Heavenly Patroness: Blessed Virgin Mary
Amalagiri Catholic Bishop’s House
Punnamoodu, Mavelikara- 690 101,
Alleppey District, Kerala, INDIA
Tel: 0479-2344081, Fax: 0479-2344083
E-Mail: mavelikaradiocese@gmail.com; marignathios@yahoo.co.in
Website: www.mavelikaradiocese.org


Short History

The Syro-Malankara Catholic Church has entered a new era with the erection of the new Eparchy of Mavelikara. In consultation with the Holy See, the Holy Episcopal Synod of the Malankara Catholic Church held in November 2006 took the decision to create the Eparchy of Mavelikara to carry out effective pastoral care for the faithful in the north-western part of the Major Archieparchy of Trivandrum. The Holy Synod proposed Mavelikara, the birth-place of Archbishop Geevarghese Mar Ivanios, the founder and father of the Reunion Movement in the Malankara Church in Kerala, as the See from which the new Eparchy can take its name.  His Beatitude Moran Mor Cyril Baselios Catholicos, the Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, by the decree Prot.No. 1/2007, made the formal declaration of the new Eparchy on 01 January 2007 in the Metropolitan Church at Pattom, Trivandrum, in the presence of all the Metropolitans of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church. His Grace Joshua Mar Ignathios, the then Auxiliary Bishop and Proto Syncellus of the Major Archieparchy of Trivandrum, has been appointed the Metropolitan of the new Eparchy of Mavelikara.
The official inauguration of the Eparchy of Mavelikara and the Installation of His Excellency Most Rev. Joshua Mar Ignathios as its first Bishop were held at St Mary’s Church, Punnamood, Mavelikara on 16 February 2007. The Holy Qurbono was celebrated by the newly elected Major Archbishop-Catholicos and the Installation was officiated by the Administrator of the Church His Excellency Most Rev. Dr Geevarghese Mar Divannasios. The Eparchy of Mavelikara comprises of the presbyteral districts of Mavelikara and Kollam and parts of the presbyteral districts of Chengannur and Adoor. This coincides with the civil districts of Alapuzha minus the portions that belong to the Archdiocese of Tiruvalla and parts of the civil districts of Kollam and Pathanamthitta. The patroness of the Eparchy is Mary, the Mother of God. The Cathedral of the Eparchy is St Mary’s Church, Punnamoodu, Mavelikara.
Ever since his sacerdotal ordination in 1978, His Grace Joshua Mar Ignathios has been carrying out excellent ministry in the various parishes and mission stations of the Major Archieparchy of Trivandrum. The present Malankara missions and institutions in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, owe much to the vision and commitment of His Grace Joshua Mar Ignathios for their present stature and rapid growth. The Metropolitan has had an excellent academic career including a doctorate in Educational Administration from the Madras University, Tamil Nadu.  He is known as an eloquent preacher and powerful speaker and has an admirable command of many languages, including Malayalam, English and Tamil. He is known for his organizational capabilities too.  Besides his manifold commitments in his home Eparchy, he serves the Indian Church in his capacity as a member of several commissions of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Conference (KCBC) and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI), including the Labour Commission and Education and Culture Commission of the CBCI. He served the Church of Kerala as the President of the KCBC from October 2009 -13th December 2010. He was the Chairman of Department of Special schools under the KCBC. At present he is the Chairman of Commission for Vigilance and Harmony, Chairman of the Human rights forum, and Vice Chairman of KCBC commission for Temperance. He serves the Indian Church as the Chairman of Education and Cultural Commission of CBCI. He is the CBCI representative to NEG FIRE (New Education Group- Foundation for Innovation and Research in Education) as the governing board member. He serves the Syro Malankara Catholic Church as the Chairman of Synodal Commissions for Social action and Laity. He is the President of MITHRA trust in Madras. He is also the trust member of Nilackal Ecumenical trust. He serves the general public of Kerala as the Chairman of Madyavirudhajanakeeyamunnani. The Shashtipoorthy celebration of His Grace was held on 29 January 2010 at Amalagiri.
The 125th birth anniversary of Archbishop Geevarghese Mar Ivanios, Servant of God, was celebrated, on Sunday, 23 September 2007 at Puthiacavu, the home parish of Archbishop Geevarghes Mar Ivanios.
The parish hall of the church at Kallumala was temporarily converted and arrangements were made to use it as the Minor Seminary of the Diocese till the new seminary buildings would be constructed.  The blessing and formal inauguration of the minor seminary was on Sunday 03 June 2007.  The foundation stone of the new seminary buildings is laid on 8th October 2007 at Kallumala. The new minor seminary building was blessed on 28 January 2012 by His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis Catholicos, the Major Archbishop of the Malankara Catholic Church in the presence of the Metropolitans of the Malankara Church.    
The foundation stone of the Amalagiri Bishop’s House was laid on 07 June 2007 at Punnamoodu, Mavelikara. A landmark in the history of the Eparchy was the blessing of the new Bishop’s House. It was blessed on 29 January 2009 by His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis Catholicos in the presence of Bishops of various Churches, cultural and political dignitaries, clergy, religious and faithful.
The foundation stone of the new office complex for the Social Apostolate of the Eparchy (Chethana Integrated Development Society), was laid on 03 March 2008 and the formal inauguration of CHIDS was on 01 May 2010. The official inauguration of the Chethana Training Centre was on 28 November 2013. Yet another humble initiative of the Eparchy is the Alphonsa Agadhi Mandiram, a home for the destitute. The foundation stone of the home for the aged was laid on 19 October 2009 by His Grace Joshua Mar Ignathios and its blessing was on 20th April 2010. The blessing of the foundation stone of St Mary’s Cathedral by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI was on 09 September 2009 at Vatican, and the foundation stone for the same was laid by His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis Catholicos on 29 January 2010. The solemn consecration of the Cathedral was on 19-20 September 2013 by His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis Catholicos at the gracious presence of  Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Salvatore Pennachio, and all Malankara Metropolitans and Metropolitans of Latin and Syro Malabar Churches. The Eparchy of Mavelikara proudly hosted the 83rd Reunion Celebrations which took place on 18-21 September 2013.  The solemn Inauguration of the Mar Ivanios Arts and Science College in Mavelikara, the new venture of the Diocese in higher education filed, was on 27 July 2015
Various Christian Churches – the Malankara Orthodox Church, the Jacobite Church, the Marthoma Church and the Church of South India – are present in the jurisdictional area of the new Eparchy and they are carrying out active ministry here. The new Eparchy can definitely strengthen and accelerate the common Christian witness in the region. Promising and at the same time challenging pastoral, ecumenical, educational and socio-economic ministry awaits the new Eparchy. The new Eparchy has excellent scope in her ecumenical apostolate precisely because of the powerful presence of so many Christian denominations in the region. The western coast of the Eparchy, which is also the western coast of the state of Kerala, poses serious challenges to the socio-economic and educational apostolate of the Eparchy as the people in this region need special attention and care. The region demands innovative programmes and the required infrastructure, as several sections of the population lack educational, economic and cultural development. Besides Mavelikara being one of the cultural centres of the state of Kerala, the new Eparchy can hope to make considerable contributions in this regard too.
Various Apostolates (Catechetical, Social, Family, Biblical, Laity, Educational, Youth, Ecumenical and Dialogue, Dalit, Vincent De Paul, Labour, Media and Communications, Jesus Fraternity, and Temperance) organize their ministries in six ecclesiastical districts in order to realize the vision of the Eparchy.   


