishop-Catholicos of the Malankara Syrian Catholic Church, His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis, the Major Archbishop-Catholicos appointed Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Varghese Easwarankudiyil as the Administrator of the Eparchy.
In accordance with the election of the Holy Episcopal Synod and with the assent of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis, the Major Archbishop-Catholicos, appointed Rev. Dr. Abraham Kackanatt, CEO & Secretary of Pushpagiri Medical Society, as the Bishop of Muvattupuzha on 18 January 2008. He was ordained Bishop on February 9, 2008 with the name Abraham Mar Julios by His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis Major Archbishop-Catholicos and was installed on the same day as the second Bishop of the Eparchy of Muvattupuzha at the St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Muvattupuzha.
The Eparchy of Muvattupuzha comprises of the civil districts of Ernakulam, Thrissur and Palakkad in Kerala State and Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode and Karur in Tamil Nadu. Although the territory in Tamil Nadu was apportioned to the Diocese of Tiruvalla by the Decree of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches in 1958, there were no missionary activities undertaken by the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church in that region. So the Diocese of Muvattupuzha decided to lay emphasis on evangelisation to non-Christians. So the first Mission was started in the city of Coimbatore in 2009, the Mission of Malumichanpatti in the year 2013 and the Mission of Kinathukadavu in 2015. Matha Charitable Society for the Welfare of Women and Children was registered on 21 September 2010 in Coimbatore for uplift of the poor, the marginalized and the downtrodden. There are several social welfare activities undertaken by this Society. On request of the Bishop Mar Julios, the Bethany Sisters started a Convent in Malumichanpatti and Bethany Fathers started an Ashram at Solavanpalayam, and the Daughters of Mary (Marthandam Province) started a Convent at Kinathukadavu, in Coimbatore District.
The foundation stone for the St. Joseph’s Cathedral Church was blessed by His Eminence, Leonardo Cardinal Sandri, Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches on November 10th, 2008 and was laid by His Beatitude, Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis Major Archbishop-Catholicos on January 15, 2009. After three years of hard work, the long-cherished dream of the People of God was fulfilled on 26th January 2012. Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis, the Major Archbishop-Catholicos of the Syro-Malankara Church blessed the Cathedral with the participation of 30 Bishops of the Syro-Malankara, Malabar and Latin Churches. The ceremony of the Myron Koodasa of the Cathedral Church was made noteworthy by the presence of Moran Mor Ignatius Joseph II Younan, the Catholic Patriarch of Antioch and the accompaniment of 46 persons consisting of Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Nuns and Lay People from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.
Another significant event of the following period was the visit of His Beatitude Bechara Boutros al Rahi, Patriarch of the Maronite Church with a delegation of five Bishops to St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Muvattupuzha on September 21, 2012. The relics of Saint Charbel, a prominent Saint of the Syrian Antiochian Church, were installed solemnly in the Adoration Chapel of the Cathedral by the Patriarch.
The Mission of Muringoor was started on 3 July 2011. A plot was purchased at Muringoor for construction of Parish Church.  A home for mentally challenged children under the name of ‘St. Jude Children’s Home’ was constructed at Vadakodu. The Home was blessed by His Beatitude Baselios Cardinal Cleemis, Major Archbishop-Catholicos and was inaugurated by Sri P. J. Joseph, Hon. Minister for Irrigation, Govt. of Kerala, on 25 May 2015. 
Currently, Reverend Fathers of the Order of Imitation of Christ (OIC), Sisters of the Imitation of Christ (SIC), Sisters of the Daughters of Mary (DM), Holy Spirit Sisters (OSS), Sisters of Deena Sevana Sabha (DSS) and Sisters of FDSHJ wholeheartedly support the pastoral and missionary activities of the Eparchy of Muvattupuzha.
On 10 April 2018 Most Rev. Dr. Yoohanon Mar Theodosius was appointed as the Co-adjutor Bishop of the Eparchy of Muvattupuzha and His Excellency took charge of the office on 12 April 2018. 
It is decided to conduct the 88th Anniversary of the Reunion Movement and Sabha Sangamam at St. Joseph’s Cathedral at Muvattupuzha on 20 and 21 September 2018.
The vision and mission of the Eparchy of Muvattupuzha is to make steady progress in the field of evangelisation, ecumenism and re-integration of the Churches as well as the holistic development of society. 