     Born                                                                        : 24 -5-1950
     Priestly Ordination                                                    :  2 -4-1978
     Appointed Corepiscopo                                              : 10-3-1997
     Episcopal Ordination                                                 : 29-6-1998
     Announcement as the Bishop of Mavelikara                : 1-1-2007
     Installation as the Bishop of Mavelikara                      : 16 -2-2007
     Feast of the Heavenly Patron- St. Ignatius of Antioch   : 29 January
     Rt. Rev. Msgr. George Charuvila Corepiscopo
     Proto-Syncellus    :   Rt. Rev. Msgr George Charuvila Corepiscopo
     Chancellor            :   Very Rev. Fr Abraham Pappadiyil
     Finance Officer     :   Very Rev. Fr Mathews Kuzhivila
     Secretary             :    Rev. Dr  John Vaipil

      President                   :  H. E. Most Rev. Dr  Joshua Mar Ignathios
      Ex-Officio Members    :  Rt. Rev. Msgr George Charuvila Corepiscopo 
                                       :  Very Rev. Fr Abraham Pappadiyil 
                                          (Chancellor and Secretary of Eparchial Consulters)
                                        :  Very Rev. Fr Mathews Kuzhivila 
                                           (Finance Officer and elected member)
       Members                   :   Rt. Rev. John Puthenvilayil Corepiscopo
                                        :   Rev. Dr  Thomas Panicker PG 
                                        :   Rev. Fr Cheriyan Mayickal  
                                        :   Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott 
                                        :   Rev. Fr Daniel Thekkedath
                                        :   Rev. Fr Francis Plavarakunnil

      President                   :    H.E Dr  Joshua Mar Ignathios
      Ex-Officio Members    :    Rt. Rev. Msgr George Charuvila Corepiscopo 
                                        :   Very Rev. Fr Abraham Pappadiyil (Chancellor)
                                        :   Very Rev. Fr Mathews Kuzhivila (Finance Officer
                                            and Secretary, Eparchial Finance Council)
       Members                    :   Very Rev. Fr John C Puthenveedu
                                        :    Rev. Dr  John Vaipil
                                        :    Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott
                                        :    Prof. Varghese Cheriyan Nelppurayil
                                        :    Mr  Antony P. J, Plathara, Puthiyacavu


     President                       :  H. E. Most Rev. Dr Joshua Mar Ignathios
     Judicial Vicar                 :  Very Rev. Fr Benedict Perumuttath
     Adgutant Judicial vicar    :  Very Rev. Dr Varghese Manackalett 
     Judge                            :  Very Rev. Dr Varghese Manackalett 
     Defensor Vinculi             :  Rev. Dr Joshy Vazhapilleth 
     Promoter of Justice        :  Rev. Dr  Geevarghese Kuttiyil
     Notaries                         :  Rev. Fr John Alex Puthenveedu, 
                                          :  Mr  Koshy T, Pallimeenathethil 
      Rector           : Very Rev. Dr  Daniel Mangalath 
      Vice Rector   :  Rev. Fr  Varghese Mukulumpurath    


  1.  Malankara Catholic Sunday School (Prabodhana)
       Patron            : H.E. Most Rev. Dr  Joshua Mar Ignathios
       Director          : Rev. Fr Samuel Pazhavorrpadickal
       Secretary       : Mr  Philip Padipurackal, Vallikunnam
       Co- Ordinator  : Rev. Sr Pushpa SIC

  2.  Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM)
       Patron                      : H.E. Most Rev. Dr Joshua Mar Ignathios
       Director                    : Rev. Fr Philip Edayanavila
       President                  : San Baby
       Vice Presidents         : Rony Varghese & Siji Varghese
       Secretary                  : Savin Mammen Koshy
       Joint Secretaries       : Neethu Saji & Joby
       Treasurer                  : Siju George
       Syndicate members   : Pradeep Mathew & Liya    
       Central Secretariate   : Deepu Jacob
       Animator                   : Rev. Sr Aleena SIC

  3.  Malankara Catholic Association (MCA)

      Patron      : H.E. Most Rev. Dr  Joshua Mar Ignathios
      Director    : Rev. Fr George Varghese Kolanjikompil
      President  : Mr Thomas John, Thevareth 
      Secretary  : Mrs Mini Babu

 4.  Malankara Catholic Teachers’ Guild
    Patron                   : H.E.  Most Rev. Dr Joshua Mar Ignathios
    Spiritual Director     : Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott
    President               : Mr C.T. Varghese
    General Secretary   : Mr Joji Thomas

5.  St Vincent De-Paul Society

     Patron                 : H. E. Most Rev. Dr Joshua Mar Ignathios
     Spiritual Director   : Very Rev. Fr Geevarghese Charuvilayil 
     President             : Bro. Jose Mathew, Saji Sadanam, Kadampanadu
     Secretary             : Bro. Shaji George, Thanal, Mavelikara 
     Treasurer              : Bro. K.V. Abraham, Kalianthanath, Mavelikara 

6.  Kerala Catholic Students League (KCSL)
     Patron                  : H. E. Most Rev. Dr Joshua Mar Ignathios
     Director                : Rev. Fr Francis Plavarakunnil
     President              : Sajin Thomas
     General Secretary  : Jincy R

7.  Legion of Mary
     Patron                  : H.E. Most Rev. Dr Joshua Mar Ignathios,
     Spiritual Director    : Very Rev. Fr Geevarghese Charuvilayil

 8. Dalit Catholic Mahajana Sabha (DCMS)
     Patron        : H.E. Most Rev. Dr Joshua Mar Ignathios
     Director      : Rev. Fr Geevarghese Nedumpurath
     President    : Mr Babu George 
     Secretary    : Mr Thankachen. P.S

9.  Mathrusangham
     Patron              : H.E. Most Rev. Dr Joshua Mar Ignathios
     Director            : Rev. Fr Cheriyan Mayickal
     President          : Mrs Annamma Ponnachen
     Vice President   : Mrs Valsa Koshy
     Secretary          : Mrs Usha George
     Joint Secretary  : Mrs Shiny Andrews
     Treasurer           : Mrs Susy Jacob

10. Pro- Life Movement
      Director             : Rev. Fr Geevarghese Chakkapoottil
      President          : Mrs Rose Varghese
      Vice President   : Mr Savin Koshy
      Secretary          : Mrs Amrutha
      Treasurer           : Mr James

11. Jesus’ Fraternity
      Director      : Very Rev. Fr Mathews Kuzhivila
      Animator    : Sr Christine SIC
      President    : Mr. K.C Kuriakose
      Secretary    : Mr. Rajan Punchakkala
      Treasurer    : Mr. John Thoovampallil



a. Minor Seminary
    Mar Ivanios Minor Seminary
    Kallumala P.O, Mavelikara- 690 110
    Rector: Very Rev. Dr  Daniel Mangalath
    Vice Rector: Rev. Fr Varghese Mukulumpurath 

b. Divine Mercy Retreat Centre 
    Ezhakkadavu, Chennithala P.O. Pin -690 105, Alleppey Dist. 
    Director: Rev. Fr Geevarghese Nediyamalayil

c. Priests’ Home
    St John Mariya Vianny Home, Kallumala P.O., Mavelikara 690 110

 2. Educational
 a.Self Financing College
    Mar Ivanios College of Arts and Science
    Mavelikara, Kallumala, 690 110
    Director: Rev. Fr Thomas Puthenparampil
    Principal: Prof. Dr K.C. Mathai

b. Technical Institutions 
    Mar Ivanios College of Technology (MICOT) 
    Puliyoor  P.O, Chengannur, Alapuzha Dist
    Director: Rev. Fr John Jacob Peroorparampil

c. Higher Secondary Schools 
    i. Unaided Schools

    1. Vimala Central School
        Karamkode, (CBSE  LKG-XII), Chathannoor, Kollam; 
        Bursar: Rev. Fr Daniel Thekedath

    2. Mar Baselios Central School (CBSE LKG- XII)
        Bursar: Rev. Fr Immanuel Punthalavila

    3. St Jude Central School (STATE & CBSE LKG-XII)
        St Jude Ashram, Mukhathala,  Alummoodu P.O., Kollam – 691 577, Mukathala (belongs to Capuchin Congregation)

    4. Cherupushpa Central School  (CBSE LKG-XII)
        Bethany Ashram, Chunakkara P.O., Alapuzha -690 53, Chunakara (belongs to Bethany Navajeevan Province)

    ii. Aided Schools 

     1. Pope Pius XI HSS, Bharanicavu, Kattanam  
        Local Manager- Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott

     2.Christ the King HSSS, Cheppadu 
        Local Manager- Very Rev. Fr Geevarghese Charuvilayil

     d. High Schools 

 i. Unaided Schools 

      1.St George Central School (CBSE LKG-X), Ampalathumkala       
         Bursar- Rev. Fr Augustine Vazhavila