His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Yoohanon Mar Theodosius
Born                                                                                     : 08.04.1959
Ordained Priest                                                                   : 22.12.1985
Announcement as the Bishop of the Major 
Archiepiscopal Curia and Apostolic Visitator
to Europe & Oceania                                                             : 05.08.2017
Episcopal Consecration                                                        : 21.09.2017
Announcement as the Co-adjutor Bishop of Muvattupuzha :10.04.2018
Feast of the Heavenly Patron, St. Theodosius                     : 11 January 
His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Julios
Born                                                                               : 01.06.1944
Ordained Priest                                                             : 10.10.1970
Nominated Bishop of Muvattupuzha                              : 18.01.2008
Episcopal Consecration                                                 : 09.02.2008
Feast Day of the  Heavenly Patron-St. Julius the Pope : April 12
I.  Syncellus
    Rt. Rev. Msgr. Cherian Chennikara
II. Eparchial Curia
    President                 : Most Rev. Dr.  Abraham Mar Julios
    Syncellus                 : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Cherian Chennikara
    Chancellor               : Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Muthalpra
    Secretary                 : Rev. Fr. George Arackamyalil
    Finance Officer        : Very Rev. Fr. George Kochupurackal
     President           : Most Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Julios
     Proto-Syncellus : Most Rev. Dr. Yoohanon Mar Theodosius 
     Members            : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Varghese Kunnumpurath
                                : Rt. Rev. John Varghese Easwarankudiyil Corepiscopo
                                : Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Njarakkattu
                                : Very Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Mulakukodiyil
                                : Very Rev. Fr. Kurian Arambillikudiyil
     Judicial Vicar              : Very Rev. Dr. Thomas Parakkel
     Defender of the Bond : Rev. Sr. Kochurani SIC
     Promoter of Justice     : Very Rev. Fr. Cherian Chennikkara
     Notary                          : Rev. Fr. Paul Karamel Koyickal
    President           : Most Rev. Dr.  Abraham Mar Julios
    Proto-Syncellus : Most Rev. Dr. Yoohanon Mar Theodosius
    Secretary           : Very Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Mulakukodiyil (Finance Officer)
     Members           : Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Njarakkattu
                                : Mr. K. P. John Karamel Koyickal
                                : Mr. P. E. Thomas Pulinatt
                                : Mr. T. S. Philip Thengumthottathil
                                : Mr. Chacko T. Varghese Thadathil
      Rector              : Very Rev. Fr. Paul Karamel Koyickal
      Spiritual Father : Rev. Fr. Jose Kuttikeril
      1. Malankara Catholic Sunday School
          Director : Rev. Fr. Thomas Pullukalayil 
      2. Malankara Catholic Children’s League (MCCL) 
          Director           : Rev. Fr. Mathew Katturmoolayil
          President        : Kumari Riya Philip, Poroor, Thirpunithara, Ernakulam Ph: 04842778517
          Vice-President : Master Jeffin K. Joshy, Manamangalam, Pin:680014. Ph:  9048143353
          Secretary         : Kumari Sona Santhosh, Kurupumpady, Ernakulam 683545 Ph: 7510628366
          Joint Secretary : Master Samuel Joseph, Prasanth Nagar, Edapally, Kochi 24, Ernakulam 
          Treasurer          : Master Alan kurian, Poothrika, Ernakulam
      3. Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM)
          Director             : Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Karuthedath
          President           : Mr. Bichu Kurian Thomas, Poothrika P.O., Ernakulam - 686667. 7510276453.
          Vice-President   : Mr. Rijin Raju, 8606280137
                                    : Ms. Anju Joy, 9656778634
         General Secretary : Mr. Denzil Cherian Thomas, 8089581551
         Secretary               : Mr. Nibin Baby, 9895447878
                                     : Ms. Fincy K. Paulose, 9947578076
         Treasurer               : Mr. Raibin Chacko, 9496189017
   4.  Malankara Catholic Association (MCA)
        Eccl. Advisor             : Rev. Fr. Shaiju Mathew Meppurath OIC
        President                  : Mr. N. T. Jacob, Thiruvaniyoor P.O., Ernakulam. Ph. 9388605604
        Vice-Presidents        : Mr. T. D. Georgekutty, Chalikkavattam, Vennalla P.O., Cochin 28. Ph. 9847057660
                                         : Mrs. Sheela Alex, Vaniyampara P.O., Kombaza, Thrissur. Mob. 9895356068
       General Secretary     : Mr. Shibu Panachikal, Onakkur P.O., Pampakuda,  Ph. 9946035611
       Secretary                   : Mr. Abrham Pathalil, Kalladikode P.O.,Palakkad - 678596. Ph. 9633007407
                                         : Mrs. Mini Reji, Thengunilkunnathil House, Manamangalam P.O., Trissur, Ph: 9744920805
      Treasurer                   : Mr. P. C. Alexandar, Nochima. Nad P.O., Aluva - 683 563,  Ph 9446536899
      Executive Members   : Mr. K. M. Philip, Ramamangalam, Ernakulam - 686 663, Ph.  9447223054.
                                         : Mr. V. C. Georgekutty,  Vettickal P.O., Mulanthuruthy,  Ernakulam-682314, Ph. 9048505127
                                         : Mr. K. T. Kuriakose, Thiruvaniyoor  P.O., Ernakulam, Ph. 9447474957
                                         : Mr. Daniel Thomas, Kaithayil House, Piravom P.O., Ph:  9446666509
                                         : Adv. Eldho Pookunnel, Kurumalla P.O., Chelakkara, Trissur, Ph: 9447995489
   5. Family Apostolate 
       Director              : Rev. Fr. Michael Vadakkeveetil
   6. Mathrusamajam : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Varghese Kunnumpurath   
   7. Malankara Catholic Teachers’ Guild
        President        :  Sri. Subash Mathew M.J, St.  Joseph’s & St. Cyril’s H.S, West Mangad P.O.,
                                 Thrissur - 680 587, Ph. 9745245577
        Vice-President : Sri. Biju Issac, St. Joseph’s L.P.S Udambanoor, Ph: 9446604438
        Secretary         : Smt. Breezy Paulose, St. Joseph’s Piravom, Ernakulam, Ph: 9947802209
        Joint Secretary : Smt. Shyni Mathew, Bethany Convent LPS, Kunnumkulam, Ph: 9496239004
        Treasurer         : Smt. Mariyamma P.  Antony, St. Paul’s H.S, Veliyanad P.O., Arakunnam (via),  Ernakulam - 682 319.,
                                   Ph: 9496561509 
    8. St. Vincent de Paul Society
        Spiritual Advisor : Rev. Fr. Wilson Velikkakath
        President            : E. V. Philip, Erattiyanickal House, North Piramadom P.O., Pampacuda. Ph. 9447921516
        Vice-President    : K.S Rajan, Kochuvilayil House, Pottepara P.O., Chooriyodu, Palakadu.  Ph. 9744442740
        Secretary            : Jacob Mathew, Eramangalathu House, Manarkadu., Ph. 9961491349
        Treasurer            : Jaimon Yohannan, Erattiyanickal House, Pampakuda, Ph. 9895045757
       1. Ecclesiastical
          a. Diocesan Centre
              Vimalagiri Diocesan Centre, Catholic Diocese of Muvattupuzha, 
              Keezhillam P.O., Ernakulam  Dt- 683 541
         b. Minor Seminary
             Gurusannidhi Minor Seminary, 
             Catholic Diocese of Muvattupuzha, 
             Vimalagiri Diocesan Centre, Keezhillam P.O., Ernakulam Dt- 683 541
         c. Pastoral Centre
             i. Darsana Pastoral Centre, Peechi, Vilangannoor, Peechi P.O., 
                Thrissur Dt.-680 653. 
                Director: V. Rev. Fr. Issac Kochery
            ii. Samridhi Gram 
                Vengola, Perumbavoor,  Ernakulam Dt.
                Director:  Rev. Fr. Jose Kuttikeril
           iii. Kattilapoovam, Thrissur - 680 028
               Director: Rev. Fr. Varghese Pandaramkudiyil
        d. Retreat Centre
            i. Moriah Retreat Centre, 
              Athani, Mundapalam Rd, Kollamkudimugal, Kakkanad, Ernakulam Dt. 682030
              Director: Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Njarakkattu
           ii.  Ave Maria Retreat Centre
               Elanadu P.O., Thrissur Dt.
               Director: Rev. Fr. Joseph Kappil
    2. Educational 
         a. Technical Institutes
             Mar Severios Memorial I.T.I., Piravom P.O., Ernakulam Dt. 686 664
            Director: Rev. Fr. Thomas Attumalil
        b. CBSE Schools
           1. Vimalagiri Public School, Kothamangalam P.O., - 686 691 Ernakulam Dist. 
                Director: Rev. Fr. Johny Cherikayath
           2. Vimalagiri Public School, Karuvankadu, Kundukadu P.O., Thrissur - 680 028
               Director: Rev. Fr. Joseph Thazhathel
           3. St. Mary’s Public School (CBSE), Kombazha, Vaniampara P.O., Thrissur Dt. - 680 652. 
               Director: Rev. Fr. John Makkapallil
           4. St. Mary’s Bethany School,  Machamthode, Karimba P.O., Palakkad Dist. 
           5. Stella Mary’s Convent Senior Secondary School, Thiruvaniyoor P.O., Ernakulam Dt. - 682 308. 
           6. St. Paul’s English Medium School, Kolenchery P.O., Ernakulam Dt., Email:
       c. ICSE Schools 
           Vimalagiri International School, Mudavoor P.O., Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam District-    686 669
           Director: Rev. Fr. John Kuriakose Andikulathil
      d. English & Malayalam Medium Schools
          1. St. Joseph’s and St. Cyril’s Higher Secondary School, 
              Mangad, Kunnamkulam, Thrissur Dt. 680 542. 
          2. St. Joseph’s H. S., 
              Piravom P.O., Ernakulam - 686 664 
          3. Bethany Convent Girl’s H.S, 
              Kunnamkulam P.O., Thrissur - 680 503  
              Email :
         4.  St. Paul’s Higher Secondary School, 
              Veliyanad P.O., Arakunnam (via), Ernakulam - 682 319. 
          5. St. Philomina’s H.S., 
              Thiruvaniyoor P.O., Puthencruz (via), Ernakulam 682 308; 
         6. St. John’s High School,  
             Elanadu, Pazhyanoor P.O., Thrissur- 680 587 
         7. St. Mary’s U.P. S, 
             Anchelepetty P.O., (via) Pampakuda, Ernakulam - 686 667.  
         8. Bethany Convent L.P. School
             Kunnamkulam P.O., Thrissur - 680 503 
         9. M. G. M. L.P. School, 
             North Mazhavanoor P.O., Ernakulam Dt. - 686 689.
       10. St. Joseph’s L.P. School, 
             Udumbanoor P.O., Thodupuzha,  Idukki Dt. 685 595
       11. St. Joseph’s L.P. School,  
            Piravom P.O., Ernakulam Dt. - 686 664 2 308; 
       1. St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School, 
           Piravom P.O., Ernakulam - 686 664
       2. Bethany Convent Higher Secondary School, 
           Kunnamkulam P.O.,  Thrissur - 680 503
       3. St. Paul’s English Medium L.P. School, 
           Kolenchery P.O., Ernakulam Dt.
    e. Hostels
       1. Vimalagiri Girls Boarding, Nellikuzhy, Kothamangalam-686 691 
           Direction: Holy Spirit Sisters
       2. Working Women’s Hostel, Kavalappadu P.O., Olavacode-678 017
           Direction: DM Sisters
   3. Charitable
       a. Social Service Society (Samridhy) - Director: Rev. Fr. Jose Kuttikeril
           i. Central Office
              Samridhy, Diocesan Centre, Vimalagiri, Keezhillam P.O., 
              Ernakulam - 683 541; Email-
          Regional Offices
             Samridhy, Vengola  P.O., Perumbavoor,  Ernakulam 683 554
             Samridhy, Darsana Pastoral Centre, Vilangannoor, Peechi, Thrissur
             St. Mary’s Malankara Catholic Church, Machamthodu, Karimba, Palakkad.
        b.  Matha Charitable Society for the Welfare of Women and Children
              Plot no.10, Avai Nagar, Malumichanpatti, Coimbatore.
         c.  Malankara Multi State Co-operative Credit Society LTD.
          Registered Office:
              Malankara Centre, C/o St. Thomas Malankara Catholic Church, M.G. Road, Ernakulam Dist. - 682 035
          Administrative Office
             Malankara Multi State Co-operative Credit Society LTD, 
             Diocesan Centre, Vimalagiri, Keezhillam P.O., Ernakulam-683 541; 
             Tel :0484-2816004, Mob - 9895862111
         d. Home for Differently Abled  
             1. Divya Darshan - Mar Philexinos Memorial Unity Home, 
                 St. George’s Catholic  Church, Thozhiyur P.O., Thrissur - 680 520. 
            2.  St. Jude Children’s Home, Vadakode P.O., Vazhakulam,
                 Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam - 686 670.