      2.Mar Baselios Public School (CBSE LKG-X), Kaithakodu 
         Bursar- Rev. Fr Francis Plavarakunnil
      3. St Mary’s Public School, Kayamkulam (CBSE LKG-X (belongs to SIC Sisters) 
      4. St Anne’s Public School, Puthenkavu  CBSE  LKG- X (belongs to SIC Sisters)        
      5. Little Flower School Kundara STATE LKG-X (belongs to SIC Sisters)
      6. Bethany Central School, Nangiarkulangara (CBSE LKG- X (belongs to SIC Sisters)

 ii.    Aided Schools

      1.C.K.H.S, Cheppad-690 503    
         Local Manager: Very Rev. Fr Geevarghese Charuvilayil

      2. St Mary’s G.H.S., Kayamkulam-690502    
          Local Manager: Rev. Sr Nisseema SIC, Bethany Madhom, Kayamkulam

      3. B. B. G. H. S., Nangiarkulangara- 690 513; Ph. 04792410750    
          Local Manager: Rev. Sr Sudha SIC, Nangiarkulangara

       4.St Anne’s GHS, Puthenkavu P.O Chengannur; Ph.04792450823
          Local Manager: Rev. Sr Anima SIC, Bethany Madhom, Chengannur

       5. Pope Pius XI HS S, Bharanicavu, Kattanam     
           Local Manager: Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott

       e. Upper Primary Schools

   i. Unaided Schools

      1. St Thomas School, (LKG- VII, STATE & CBSE), 
          Thottappally, Alapuzha, Ph. 04792491905
          Bursar: Rev. Fr Geevarghese Nediyamalayil

       2. Infant Jesus School (STATE STD.1-IV), Thuvayor
          Local Manager: Rev. Fr Thomas Cherupushpabhavan

       3. Mar Baselios Central School, (CBSE, LKG-VII), Poruvazhy
           Local Manager: Rev. FrKalebCheruvallil

  ii. Aided Schools

       1. St Mary’s U.P.S, Karichal, Paippad (via), Haripad; Ph. 0479 2492242
           Local Manager: Rev. Fr Geevarghese Nediyamalayil

        2.St John’s MSC U.P.S Pallickal East, Thekkekara,Mavelikara-7    
           Local Manager: Rev. Fr Thomas Panicker PG

        3. M.G.U. P, Perumpuzha, Kundara    
            Local Manager: Rev. Fr George Puthenpurackal OFM

        4. L. F. U.P.S, Puthoor- 691 507
            Local Manager: Very Rev. Fr Sylvester Thekkedath

         5. V. V. U. P. S., Veliyam West P.O    
             Local Manager: Rev. Fr Johnson Karikunnel

 f. Lower Primary Schools 
       i. Aided Schools

         1. FGM MSC LPS Bharanicavu, Pallickal P.O    
             Local Manager: Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott

         2. MSC LPS, Elanjimel P.O., Alleppey-689 511    
             Local Manager: Rev. Fr Job Kalluvilayil

         3. MSC LPS Kadavoor, Mavelikara-3     
             Local Manager: Very Rev. Fr Abraham Pappadiyil

         4. MSC LPS, Karimulackal, Komalloor P.O - 691542    
             Local Manage: Rev. Fr Thomas Puthenparampil

         5. A.M.L.P.S Malankara, Sasthamkotta P.O    
             Local Manager: Rev. Fr George Kottapuram

         6. MSC LPS Mannar –Oottuparamba, Kuttamperoor P.O
             Local Manager: Rev. Fr Geevarghese Vaidyan

         7. MSC LPS, Neeleswaram, Kottarakara    
             Local Manager: Rev. Fr Augustine Vazhavila

         8. MSC LPS, Percad, Pallipad (via), Haripad    
             Local Manager: Rev. Fr John Alex Puthenveedu

         9. S.N. L.P.S, Thazhava, Pavumba P.O    
             Local Manager: Rev. Fr Geevarghese Chakkapoottil

        10. MSC LPS Thuvayur South, (Thuvayur South Via) Kadampanad
              Local Manager: Rev. Fr Thomas Panicker Kattanam

         11. MSC LPS Venmony, Venmony P.O    
               Local Manager: Rev. Fr Lukose Kannimel

f. Unaided LP and Nursery Schools

          1. Infant Jesus LP School (STATE STD.1-IV), Thuvayor
              Bursar: Rev. Fr Thomas Cherupushpabhavan

          2. Little Flower LP School Puthoor (STATE, LKG-IV)
              Bursar: Very Rev. Fr Sylvester Thekkedath 

          3. Snehagiri English Medium School (LKG-IV), Puliyoor (belongs to SIC Sisters)                
    g. Boardings
     i. For Boys

          1. Cherupushpa Central School Boarding, Chunakara

     ii. For Girls
           1. St Mary’s H.S.S Kayamkulam
           2. B.B.H.S Nangiarkulangara
           3. St Anne’s H.S.S Chengannur

3. Charitable 
           a. Chethana Integrated Development Society 
               Executive Director: Rev. Fr Geevarghese Nedumpurath

b. Orphanages: 
            1. St Mary’s Children’s Home & St Mary’s Foundling Home, Erezha.
                Director: Rev. Sr Christine SIC

             2. Little Flower Orphanage, Thrippalizhikom P.O, Kundara
                 Superior: Rev. Sr Santhwana SIC

             3. Assisi Boys Home, Ala P.O, Chengannur- 689 126
                Superior: Rev. Bro. Benny Lukose Thengumpally CMSF

c. Hospitals

             1. Assissi Atonement Hospital, Perumpuzha Kollam
                 Director: Rev. Sr Ursala SIC

             2. Vimala Mission Hospital, Kalluvathukkal 
                 Director: Rev. Fr Kuriakose Thiruvalil

             3. St Vincent’s Hospital, Thuvayoor
                 Administrator: Rev. Sr Vimal Rose SCV

             4. Bethany Hospital, Puthoor
                 Director: Rev. Sr Anaswara SIC

             5. Pavanathma Ayurveda Hospital, Puthenkavu
                Director: Rev. Sr Dr  Sholly SH

d. Home for the Sick

              1. Alphonsa Bhavan, Ezhakadavu 
                 Director: Rev. Fr Geevarghese Nediyamalayil

e. Special School
              1. St Francis’ Home, Eerezha South  
                  Director: Rev. Sr Christine SIC

 4. Others 

              a. Mar Ivanios Offset Printing Press, (Run by the SIC Sisters)
                  Erezha, Mavelikara, Ph: 0479 2302492

               b. Publication
               1. Amala Voice, Eparchial Bulletin
               2. Viswasabodhini, Catechetical Quarterly

IX. Eparchial Commissions 
Eparchial Commission for Liturgy 
    Chairman    :    Rev. Dr  P.G. Thomas Panicker   
    Members    :    Rt. Rev. Thuruthiyil Mathews Ramban 
                      :    Rt. Rev. John Puthenvilayil Corepiscopo
                      :    Rev. Fr Geevarghese Kallittayil 
Eparchial Commission for Bible Apostolate
    Chairman    :     Rev. Fr Varghese Kochukaleeckal
Eparchial Commission for Theology and Publications
    Chairman    :     Rev. Dr  Philip Chempakaserry                 
Eparchial Commission for Ecumenism and Dialogue 
    Chairman    :     Rev. Fr Kaleb Cheruvallil 
Eparchial Commission for Suviseshasangam
     Director      :     Rev. Fr KuriakoseThiruvalil            
Eparchial Commission for the Clergy
    Chairman     :     Rt. Rev. Msgr George Charuvilayil Corepiscopo               
Eparchial Commission for the Religious
    Chairman     :     Rev. Dr George Antony, Assericheril OFM, Cap     
Eparchial Commission for the Laity
    Chairman     :     Rev. Fr George Varghese Kolanjikompil
Eparchial Commission for the Youth
    Chairman     :      Rev. Fr Philip Edayanavilayil               
Eparchial Commission for Family
a. Family Apostolate  
    Director     :     Rev. Fr Cheriyan Mayickal                                    
b. Pro- Life Movement
    Director     :     Rev. Fr Geevarghese Chakkapoottil
Eparchial Commission for Catechism (Prabodhana)
    Director     :     Rev. Fr Samuel Pazhavoorpadickal      
Eparchial Commission for Vocation
    Chairman    :     Rev. Fr Varghese Mukulumpurath
Eparchial Commission for Seminary Formation
    Chairman     :     Very Rev. Dr  Daniel Mangalath
Eparchial Commission for Education
    Chairman    :     Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott
Eparchial Commission for Social Apostolate  
    Chairman    :     Rev. Fr Geevarghese Nedumpurath     
Eparchial Commission for Health Services
    Chairman    :     Rev. Fr Kuriakose Thiruvalil
Eparchial Commission for Communication Media, Directory and   Common Celebrations           
    Chairman    :  Rev. Fr George Kottapuram

X. St. John Maria Vianney Priests’ WELFARE Fund Association 
Patron         :    H. E. Most Rev. Dr Joshua Mar Ignathios
President    :     Rev. Fr Sam G Paruvelil 
Secretary    :     Rev. Fr George Kottapuram
Treasurer    :     Rev. Fr Lukose Kannimel
Members    :     Rt. Rev. Msgr George Charuvila Corepiscopo
                  :    Very Rev. Fr  Abraham Pappadiyil    
                  :    Very Rev. Fr Mathews Kuzhivila
                  :     Rt. Rev. John Puthenvilayil Corepiscopo
                  :     Rev. Fr Cheriyan Mayickal
                  :     Rev. Fr Augustine Vazhavila
                  :     Rev. Fr Thomas Cherupushpabhavan
                  :    Rev. Fr Vijayanand Edayileveettil
                  :    Rev. Fr Daniel Thekkedath  

 XI. Malankara Catholic Educational Society 
Educational Agency - The Eparchy of Mavelikara represented by His Excellency Most Rev. Dr Joshua Mar Ignathios, Bishop of Mavelikara
President           :    His Excellency Most Rev. Dr Joshua Mar Ignathios
Vice President    :    Rt. Rev. Msgr George Charuvila Corepiscopo
Treasurer            :    Very Rev. Fr Mathews Kuzhivila 
                                         (Procurator and Correspondent Unaided Schools)
Secretary            :    Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott 
                                                     (Correspondent, Aided Schools)
Board Members    :    His Excellency Most Rev. Dr  Joshua Mar Ignathios
                           :    Very Rev. Fr Abraham Pappadiyil
                           :    Rev. Fr John C. Puthenveedu
                           :    Rev. Dr John Vaipil
                           :    Fr Geevarghese Nediyamalayil

XII. MSC School Administration Board 
President           :    His Excellency Most Rev. Dr  Joshua Mar Ignathios
Vice President    :    Rt. Rev. Msgr George Charuvila Corepiscopo
Secretary           :    Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott
Members            :    Very Rev. Fr Abraham Pappadiyil    
                          :    Very Rev. Fr Mathews Kuzhivila
                          :    Mother Thamim SIC, Provincial Superior, PTA
                          :    Mother Dr Karunya SIC, Provincial Superior, TVM

XIII. Eparchial Presbyteral Council 
President                   :    His Excellency Most Rev. Dr Joshua Mar Ignathios
Ex-Officio Members    :    Rt. Rev. Msgr George Charuvila Corepiscopo 
                                 :    Very Rev. Fr Abraham Pappadiyil (Chancellor and 
                                             (Secretary of Eparchial Presbyteral Council)    
                                  :    Very Rev. Fr Mathews Kuzhivila 
                                              (Finance Officer and elected member)
Members                     :    Rt. Rev. John Puthenvilayil Corepiscopo
                                   :    Rev. Dr  Thomas Panicker PG
                                   :    Very Rev. Dr  Daniel Mangalath
                                   :    Very Rev. Fr Geevarghese Charuvilayil
                                   :    Rev. Fr Cheriyan Mayickal
                                   :    Rev. Fr Geevarghese Vaidyan
                                   :    Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott 
                                   :    Rev. Fr Joseph St George Sadanam
                                   :    Rev. Fr Daniel Thekkedath
                                   :    Rev. Fr Francis Plavarakunnil
Representatives of the Religious
                                    :    Very Rev. Dr Geevarghese Kuttiyil OIC 
                                         (Provincial Superior of the Navajeevan Province)
                                    :   Very Rev. Dr  George Antony Assaricheril OFM Cap 
                                         (Superior, St Jude’s Ashram, Mukhathala)

XIV. Eparchial PastoralCouncil
President    :  His Excellency Most Rev. Dr  Joshua Mar Ignathios
Secretary    :  Mr Saji John Paickattethu (Elected)
a. Ex- Officio Members
                  :    Rt. Rev. Msgr G. Charuvila Corepiscopo (Proto-Syncellus)
                  :    Very Rev. Fr Abraham Pappadiyil (Chancellor) 
                  :    Very Rev. Fr Mathews Kuzhivila (Economus)
 Proto Presbyters    :    Very Rev.  Fr John C Puthenveedu
                              :    Very Rev. Fr Geevarghese Charuvilayil
                              :    Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott    
                              :    Rt. Rev. Fr Jose Kadakampallil Corepiscopo
                              :    Very Rev. Fr Sylvester Thekkedath
                              :     Rt. Rev. Daniel Kochuvila Remban
b. Elected Members 
I.  Kollam    
    1. Mr  Sunil Mathew, Mahima, Kadappakada
    2. Mrs Deepa Jacob, Deepu Cottage, Perumpuzha
    3. Mrs Lillykutty George, Thiruhrudaya Bhavan, Kalluvathukal
II. Puthoor
    1. Mr  K. O. Raju Kadakampallil, Puthoor
    2. Mr  C.P James Charuvilaputhenveedu, Pallickavila
    3. Ms. Jolly Lawrence, Sony Cottage, Maranadu
III. Kadampanadu
    1. Mr  Jose Mathew Saji Sadanam, Kadampanadu
    2. Mr Thomaskutty, Thekkedathu, Paruvazhy
    3. Ms. Sherly Mathew, Kottappuram, Karimthottuva
IV. Chengannur
    1. Mr  Jiji Joseph, Karmel, Venmani
    2. Mr  David Chacko, Kalayil Sheffin Cottage, Elanjimel
    3. Ms. Susamma Benny, Uzhanalloor Puthenveedu, Elanjimel 
V. Kattanam
    1. Mr  Saji John Paickatteth, Karimulackal
    2. Prof. Dr  John T Abraham, Thevarath, Kayamkulam
    3. Ms. Jaseentha John, Puthoor House, Kattanam
VI.1. Mavelikara
    1. Mr  P.J. Antony Planthara, Puthiyacavu
    2. Ms. Leelamma Jacob, Thiruvalil Jacob’s Villa, Cathedral-Punnamoodu

c. Nominated Members
Representatives of Religious Communities 
1.     Rev. Fr Philip Tharakan Anniyil OIC (Bethany Congregation)
2.     Very Rev. Fr George Antony Assaricheril OFM Cap (Capuchins)
3.     Rev. Bro. Benny Lukose CMSF (Franciscans)
4.     Rev. Sr Parimala SIC (Bethany Sisters, Trivandrum Province)
5.     Rev. Sr Christine SIC (Bethany Sisters, Pathanamthitta Province)
6.     Rev. Sr Mary Philip DM (DM Sisters, St Mary’s Province)
7.     Rev. Sr Amala SCV (Vincentian Congregation)
8.     Rev. Sr Daisy SH (Sacred Heart Sisters, Pala Province)
9.     Rev. Sr Jose Mary SH (Sacred Heart Sisters, Kothamangalam) 

10.     Rev. Sr Prakash SMS (Snehagiri Sisters)

11.     Rev. Sr Linda OSS (Holy Spirit Congregation)

 d. Heads of various Departments
1.    Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott (Correspondent of Schools)
2.     Rev. Fr Geevarghese Nedumpurath (Director, Social Apostolate)
3.     Rev. Fr Samuel Pazhavoorpadickal (Director, Catechetics)
4.     Rev. Fr Cheriyan Mayickal (Director, Family Apostolate)
5.     Rev. Fr Varghese Kochukaleeckal (Director, Bible Apostolate) 
6.     Rev. Fr Dianesius Lourdhbhavan (Director, Madhyavirudha Samithy) 
7.     Rev. Fr Francis Plavarakunnil (Director, KCSL)
8.     Rev. Fr George Varghese Kolanjikompil (Director, MCA)
9.     Rev. Fr Philip Edayanavilayil (Director, MCYM)
10.    Very Rev. Fr Geevarghese Charuvilayil (Director, Pious Associations)
11.    Rev. Fr Augustine Vazhavila (Director, Labour Apostolate) 
12. Rev. Fr George Kottapuram (Director, Communications & Media)
13. Rev. Fr Geevarghese Nedumpurath (Director, Dalith Association)
14. Rev. Fr Mathews Kuzhivila (Director, Jesus’ Fraternity)
15. Rev. Fr Geevarghese Chakkapoottil (Director, pro-Life)