            3. Snehalayam, Kunnakurudy, Thrikalathoor,  Keezhillam (via), Ernakulam Dt. - 683 541.
       e. Pain and Palliative Care Centre 
           Bethany Shalom Bhavan, Pothanikad-686 671 
        f. Children’s Village, Malankara Mission, Coimbatore
    4. Others
        Vimalanadam, Eparchial Bullettin: Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Karuthedath
      Eparchial Commission for Liturgy
           Director : Rev. Fr. George Kayyanickal
       Eparchial Commission for Bible Apostolate
            Director : Rev. Fr. Augustine Thadavilayil
       Eparchial Commission for Evangelisation
            Director : Rev. Fr. Robins Puthenpurackal
            Suvisesha Sangam : Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Kudilil
      Eparchial Commission for Theology & Publications
            Director : Rev. Fr. John Makkapillil
      Eparchial Commission for Clergy
            Director : Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Njarakattu
       Eparchial Commission for Religious
             Director : Rev. Fr. Sathyan Thomas Naduviledathu OIC
        Eparchial Commission for Youth
              Director : Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Karuthedath
        Eparchial Commission for Laity
              Director : 
        Eparchial Commission for Family
              Director : Rev. Fr. Miachel Vadakkeveetil
        Eparchial Commission for Catechism-Faith Formation
               Director : Rev. Fr. Thomas Pullukalayil
         Eparchial Commission for Vocation
               Director : Rev. Fr. Paul Karamelkoyikal
         Eparchial Commission for Ecumenism & Dialogue
                Director : Rev. Fr. George Kayyanickal
         Eparchial Commission for Seminary Formation
                 Director : Rev. Fr. Paul Karamelkoyikal
         Eparchial Commission for Education
                 Director : 
         Eparchial Commission for Social  Apostolate & Dalit Christians
                 Director : Rev. Fr. Jose Kuttikeril
         Eparchial Commission for Communication & Media
                   Director : Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Karuthedath
         Eparchial Commission for Health
                   Director : Rev. Sr. Anet SIC
         Labour Movement : Rev. Fr. Shaiju Mathew OIC
         Temperance          : Mr. N. T. Jacob
         Women                  : Mrs. Bindhu Chacko Thadathil
         Peace and Justice : Rev. Fr. Paulose Kizhakkinedath
     Manager, Kadavanad Plantations : Rev. Fr. Mathew Muttuthan
     KCBC Commission for POC          : Very Rev. Fr. Cherian Chennikkara
                                                              Mr V.C. Georgekutty
     PRO & Celebrations                      : Rev. Fr. Thomas Njarakattu
     Promoter of Missions                     : Rev. Fr. Robins Puthenpurakal
     Director, Charismatic Renewal      : Rev. Fr. George Kayyanickal
     Environment Protection                 : Rev. Fr. Jose Kuttikeril
      : Very Rev. Fr. Cherian Chennikara
      Address           : The Corporate Educational Agency 
                                Catholic Diocese of Muvattupuzha, Diocesan Centre, Vimalagiri,
                                 Keezhillam P.O.,  Ernakulam - 683 541
     Chairman          : Most Rev. Dr.  Abraham Mar Julios 
     Vice-Chairman  : Most Rev. Dr. Yoohanon Mar Theodosius
      Secretary          : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Varghese Kunnumpurath
       President                 : Most Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Julios
       Vice-President         : Most Rev. Dr. Yoohanon Mar Theodosius
       Secretary                 : Very Rev. Fr. Cherian Chennikkara
       Ex-Officio Members : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Varghese Kunnumpurath (Syncellus)
                                        : Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Njarakattu (Chancellor)
                                        : Very Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Mulakukodiyil (Finance officer)
       Elected Members     : Very Rev. Fr. Kurian Arambilikudiyil
                                        : Rev. Fr. Cherian Chennikkara
                                        : Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Nellatt
                                        : Rev. Fr. Joshua Kuttiyil OIC
       President                    : Most Rev. Dr.  Abraham Mar Julios
       Vice-President            : Most Rev. Dr. Yoohanon Mar Theodosius
       a. Ex-officio Members : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Varghese Kunnumpurath (Vicar General)
                                           : Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Njarakattu (Chancellor)
                                           : Very Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Mulakukodiyil (Procurator)
                                           : Rt. Rev. Mathai Eramangalath Corepiscopo
                                           : Rt. Rev. George Vadakken Corepiscopo
                                           : Rt. Rev. John Varghese Easwarankudiyil Corepiscopo
      b. Proto-Presbyters      : Rt. Rev. John Varghese Easwarankudiyil Corepiscopo (Muvattupuzha) 
                                           : Very Rev. Fr. Cherian Chennikara (Piravom)
                                           : Very Rev. Fr. Isaac Kochery (Peechi)
                                           : Very Rev. Fr. George Kayyanickal (Karimba)