President                   :    HE Dr  Joshua Mar Ignathios
Ex-Officio Members    :    Rt. Rev. Msgr George Charuvila Corepiscopo 
                                 :    Very Rev. Fr Abraham Pappadiyil (Chancellor)
                                 :    Very Rev. Fr Mathews Kuzhivila 
                                                              (Finance Officer and Director)
Members                   :     Very Rev. Fr John C Puthenveedu  
                                 :     Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott

XVI.  Name and Address of the Priests of the Eparchy

01.CHARUVILA Rt. Rev. Msgr George Corepiscopo
     Amalagiri Catholic Bishop’s House
     Punnamoodu, Mavelikara -690 101
     Alappuzha, Kerala 

02.PUTHENVILAYIL Rt. Rev. John Corepiscopo 
     Amalagiri Catholic Bishop’s House
     Punnamoodu, Mavelikara -690 101
     Alappuzha, Kerala

03.KADAKAMPALLIL Rt. Rev. Jose Corepiscopo
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Trippalazhikom P.O, Kundara,
     Kollam -691 509, Kerala

04.THURUTHIYIL Rt. Rev. Dr  Mathews Remban
     Amalagiri Catholic Bishop’s House
     Punnamoodu, Mavelikara -690 101 
     Alappuzha, Kerala

05.KOCHUVILAYIL Rt. Rev. Daniel Remban
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Re-Union Nagar, Kadappakada
    Kollam -691 008, Kerala 

06.Rev. Fr Berthalomeo George 
     Kottayadi Palavila Puthenveedu
     Nedumpayikulam, Kundara East, 
     Kollam Dt., Kerala 

     Amalagiri Catholic Bishop’s House
     Punnamoodu, Mavelikara   -690 101
     Alappuzha, Kerala

08.CHAKKAPOOTTIL Rev. Fr Geevarghese
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Karichal, Paippad PO,
     Veeyapuram- 690556

09.CHANGETH Rev. Dr  Geevarghese
     Kath. Pfarramt
     Via Sogon Gions 8, CH 7180 Disentis/ Muster

10.CHARUVILAYIL Very Rev. Fr Geevarghese
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Cheppadu, P.O,  Alappuzha -690507

     Malankara Major Seminary
     Nalanchira P.O., Trivandrum -695 015

     Malankara Catholic Church
     Thuvayoor P.O., Kadampanad 691 552
     Pathanamthitta, Kerala

13.CHERUVALLIL Rev. Fr Kaleb
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Chathakulam P.O, Poruvazhy -690 520
     Kollam Dist, Kerala

14.EDAYAILAVEETTIL Rev. Fr Vijayanand 
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Karimthottuva P.O, Kunnathoor East
     Kollam -690 540, Kerala

    Malankara Catholic Church
    Pallickavila, Uppoodu muri
    East Kallada P.O., 
    Kollam 691 502, Kerala

16.Rev. Fr Jacob John
     St Dominic’s Rectory
     8504 Frankford Ave
     Philadelphia PA 19136 

17.KAITHAVANA Rev. Fr Geevarghese 
     (Jijo T Varghese)
     Dharmaram Vidyakshethram
     Research Centre, Dharmaram P.O
     Bengaluru 560 029
     Karnataka State

18.KALLITTAYIL Rev. Fr Geevarghese
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Nooranadu P.O., Mavelikara -690 504
     Alappuzha, kerala

     Malankara Catholic Church
     Elanjimel P.O, Cheriyanad Via 689 511
     Alappuzha, Kerala

20.KANNIMEL Rev. Fr Lukose
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Venmony, Chengannur -689 509 
     Alappuzha, Kerala

21.KARIKUNNIL Rev. Fr Johnson
     St Antony’s Malankara Catholic Church
     Meeyennoor PO, Nadukkunnu
     Kollam -691 537, Kerala

22.KAROOR Rev. Fr Mathew
     Sarvodaya Vidyalaya
     Mar Ivanios Vidya Nagar
     Nalanchira, Trivandrum 695 015

     Amalagiri Catholic Bishop’s House
     Punnamoodu, Mavelikara   -690 101
     Alappuzha, Kerala

24.KIZHAKKEDATH Rev. Fr Abraham Lukose
    Mar Ivanios Bishop’s House
    950 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park
    NY 11040 

25.KOCHUKALEECKAL Rev. Fr Varghese
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Peringanadu P.O, 
     Pathanamthitta 691 551, Kerala 

26.KOLANJIKOMPIL Rev. Fr Cheriyan 
     Kolanjikombil House
     Puliyoor P. O., Chengannur
     Alappuzha 689 510, Kerala

27.KOLANJIKOMPIL Rev. Fr George Varghese
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Kadampanadu South P.O.
     Pathanamthitta - 691 553, Kerala 

     Malankara Catholic Church
     Kudassanadu P. O., Pandalam 689 512
     Pathanamthitta, Kerala

29.KOTTAPURAM Rev. Fr George
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Sooranad   P.O, Kollam -690 522

     Chaplain of Syro Malankara Catholic Church
     66 A, Watson Avenue
     Enfield, South Australia 5085

31.KUNNATHETH Rev. Fr. Varghese
    Mar Ivanios Minor Seminary
    Kallumala P.O., Mavelikara -690110
    Alappuzha, Kerala

32.KUZHIVILA Very Rev. Fr Mathews
     Amalagiri Catholic Bishop’s House
     Punnamoodu, Mavelikara -690 101 
     Alappuzha, Kerala

33.LOURDHBHAVAN Rev. Fr Dianesius
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Pallickavila, Uppoodu muri
     East Kallada P.O., Kollam 691 502

34.MANGALATH Very Rev. Dr Daniel
     Mar Ivanios Minor Seminary
     Kallumala P.O., Mavelikara -690110
     Alappuzha, Kerala

35.MARUTHOOR Rev. Fr. John
    Malankara Catholic Church,
    Pazhakulam, Melood P. O, Adoor -691 523
    Alappuzha, Kerala

36.MAYICKAL Rev. Fr Cheriyan
     Malankara Catholic Church, 
     Pazhakulam, Melood P. O, Adoor -691 523
     Alappuzha, Kerala

37.MUKULUMPURATH Rev. Fr Varghese
     Malankara Catholic Church,
     Kaithacodu P.O. Kollam 691 543

38.NEDIYAMALAYIL Rev. Fr Geevarghese
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Thottappally P.O, Alapuzha -688 561

39.NEDUMPURATH Rev. Fr Geevarghese
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Kayamkulam -690 502
     Alappuzha, Kerala

    C/o Major Archbishop’s House
    Pattom P.O, Trivandrum 04

41.PADIPURACKAL Rev. Fr Oommen
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Karthikappally P.O. -690 516
     Alappuzha, Kerala

42.PAICKATTETHU Rev. Fr Samuel
     Collegio Damasceno
     Via Carlo Emanuele I, 46
     I- 00185 Rome, Italy

43.PALAVILAYIL Rev. Fr Robert (Roni George)
     P.O Box 53072
     Riyad 11583, KSA 

44.PANIKER Rev. Dr Thomas P.G
     St John’s Malankara Catholic Church
     Thekkekara P.O., Kurathikadu – 690 107
     Alappuzha, Kerala

45.PANICKER Rev. Fr Thomas
    St Thomas Malankara Catholic Church
    Thuvayoor South P.O 
    Kadampanadu 691 552
    Pathanamthitta Dist, Kerala

46.PANICKER Rev. Fr Cheriyan
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Kallumala P.O., Mavelikara -690 110
    Alappuzha, Kerala

47.PAPPADIYIL Very Rev. Fr Abraham
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Puthiyacavu, Mavelikara – 690 101
    Alappuzha, Kerala 

48.PARUVELIL Rev. Fr Sam G
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Kummalloor,  Adichanalloor P.O. 691 573 
    Kollam Dist., Kerala

    St Mary’s Malankara Catholic Church
    Chittakode, Ezhukone
    Maranadu PO, Kollam Dt. 691 505

50.PEROORPARAMBIL Rev. Fr John Jacob 
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Cheriyanadu -689 511
    Alappuzha, Kerala

51.PERUMUTTATH Rev. Fr Benedict Kurian
    Amalagiri Catholic Bishop’s House
    Punnamoodu, Mavelikara -690 101
    Alappuzha, Kerala 

52.PLAVARAKUNNIL Rev. Fr Francis
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Kaithacodu P.O. Kollam 691 543

53.PUNTHALAVILA Rev. Fr Immanuel
    Mar Baselios School
    Maruthamonpally, Pooyappally P.O. 
    Kollam- 691 537, Kerala

54.PUTHENPARAMPIL Rev. Fr Thomas  
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Charummoodu, Vedarplavu P.O. 690 505
     Alappuzha, Kerala

55.PUTHENVEEDU Very Rev. Fr John C.
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Chengannur -P.O 689 121 
    Alappuzha, Kerala

56.PUTHENVEEDU Rev. Fr John Alex
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Pavumpa P.O, Kollam -690 574

    St Thomas More Catholic Church 
    10330 Hillcroft Street 
    Houston, TX 77096-4795 

    Malankara Catholic Church
    Puliyoor, Chengannur -689 510
    Alappuzha, Kerala

    Malankara Catholic Church
    Puthencavu P.O 689 123 Chengannur
    Alappuzha, Kerala

60.THADATHIL Rev. Dr Mathew Luca Siji
     Kath. Pfarramt St Peter & Paul
     Windener Str. - 14
     D-93336 Altmannstein-Pondorf, 

61.THALOTHIL Rev. Dr George Abraham
    Brook International School
    Rajagiri, Sasthamkotta 690 521
    Kollam Dist., Kerala

62.THEKKEDATHU Very Rev. Fr Sylvester
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Puthoor P.O., Kollam – 691 507

63.THEKKEDATH Rev. Fr Daniel
     Malankara Catholic Church
     Kalluvathukkal, Karamkode P.O, 
     Kollam – 691 579, Kerala

64.THENGUVILAYIL Rev. Fr Jain John
    Malankara Catholic Church,
    Nallila P.O., Kollam 691 515

65.THIRUVALIL Rev. Fr Kuriakose
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Kalluvathukkal, Karamkode P.O, 
    Kollam – 691 579, Kerala

66.VAIDYAN Rev. Fr Geevarghese
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Chennithala PO 690 105, 
     Alappuzha, Kerala 

67.VAIPIL Rev. Dr John
    Amalagiri Catholic Bishop’s House
    Punnamoodu, Mavelikara -690 101
    Alappuzha, Kerala

68.VAZHAVILA Rev. Fr Augustine
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Ampalathumkala P.O.,Via Ezhukon
    Kollam -691 505, Kerala

69.VENMALOTT Very Rev. Fr Jose
    Malankara Catholic Church
    Kattanam P.O Alleppey 690 503

XVII. Religious Parish Priests
Bethany Ashram

01.ALUVILA Rev. Fr John, OIC 
     Bethany Ashram, Chunakkara P.O.
     Alapuzha -690 534, Kerala

02.ANNIYIL Rev. Fr Philip Tharakan, OIC 
     Bethany Ashram, Kattanam, P.O.
     Alleppey -690 503, Kerala

03.AYYANTHIYIL Rev. Fr Abraham OIC 
     Bethany Ashram, Chunakkara P.O.
     Alapuzha -690 534, Kerala

    Jeevârâm Animation Centre
    Punnamoodu, Mavelikara-690 101
    Alappuzha, Kerala

05.THARAKANVEEDU Rev. Fr Vijayanand OIC 
    Jeevârâm Animation Centre
    Punnamoodu, Mavelikara 
    Alleppey -690 101, Kerala

06.THEKKECHARUVIL Rev. Fr Thomas Sajeev OIC
     Bethany Ashram, 
     Kattanam, P.O. -690 503 
     Alappuzha, Kerala

    Jeevârâm Animation Centre
    Punnamoodu, Mavelikara -690 101
    Alappuzha, Kerala

Capuchin Ashram

01.ASSARICHERIL Rev. Dr  George Antony, OFM, CAP., 
     St Jude’s Ashram, Mukhathala
     Alummoodu P.O. Kollam – 691 577

    St Jude’s Ashram, Mukhathala
    Alummoodu P.O. Kollam – 691 577

03.PARACKAL Rev. Fr Sunny, OFM, CAP.,
    St Jude‘s Ashram, Mukhathala
    Alummoodu, P.O.  -691 577
    Kollam Dist., Kerala

    St Jude’ Ashram, Mukhathala
    Alummoodu, P.O -691 577
    Kollam Dist., Kerala

    St Jude’s Ashram, Mukhathala
    Alummoodu P.O.– 691 577
    Kollam Dist., Kerala

06.VATTOTH Rev. Bro. Benedict, OFM, CAP.,
    St Jude’s Ashram, Mukhathala
     Alummoodu P.O, – 691 577
     Kollam Dist., Kerala

Franciscan Brothers  

01.THENGUMPALLY Bro. Benny Lukose, CMSF
     Assisi Nilayam, Ala P.O, Chengannur-689 126 
     Alappuzha, Kerala  

       Assisi Nilayam, Ala P.O, Chengannur -689 126
       Alappuzha, Kerala


                                                                                                           1. Chengannur District
                                                                                    Proto- Presbyter: Very Rev. Fr John C Puthenveedu

01.Ala (Estd: 1966)
    Christ the King SMCC
     Ala P.O., Chengannur
     Alappuzha - 689126        
     Vicar: Fr Job Kalluvilayil

02.Chengannur (Estd: 1943)
     St Thomas SMCC
     Chengannur P.O., 
     Alappuzha - 689 121
     Vicar: Fr John C Puthenveedu

03.Cheriyanadu (Estd : 1933)
     St Jude SMCC
     Cheriyanadu P.O.
     Alappuzha - 689 511    
     Vicar: Fr John J. Peroorparampil

04.Elanjimel (Estd :1933)    
     St John SMCC
     Elanjimel P.O., Cheriyanad via
     Alappuzha - 689 511    
     Vicar: Fr Job Kalluvilayil

05.Kodukulanji    (Estd : 1963)
    St John SMCC
    Kodukulanji P.O., 
    Chengannur via, Alappuzha Dt    
    Vicar: Fr Lukose Kannimel

06.Kollakadavu (Estd : 1933)
    St Agnes SMCC
    Kollakadavu P.O., 
    Alappuzha - 690 580
    Vicar: Fr Benedict Perumuttath

07.Mudiyoorkonam (Estd : 1935)
    St Joseph SMCC
    Mudiyoorkonam,Pandalam P.O., 
    Alappuzha - 689 516    
    Vicar: Fr Abraham Ayyanthiyil OIC

08.Pandanad (Estd : 1943)
    Little Flower SMCC    
    Pandanad P.O., 
    Alappuzha - 689 506    
    Vicar: Fr Joseph Sadanam

09.Puliyoor (Estd : 1953)    
    Holy Family SMCC
    Puliyoor P. O, 
    Chengannur-689 510
    Vicar: Fr Joseph Sadanam

10.Punthala (Estd : 1937)    
    Sacred Heart SMCC
    Punthala P.O., Via Venmony
    Alapuzha Dt.    
    Vicar: Fr Lukose Kannimel

11.Puthencavu (Estd : 1930)
    Our Lady of Perpetual help
    Vicar: Fr Stephen Mathew

12.Venmony (Estd : 1963)
    St Peter SMCC
    Vicar: Fr Lukose Kannimel

13.Chennithala (Estd :1931)
    St George SMCC
    Chennithala P.O.
    Alappuzha - 690 105
    Vicar:Fr Geevarghese Vaidyan