                                           : Very Rev. Fr. Varghese Pandaramkudiyil (Kunnamkulam)
      c. Department or Apostolate Directors 
                                          : Rev. Fr. Michael Vadakeveetil (Family)
                                          : Rev. Fr. Thomas Pullukalayil (Catechism)
                                          : Rev. Fr. Jose Kuttikeril (Social Service Society)
                                          : Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Karuthedath (MCYM)
                                          : Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Kudilil (Suvisheshasangam)
                                          : Rev. Fr. Shaiju Mathew Mepurath OIC (MCA)
                                          : Rev. Fr. Mathew Kattarmoolayil (MCCL)
                                          : Rev. Fr. Augustine Thadavilayil (Bible Apostolate)
       d. Presbyteral Council Representatives
                                         : Very Rev. Fr. Kurian Arambilikudiyil
                                         : Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Nellatt
       e. Representatives of Religious Communities
                                         : V. Rev. Fr. Jose Mariadas OIC
                                         : Rev. Mother Gladis SIC,  Keezhillam 
                                         : Rev. Sr. Anceena FDSHJ
                                         : Rev. Sr. Rossy OSS
                                         : Rev. Sr. Nishta  DSS
                                         : Rev. Sr. Navya DM
       f. Bar Itho Briro - Bart Itho Brirtho
                                        : Mr. K. J. Peter
                                        : Rtd. Judge Elizebath Mathai Idiculla
       g. Presidents of Associations 
                                       : Mr. N.T. Jacob Njarakattu (MCA) 
                                       : Mr. Bichu Kurian (MCYM)
                                       : Mr. Philip Erattayanickal (Vincent de paul)
                                       : Mr. Subash Mathew M.J (Teachers Guild)
       h. Elected Members from Ecclesiastical Districts
                                        : Adv. Ghosh Yohannan Pampakuda
                                        : Mr. Philip Kuriakose         ”
                                        : Mr. Geevargheese Makkulathu Muvattupuzha
                                        : Mrs. Mercy George                       ”
                                        : Mr. Georgekutty VC                       ”
                                        : Cdr. Thomas Koshy                       ”
                                        : Mr. Shibu C B                                ”                                    
                                        : Mrs. N K Kunjamma Chacko Piravom
                                        : Mr. Saji Thannickal                     ”
                                        : Mr. Regi Vattathakidiyil Peechi                 
                                        : Mr. Sunny Manimalakunnel  ”
                                        : Mrs. Mini Biju                        ”
                                        : Mr. George Pullukalayil        ”
                                        : Mr. Jacob Eramangalathu    ”
                                        : Mr. Raju Kattumattom Karimba    
                                        : Mrs. Ancy Kunjumon      ”
                                        : Dr. M. C. Mathukutty      ”
                                        : Mr. Subash Vettikattil     ”
                                        : Mr. Geo George, Kunnamkulam    
                                         : Mrs. Annama Baby   ”                                          
     i. Nominated Members: Dr. Rex Thomas
                                          : Mr. Chacko T. Varghese
                                          : Mrs. Mary Kurian
                                          : Mr. K.T. Kuriakose 
01.  Chennikara Rt. Rev. Msgr. Cheriyan 
       Phone: 8547531685   
      Easwarankudiyil Rt. Rev. John Varghese Corepiscopo
      Phone: 9447092310
       Eramangalath Rt. Rev. Mathai Corepiscopo
       Phone: 04842740635
       Vadakken Rt. Rev. George Corepiscopo
        Phone: 9605882329
       Andikulathil Rev. Fr. John Kuriakose 
        Phone: 9544757601
        Arackal Rev. Fr. Mathew 
        Phone: +393395341353
        ArambillikudIYIL Rev. Fr. Kurian 
        Phone: 9447110483
       Attumalil Rev. Fr. Thomas 
       Phone: 9656072977
       Cherickayath Rev. Fr. Johny 
       Phone: 9447579004
       Cherivuparambil Rev. Fr. James
       Phone: 8281389540
12. Edayalikkudiyil Rev. Fr. John Varghese
      Phone: 9447421460
13.  Erattamakkil Rev. Fr. Philip 
       Phone: 9447358183
14.  Kadamala Rev. Fr. Varghese 
       Phone: 9446235443
15.  Kalarikalayil Rev. Fr. Mathew 
      Phone: 9462961757
16.  KAPPIL Rev. Fr. Joseph
       Phone: 8606305575
17. Karamel Koyickal Rev. Fr. Paul 
      Phone: 9388321771 
18. Karuthedath Rev. Fr. Kuriakose
      Phone: 8330018154
19. Kattarmoolayil Rev. Fr. Mathew 
      Phone: 9544263310
20.  Kayyanickal Rev. Fr. George 
       Phone: 9744920050 
21.  Keeyalil Rev. Fr. Jacob 
       Phone: 8547162278
22.  Kizhakkanedath Rev. Fr. Paulose
       Phone: 9446230216
23.  Kochery Very Rev. Fr. Issac 
       Phone: 9447435109 
24.  Kochupurackal Rev. Fr. George
       Phone: 8589004366/9061635366