14.Eramathoor  (Estd :1961)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Chennithala P.O., 
    Alappuzha - 690 105    
    Vicar: Fr Geevarghese Vaidyan

                                                                                                         2. Kadampanadu DiStrict
                                                                                Proto-Presbyter:  Rt. Rev. Jose Kadakampallil Corepiscopo

01.Anthichira (Estd : 1970)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Malakkala P.O -691 551
    Thuvayoor North, PTA
    Vicar:Fr Varghese Kochukaleeckal

02.Kadampanadu (Estd : 1937)
    St George SMCC
    Kadampanadu South P.O.
    PTA - 691 553
    Vicar: Rev. Jose Kadakampallil Corepiscopo

03.Karinthottuva (Estd : 1962)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Karinthottuva P. O.
    Kunnathur East, Kollam Dt.
    Vicar: Fr T. Cherupushpabhavan

04.Mannarodu (Estd: 1972)
    Sacred Heart SMCC    
    Mannarodu, Kadampanadu North P.O.
    Pathanmthitta Dt - 691 552
    Vicar: Fr T. Cherupushpabhavan 

05.Muthupilakadu (Estd : 1955)
    St Thomas SMCC    
    Muthupilakadu P.O., Kollam
    Vicar: Fr Vijayanand Edayileveettil

06.Mynagappally (Estd :1957)
    St Thomas SMCC
    MynagappallyP.O.- 690 519
    Kollam Dt.
    Vicar: Rev. Dr  Abraham Thalothil

07.Nediyavila (Estd : 1991)
    Infant Jesus SMCC    
    Kunnathoor P.O., Kollam
    Vicar: Fr Vijayanand Edayileveettil

08.Parakkoottam  (Estd : 1933)
    St Joseph SMCC    
    Mundappaly P.O., Parakkoottam
    Pathanamthitta-691 551
    Vicar: Fr Varghese Kochukaleeckal

09. Peringanadu    (Estd : 1944)
    St George SMCC
    Mundappally - 691 528    
    Vicar: Fr Varghese Kochukaleeckal

10.Poruvazhy (Estd : 1957
    St George SMCC
    Poruvazhy, Chathakulam P.O.,
    Kollam - 695 125    
    Vicar: Fr Kaleb Cheruvallil

11.Sooranad North (Estd: 1962)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Sooranad North P.O.
    Kollam - 690 561    
    Vicar: Fr Kaleb Cheruvallil

12.Sooranad South (Estd : 1948)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Sooranad South P.O
    Kollam - 690 522    
    Vicar: Fr George Kottappuram

13. Sooranad- Alumukku (Estd : 2014)
    St Jude’s SMCC
    Padinjattemuri, Sooranad North P.O
    Kollam - 690 561    
    Vicar: Fr George Kottappuram

14. Thuvayoor East (Estd : 1956)
    St Thomas SMCC
    Thuvayoor South P.O
    Pathanamthitta Dt. - 691 552    
    Vicar: Fr Thomas Panicker Kattanam

15.Thuvayoor West (Estd : 1947)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Thuvayoor South P.O
    Pathanamthitta Dt. - 691 552    
    Vicar: Fr T. Cherupushpabhavan
16.Vilunthra (Estd : 2008)    
    Amalagiri SMCC
    Vilanthra P.O, West Kallada
    Kollam - 691 521    
    Vicar: Fr G. Chakkapoottil
                                                                                                                 3. Kollam District 
                                                                                        Proto-Presbyter: Rt. Rev. Daniel Kochuvila Remban

01.Aduthala (Estd : 1961)      
    St Joseph’s SMCC
    Aduthala P.O., Kollam - 691 579
    Vicar: Fr Daniel Thekkedath 

02.Chathannoor (Estd :1961)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Chathannoor P.O,Kollam - 691 572
    Vicar: Fr Daniel Thekkedath 

03.Chowalloor (Estd :1954)
    St Rita SMCC
    Edakkidom P.O., Ezhukone
    Kollam - 691 505    
    Vicar: Fr Jain John Thenguvila

04.Edanad (Estd :1986)
    Albhutha Matha SMCC
    Edanad P.O., Karamkodu
    Kollam - 691 579    
    Vicar: Fr Kuriakose Thiruvalil

05.Kadappakada (Estd :1974)
    St Thomas SMCC    
    Kadappakada, Re-union Nagar, 
    Kollam - 691 008
    Vicar : Fr Geevarghese Kallittayil

06.Kalluvathukkal (Estd :1970)
    Good Shepherd SMCC
    Kalluvathukkal P.O.
    Kollam - 691 573
    Vicar: Fr Kuriakose Thiruvalil

07.Chenkulam (Estd :1961)
    St George SMCC
    Chenkulam P.O. Ooyur Via, 
    Kollam Dt.
    Vicar: Fr Sam G Paruvelil

08.Kottara (Estd :1962)    
    St Amadeus SMCC
    Kottara, Poyapally P.O. - 691 537
    Vicar: Fr Johnson Karikunnel

09.Kummalloor (Estd :1950)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Kummalloor  P.O
    Adichanelloor, Kollam - 691 573
    Vicar: Fr Sam G Paruvelil

10.Kundara (Estd :1946)    
    Little Flower SMCC
    Thrippalazhikom P.O.,
    Kundara, Kollam - 691 509
    Vicar: Rt D.  Kochuvila Remban

11.Maruthamonpally (Estd :1969)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Pooyappally P.O., Kollam Dt
    Vicar: Fr Immanuel Punthalavila

12.Mukhathala (Estd :1954)
    St George SMCC
    Alummoodu P.O,
    Kollam-691 577    
    Vica: Dr G Assaricheril Ofm Cap

13.Nallila (Estd :1955)    
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Nallila P.O., Kollam - 691 515
    Vicar: Fr Jain John Thenguvila

14.Pallimon (Estd :1958)    
    St Antony’s SMCC
    Pallimon P.O., Kollam - 691 576
    Vicar: Fr S. Parackal OFM Cap 

15.Poriyakode (Estd :1961)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Meeyannor P.O.,Kollam - 691 510
    Vicar: Fr Immanuel Punthalavila

16.Puliyila (Estd :1967)    
    St Joseph’s SMCC
    Puliyila, Kollam - 691 515    
    Vicar: Fr Jain John Thenguvila

17.Pooyappally (Estd : 1957)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Pooyappally  P.O.- 691 537
    Kollam Dt    
    Vicar: Fr Immanuel Punthalavila

18.Perumpuzha (Estd:1968)
    St Martin De Pore SMCC
    Perumpuzha P.O., Kollam Dt.     
    Vicar : Fr G Puthenpurayil OFM Cap 

19.Veliam West (Estd: 1980)    
    St Antony’s SMCC
    Meyannor P.O., Nadukunnu
    Kollam - 691 537    
    Vicar: Fr Johnson Karikunnel

                                                                                                              4. Mavelikara District 
                                                                                   Proto-Presbyter: Very Rev. Fr Geevarghese Charuvilayil

01.Cheppad  (Estd :1930)    
    Sacred Heart SMCC    
    Cheppad P.O.
    Alappuzha Dt.-690 507
    Vicar: Fr G. Charuvilayil

02.Cheruthana  (Estd :1980)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Cheruthana P.O., Karuvatta
    Vicar: Fr G. Nediyamalayil

03.Edappon  (Estd :1932)
    St Little Theresa’s SMCC
    Pattoor P.O., Padanilam Via
    Alappuzha - 690 529
    Vicar : Fr Abraham Ayyanthiyil OIC

04.Haripad  (Estd : 1933)    
    St Mary Immaculate SMCC
    Plappuzha, Haripad P.O.,
    Vicar: Fr Oommen Padipurackal

05.Kallumala  (Estd : 1930)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Kallumala P.O., Mavelikara
    Vicar : Fr Cheriyan Panicker

06.Karichal  (Estd : 1932)    
    St George SMCC
    Karichal, Paippadu P.O.
    Veeyapuram - 690 556
    Vicar: Fr G. Nediyamalayil 

07 Karthikappally  (Estd : 1932)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Karthikappally P.O., 
    Alappuzha Dt
    Vicar: Fr J. Alex Puthenveedu