25. Koottaplakal Rev. Fr. Jacob
      Phone: 8086880711
26. Kudilil Rev. Fr. Kuriakose
      Phone: 9605302939 
27.  KurishuvilaYIL Rev. Fr. Mathew 
      Phone: 00412670792, 0041798950351
28. Kuttikeril Rev. Fr. Jose 
      Phone: 9447623614   
29.  Kuzhuppully Rev. Fr. Job  
      Phone:  9846761311
30. Madathikunnath Rev. Dr. Varghese 
       Phone: 0041(0)622161256
31.  Makkappillil Rev. Fr. John 
       Phone: 9447339840 
32.  Mambrakat Rev. Fr. Kuriakose 
       Phone: 18185054697
33. Mandumpal Rev. Fr. Babu 
      Phone: 9846889658
34. Mankulam Rev. Fr. George 
      Phone: 9447418758
35. Mankulam Rev. Fr. John 
      Phone: 9656529194 
36. Marankandam Rev. Fr. George 
      Phone: 8547283178 
37. Melepeedikayil Rev. Fr. Geevarghese 
      Phone: 8086880700
38. Mulakukodiyil V. Rev. Fr. Kuriakose 
      Phone: 9447615812  
39. Muthalapra Rev. Dr. Thomas 
      Phone: 9447878648
40.  Muttuthan Rev. Fr. Mathew 
       Phone: 8547732380
41.  Nellattu Rev. Fr. Kuriakose 
       Phone: 9447501099   
42. Nirappil Rev. Fr. Paulose 
      Phone: 9447334514 
43. Njarakattu V. Rev. Fr. Thomas 
       Phone: 9447663690
44. Pandaramkudiyil Rev. Fr. Jovakim
      Phone: 9447257138
45. Pandaramkudiyil V. Rev. Fr. Varghese 
      Phone: 9447913745 
46. Panthiraithadathil Rev. Fr. Varghese 
      Phone: +393312488864  
47.  Parakkott Rev. Dr. Thomas
       Phone: 9495217831 
48. Parekadavil Rev. Fr. Kuruvila 
       Phone: 9961603930  
49. Pulickal Rev. Fr. Abraham
      Phone: 9447640062  
50. Pullukalayil Rev. Fr. Thomas 
      Phone: 9446219293 
51.  Puthenpurackal Rev. Fr. Robins 
       Phone:  9447399105   
52. Puthoor Rev. Fr. Varghese 
      Phone: 9495241884 
53. Thadavilayil Rev. Fr. Augustine 
      Phone: 9846873859 
54. Thazhathel Rev. Fr. Joseph 
      Phone: 9747952633  
55.  Vadakkeveetil Rev. Fr. Michael 
        Phone: 9447408360
56.  Vechoorkarrottu Rev. Fr. Cyriac 
       Phone: 9496002522 
57. Velickakathu Rev. Fr. Wilson 
      Phone: 9447464927  
58.  Vettikattil Rev. Fr. Thomas 
       Phone:  9447508693   
XVI. Religious Priests working in the Eparchy
1. Naduviledathu Rev. Fr. Sathyan Thomas OIC
2. Plathottathil Rev. Fr. Stephen OIC
3. Charummoottil Rev. Fr. Christudas OIC
4. Kuttiyil Rev. Fr. Joshua OIC
5. Rev. Fr. Paul Naveen OIC
6. Kozhippadan Rev. Fr. Thomas Francis OIC
7. Meppurath Rev. Fr. Shaiju Mathew OIC
8. Cherupuzhathotam Rev. Fr. Ninan OIC
XVII. Parishes and Missions
1. Karimba District
Proto-Presbyter : Very Rev. Fr. George Kayyanickal
01.  Chirackalpady (Estd : 1980)
       St. George’s SMCC,  Thikkalur P.O., Viyakurushi, Palakkad Dt - 678593
       Vicar:Fr. John V. Edayalikudiyil
02. Coimbatore (Estd : 2009)                
         St. Thomas Mission G. M. Nagar, Ukkadam-641 001
          Vicar: Fr. Robin Puthenpurackel
03. Irimbamutty (Estd : 1969)
      St. Joseph’s SMCCPalakkayam P.O., Niravu,  Kanjirapuzha (via), Palakkad 678591
       Vicar: Fr. John V. Edayalikudiyil
04. Jellippara (Estd : 1993)
      St. Joseph’s SMCC,Jellipara P.O., Mannarkadu(Via) Palakkadu - 678582
       Vicar: Fr. Jacob Keeyalil
05. Kanjikulam (Estd : 1992)
       Holy Family SMCCMundoor P.O., Palakkad Dt.
       Vicar: Fr. Varghese Kadamala
06. Karimba (Estd : 1968)
       St. Mary’s SMCC Machamthodu, KarimbaPalakkadu - 678 597
      Vicar: Fr. George Kayyanickal
07. Kinathukadavu (Estd : 2015)  
      Aarogyamatha MissionSolavampalyam, Coimbatore Dist.Tamil Nadu - 642 109
      Vicar: Fr. Joshua Kuttiyil OIC
      Asst.: Fr. Paul Naveen OIC
08. Kongad (Estd : 1969)
      St. Thomas SMCCBunglow Kunnk, Kongad P.O.,Palakkad Dt.
       Vicar: Fr. J. Pandaramkudiyil
09. Olavakode (Estd : 1991)
       St. Mary’s SMCCVrindhavam, Matha NagarOlvakoda, Palakkad Dt.
        Vicar: Fr. J. Pandaramkudiyil
10. Malumichanpatti (Estd : 2013)
      St. Thomas missionPlot No. 10 Avai NagarCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641 050
      Vicar: Fr. Robin Puthenpurackel
11. Mannarkkad (Estd: 2004)            
      St. Jude’s SMCC  Mannarkkad P.O., Palakkad Dt.                                
      Vicar: Fr. George kayyanickal 
12. Pollachi Mission
      St. Antony’s  Malankara MissionUnjivilakompattiPollachi, Palani Road. Pollachi
       Vicar: Fr. Joshua Kuttiyil OIC
        Asst.:  Fr. Paul Naveen OIC
2. Kunnamkulam District
     Proto-Presbyter: Very Rev. Fr.Varghese Padaramkudiyil
01. Anjoor (Estd : 1977)
      St. George’s SMCCAnjoor, Thozhiyur P.O.,Thrissur - 680520
       Vicar : Fr. Agustin Thadavilayil 
02. Chelakkara (Estd: 1950)
       St. Mary’s Catholic ChurchKurumala P.O., ChelakkaraThrissur - 680 586
       Vicar : Fr. Wilson Velikakathu
03. Kachithodu (Estd: 1984)            
      St. Michael’s SMCCPandipparambu P.O.,Kachithode, Thrissur Dt.
      Vicar : Fr V. Pandaramkudiyil 
04. Kalappara (Estd : 1996)
      St. George’s SMCCKaliyarroad P.O., Thrissur. Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. S. Plathottathil OIC
05. Kallumpuram (Estd :1978)          
     St. George’s SMCCKallumpuram, Kadavalloor P.O.,Trissur Dt. - 680 543
     Vicar: Fr. N. Cherupuzhathottam OIC
      Asst.: Fr. T. Francis Kozhippadan OIC
06. Kattilapoovam (Estd : 1978)
      St. Mary’s  SMCCKattilapoovam P.O., Thrissur - 680 028
      Vicar:  Fr. V. Pandaramkudiyil
07. Kondazhy (Estd: 1978)
      Christ the King SMCCSouth Kondazy P.O.,Trissur - 679106
      Vicar : Fr.  Christudas OIC
08. Kunnamkulam (Estd :1930)
       St. Mary’s SMCCKunnamkulam P.O.,Charalayam, Trissur Dt.
        Vicar : Fr. Agustin Thadavilayil
09. Kuthupara (Estd : 1986)
      St. Mary’s SMCCPoomala P.O., KuthuparaTrissur Dt.
       Vicar : Fr. Abraham Pulickal 
10. Mattampuram (Estd: 1989)
       St. Paul’s SMCC Mattampuram P.O., Trissur Dt.
        Vicar : Fr. Joseph Thazhathel 
11. Parlikad (Estd : 1962)
      St.Mary’s SMCCParlikkad, VadakkancheryThrissur - 680 623
       Vicar: Fr. Abraham Pulickal 
12. Vazhani (Estd : 1966)
       St. George’s SMCCKakkanikad P.O.,Vazhani, Trissur Dt
       Vicar: Fr. Job Kuzhupully
13. Vettayi (Estd: 1968)
      Sts. Peter & Paul  SMCCKunndukad P.O., Vettayi, Trissur
       Vicar: Fr. Thomas Muthalapra
14. Karuvankad (Estd: 2004)         
      St. Thomas SMCCKaruvankadu,  Kundukad P.O.,Thrissur - 680028 
      Vicar: Fr. Joseph Thazhathel
3. Muvattupuzha District
Proto-Presbyter: Rt. Rev. John Varghese Easwarankudiyil Corepiscopo
01. Aluva  (Estd: 1957)                      
     St. John’s SMCCThottakkathukara P.O.,Aluva, Ernakulam Dt.                                
     Vicar: Fr. Shaiju Mathew OIC
02. Chathamattom (Estd: 1949)
       St. George’s SMCCChathamattom P.O., Pyngottor(Via), Kothamangalam,
       Vicar: Fr. Johny Cherikayath
03.Keezhillam (Estd: 1953) St. Thomas SMCC
     Keezhillam P.O.,Ernakulam  683541
     Vicar: Msgr. V. Kunnumpurath
      Asst: Fr. Paul Karamelkoyickal
04.Kothamangalam (Estd: 1967)
     St. Mary’s SMCC Kothamangalam P.O., Ernakulam 
     Vicar: Fr. Johny Cherikayath
05.Kottapuram (Estd: 1979)        
     St. Mary’s SMCCKottapuram P.O., Ernakulam Dt.
     Vicar: Fr. George Kochupurackal
     St. George SMCC Kunnakurudy, Irapuram P.O.,Ernakulam - 683 541
     Vicar: Fr. Thomas Vettikattil
07.Mazhuvannoor (Estd: 1972)
     St. Mary’s SMCCMazhuvannoor P.O.,Mangalathunada, Ernakulam Dt.      
      Vicar: Fr. Thomas Vettikattil
08.Muringoor Mission (Estd: 2014)          
      Devamatha SMCCMuringoor P.O., Thrissur Dt.
      Vicar:Fr. Sathyan T. Naduviledathu OIC
09.Muvattupuzha (Estd : 1932)
     St. Joseph’s CathedralVazhappilly, Mudavoor P.O.,Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam Dt.
     Vicar: Fr. John K. Andikulathil
10.Nellimattom (Estd : 1942)
     St. Sebastian’s SMCCNellimattom P.O.,Kothamangalam, Ernakulam Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. Philip Erattamackal
11.Pambakuda (Estd: 1984)
     St. Peter’s Catholic ChurchPiramadom P.O., Chettikandom, Pambakuda,  Eranakulam - 686 667
      Vicar: Fr. George Kochupurackal
12.Perumbavoor (Estd:1931)
     Santhome SMCCPerumbavoor, Ernakulam  -  683554        
     Vicar: Msgr. V. Kunnumpurath
      Asst.: Fr. Paul Karamelkoyickal
13.Poothrikka (Estd: 1931) St. James SMCC
     Poothrikka P.O., Puthencruz (Via)Ernakulam - 682308
      Vicar: Fr. Michael Vadakeeveetil
14.Pothanikkad (Estd:1961)
     Divya Matha SMCCPothanikkad P.O.,Kothamangalam - 686671
     Vicar: Fr. John K. Andikulathil
15.Puthuppanam (Estd: 1950)
     St. Thomas SMCC, Puthuppanam, Kolenchery, Ernakulam Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. Jose Kuttikeril
16.Thammanimattom (Estd : 1936)
     St. Peter’s SMCCThammanimattom Kolenchery, Ernakulam Dt.
     Vicar: Fr. K. Mulakukodiyil
    Asst: Fr. Kuriakose Karuthedath
17.Valakom (Estd : 1944)
     St. Thomas SMCC Kunnackal P.O., ValakomMuvattupuzha, Ernakulam Dt.
     Vicar: Fr. Kuriakose Mulakukodiyil
      Asst: Fr. Kuriakose Karuthedath
18.Valara (Estd : 1933)
     St. Lawrance SMCCValara P.O., Idukki Dt.
     Vicar: Fr. Philip Erattamackal
19.Vengola (Estd : 1943)
     St. Mary’s SMCCVengola P.O., PerumbavoorErnakulam Dt.
     Vicar: Fr. John V. Easwarankudiyil Corepiscopo
4. Peechi District
Proto-Presbyter: Very Rev. Fr. Issac Kochery
01. Adipperanda (Estd : 1979)
      Amalagiri SMCCKairade P.O., AdipperandaPalakkad Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. George Mankulam
02. Chakkund (Estd : 1977)
      St. George’s SMCCKanakkanthuruthy P.O.,Palakkad Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. John Makkapallil
03. Chuvannamannu (Estd : 1962)
      St. Thomas SMCCChuvannamannu P.O.,Trissur Dt - 68652
      Vicar: Fr. Kuriakose Nellattu
04. Elanadu (Estd : 1992)
     St. Joseph’s SMCCElanadu P.O, Chelakkara(Via)Thrissur - 680 586
     Vicar: Fr. Joseph Kappil 
05. Kalleppadam (Estd : 1984)
      St. Mary’s SMCCKalleppadam P.O.,
      Vicar: Fr.  Joseph Kappil
06. Kombazha (Estd : 1968)
      St. Mary’s SMCCKombazha, Vaniyampara P.O.,Thrissur Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. John Makkapallil
07. Mannamangalam (Estd : 1961)
      St. Mary’s SMCCMannamangalam P.O.,
      Vicar: Fr.  Thomas Pullukalayil 
       Asst: Fr. Babu M. Mandumpal     
08. Marottichal (Estd : 2001)      
      St. George’s SMCCMarottichal P.O., Thrissur Dt
      Vicar: Fr. Thomas Pullukalayil
      Asst: Fr. Babu M. Mandumpal  
09. Peechi (Estd : 1957)
     St. George’s SMCCVilangoor P.O., Peechi, Trissur
      Vicar: Fr. Isaac Kochery
10. Thrissur (Estd : 2003)               
      St. Jude’s Mission                                    
     Vicar:  Fr. Kuriakose Nellattu
5. Piravom District
Proto-Presbyter : Very Rev. Fr. Cherian Chennikkara 
01. Anchelpetty (Estd:1932)
      St. Mary’s SMCCAnchelpetty P.O., PampakudaErnakulam Dt.-686 667
      Vicar: Fr. Kurian Arampillikudiyil
02. Ernakulam (Estd:1977)
      St. Thomas SMCCBeat No. 1-58/9366, Shenoy’s M.G. Road P.O., Ernakulam Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. Cherian Chennikkara
03. Ezhakaranad (Estd:1976)
      St. Thomas SMCC Ezhakaranad P.O.,Puthenkruz (via), Ernakulam Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. Mathew Kattarmoolayil
04. Kakkanad (Estd: 2017)
      St. Mary’s SMCC,Athani, Mundapalam Rd, Kollamkudimugal, Kakkanad, Ernakulam (Dt.) 682030
      Vicar:  Fr. Thomas Njarakkatt
      Asst.:  Fr. Kuriakose Kudilil
05. Kalamassery (Estd:1973)
      St. Jude’s SMCCS. Kalamassery P.O.,Ernakulam Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. Thomas Njarakkatt
      Asst: Fr. Kuriakose Kudilil
06. Kalambur  (Estd:1956)
      St. Blasius SMCC kalambur  P.O., PiravomErnakulam. Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. Varghese Puthoor
07. Mamalassery (Estd:2003)           
      St. Mary’s SMCC Mamalassery P.O., Ernakulam Dt. 
        Vicar: Fr. Michael Vadakeveetil
08. Monappally (Estd:1974)
      Sts. Peter & PaulPuthencruz, Monapally P.O.,Ernakulam Dt. - 682 308
      Vicar: Fr. Paulose Kizhakinedath
09. Neeramukal (Estd:1975)
      St. Peter’s SMCCEzhakaranadu P.O.,Ernakulam Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. Mathew Kattarmoolayil
10. Onakkoor (Estd:1978)
      St. Mary’s SMCCOnakkoor P.O., PiravamErnakulam  Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. Thomas Attumalil
11. Perumbadavam (Estd:1995)
      St. Mary’s SMCCPerumbadavam P.O., PiravamErnakulam Dt.
      Vicar: Fr. G. Melepeedikayil
12. Peruva (Estd: 1952)
     St. Thomas SMCCPeruva P.O., Kottayam (Dt)
      Vicar: Fr. G. Melepeedikayil
13. Piravom (Estd:1939)
      St. Mary’s BethlehemPiravom  P.O., Ernakulam-686 664
       Vicar: Fr. Thomas Njarakatt
14. Veliyanad (Estd:1942)
      St Paul’s SMCCVeliyanad P.O., Arakunnam Dt.
       Vicar: Fr. Varghese Puthoor
15. Vettickal (Estd:1970)
      St. Mary’s SMCCVettickal P.O.,Ernakulam Dt. - 682 308
       Vicar: Fr. Paulose Kizhakinedath
XVIII.  Date AND NAME of the Deceased BISHOPS AND Priests
04, June 2006 Fr.  C.T. Kuriakose Amamkattil
15, June 2007 Fr.  Mathew Cherippurath
21, September 2009 Dr. C.A. Abraham Cheerathottam
7, May 2017 Fr.  Francis Puthuparambil
XIX. Recapitulation of Statistics
A. Malankara Catholics : 14,000
B. Parishes and Mission Stations : 70
C. Priests 
i. Eparchial : 58
ii. Religious (OIC) : 8
D. Seminarians
i. Major : 10
ii. Minor : 8
E. Religious (Women)
i. Sisters of the Imitation of Christ (SIC) : 56
ii. Daughters of Mary (DM) : 15
iii. Holy Spirit Sisters (OSS) : 7
iv. Deena Sevana Sabha (DSS) : 4
v. FDSHJ Sisters : 6
F. Institution
i. Ecclessiastical
a. Minor Seminary : 1
b. Industrial Training Centres : 1 
c. Pastoral & Catechetical Centres : 3
d. Retreat Centre : 2
ii. Educational
a. Higher Secondary Schools : 6
b. High Schools : 10
c. Upper Primary Schools (Aided & Unaided) : 11
d. Lower Primary Schools (Aided & Unaided) : 12
e. Pre-Primary Schools : 3
f. Boarding Homes & Hostels : 2
iii. Charitable
a. Home for Differently Abled : 3
b. Malankara Multi State Co-operative Credit Society LTD : 1
c. Pain and Palliative Care Centre : 1
d. Charitable Society : 2
IV. Others
a. Publication : 1