08. Kurathikad  (Estd : 1932)
    St John’s SMCC
    Vicar: Fr Thomas Panicker P.G

09.Mavelikara  (Estd :1930)
    St Joseph’s SMCC
    Mavelikara P.O.
    Alappuzha-690 101
    Vicar: Fr Abraham Pappadiyil

10.Muttom  (Estd :1930)    
    St Joseph’s SMCC
    Muttom P.O., Harippadu
    Alappuzha Dt.    
    Vicar: Fr Oommen Padipurackal

11.Pallipad  (Estd :1942)
    St Joseph’s SMCC
    Pallipad P.O., 
    Alappuzha Dt.-690 512
    Vicar: Fr John Alex Puthenveedu

12.Punnamoodu   (Estd :1930)
    Mary Immaculate SMCC
    Punnamoodu P.O., 
    Alappuzha - 690 101 
    Vicar: Fr Benedict Perumuttath

13.Ramapuram  (Estd :1954)
    St George SMCC
    Keerikadu P.O, Ramapuram
    Vicar: Very Fr  Mathews Kuzhivila

14.Thottappally  (Estd :1948)
    St Thomas SMCC
    Thottappally P.O.
    Alappuzha Dt. - 688 563
    Vicar: Fr G. Nediyamalayil 

15.Vazhuthanam (Estd :1935)
    St Sebastian’s SMCC
    Vazhuthanam, Paalippadu P.O.
    Alappuzha Dt.  
    Vicar: Fr John Alex Puthenveedu

16.Vettiyar  (Estd :1949)    
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Mankamkuzhi P.O., Vettiyar
    Alappuzha Dt.    
   Vicar: Fr John Aluvila OIC

                                                                                                      5. KATTANAM DISTRICT
                                                                                     Proto-Presbyter : Very Rev. Fr Jose Venmalott

1. Kudassnadu (Estd : 1944)
    St Thomas SMCC
    Kudassnadu P.O., Pandalam    
    Vicar: Fr Jose Kottackakath

2. Poozhikadu (Estd : 1985
    St Stephen SMCC
    Poozhikadu, Pandalam    
    Kudassanadu - 689 512
    Vicar: Fr Jose Kottackakath

3. Pazhakulam (Estd : 1933)
    St Mathew SMCC
    Pazhakulam, Melood P.O.
    Pathanamthitta - 691 523
    Vicar: Fr Cheriyan Mayickal

4. Kurampala South (Estd:1955)
    St George SMCC
    Kurampala South P.O., PTA     
    Vicar: Fr Cheriyan Mayickal

5. Pavumba (Estd : 1940)
    St George SMCC
    Pavumba P.O., Kollam - 690 574
    Vicar: Fr G. Chakkapoottil

6. Thazhava (Estd : 1946)
    St George SMCC
    SRP Market P.O.
    Thazhava, Kollam - 690 539
    Vicar: Fr G.  Chakkapoottil

7. Nooranad  (Estd :1971)
    St Renathos SMCC
    Nooranad, Alappuzha    
    Vicar: Fr George V. Kolanjikompil 

8. Panayil  (Estd :1981)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Panayil, Nooranadu-690 504    
    Vicar: Fr George V. Kolanjikompil 

9. Charummoodu (Estd : 1953)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Vedarplavu P.O., Alapuzha
    Vicar:FrThomas Puthenparampil

10. Karimulackal  (Estd : 1976)    
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Komalloor P.O., Alapuzha Dt.
    Vicar:Fr Thomas Puthenparampil

11. Kattanam  (Estd : 1932)
    St Stephen’s SMCC
    Kattanam P.O., Pallikkal
    Alappuzha Dt.-690 503
    Vicar :  Fr Jose Venmalott

12.Komalloor  (Estd : 1956)
    Sacred Heart    SMCC
    Komallor P.O., Chunakkara
    Alappuzha Dt.
    Vicar: Fr Philip T. Anniyil OIC

13.Vallikunnom (Estd :1960)
    St Sebastian’s SMCC    
    Vallikunnom  P.O., 
    Alappuzha Dt - 690 501
    Vicar: Fr T. S. Thekkecharuvil OIC

14. Kayamkulam  (Estd : 1959)
    St Basil’s SMCC
    Kayamkulam P.O.
    Alappuzha Dt-690 502    
    Vicar : Fr Geevarghese Nedumpurath

15. Peringala  (Estd :1960)
    Little Flower SMCC
    Peringala, Kayamkulam
    Alappuzha Dt.    
    Vicar: Fr Geevarghese Nedumpurath

                                                                                                                5. Puthoor District
                                                                                      Proto-Presbyter : Very Rev. Fr Sylvester Thekkedath

01.Ambalapuram (Estd : 1952)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Ambalapuram, ETC
    Kottarakkara, Kollam Dt    
    Vicar: Fr Augustine Vazhavila

02.Ampalathumkala (Estd :1947) 
    St George SMCC
    Ampalathumkala P.O.,
    Ezhukone, Kollam Dt.    
    Vicar:Fr Augustine Vazhavila

03.Kaithakodu (Estd :1955)
    St George SMCC
    Kaithakodu P.O., Kollam - 693 543
    Vicar: Fr Francis Plavarakunnil

04.Kallada East  (Estd :1962)
    Our Lady of Perpetual help
    Kallada East P.O., Munnumukku
    Kollam Dt
    Vicar: Fr Philip Edayanavila

05. Karickal (Estd :1957)    
    St John, the Baptist SMCC
    Cherupoyika P.O., Karickal
    Kollam Dt.    
    Vicar: Fr Dianesius Lourdhbhavan 

06.Karuvelil (Estd :1960)    
    St Paul SMCC
    Karuvelil P.O., Kollam - 691 505
    Vicar: Fr Dianesius Lourdhbhavan 

07. Koduvila (Estd :1976)    
    St Elias SMCC
    Shinkarappally, Koduvila
    Kallada East P.O., Kollam Dt.
    Vicar: Fr Philip Edayanavila

08. Maranadu (Estd :1962)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Maranadu P.O. Kollam-691 505
    Vicar: Fr S Pazhavoorpadickal

09. Maruthoor (Estd :1980)
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Kaithakodu P.O.,  Plackadu
    Kollam Dt.
    Vicar: Fr Francis Plavarakunnil

10. Mulavana (Estd :1962)
    St Francis Assisi SMCC
    Mulavana P.O., Kundara
    Kollam Dt.
    Vicar: Fr Francis Plavarakunnil

11. Neeleswaram (Estd : 1953)
    Sacred Heart SMCC
    Neeleswaram P.O.,
    Kottarakkara, Kollam Dt
    Vicar: Fr Augustine Vazhavila

12. Pallickavila (Estd :1962)
    St Andrews SMCC
    East Kallada P.O., 
    Uppoodumuri, Pallickavila
    Kollam Dt    
    Vicar: Fr Philip Edayanavila

13. Pavithreswaram    
    St Mary’s SMCC
    Pavithreswaram P.O.,
    Puthoor, Kollam Dt    
    Vicar: Fr Dianesius Lourdhbhavan 

14. Poovattoor  (Estd : 1990) 
    St Mary’s SMCC. Perunkulam P.O.,
    Poovattoor, Kollam Dt    
    Vicar: Fr Sylvester Thekkedath

15.Puthoor  (Estd : 1932)    
    St Mary’s SMCC 
    Puthoor P.O., Kollam Dt
    Vicar:  Fr Sylvester Thekkedath

16.Thevalapuram (Estd : 1956)
    St George SMCC
    Thevalapuram P.O
    Kollam - 691 507    
    Vicar: Fr S. Pazhavoorpadickal

XVIII. Date AND NAME of the Deceased BISHOPS AND Priests
24 March 2007         :    Rev. Fr Daniel Kadakampallil   
28 December 2008   :    Rev. Dr C.T. Geevarghese Panicker
31 August 2010        :    Rev. Fr Jacob Vilayil
24 August 2013        :    Rev. Fr Mathew Chengalloor

XIX.  Recapitulation of Statistics
A.    Malankara Catholics    :    25,470
B.    Parishes    :     96
C.    Priests                    
    i. Eparchial    :    67
    ii. Religious     
        a. OIC    :     7
        b. OFM    :    6
  D. Religious Brothers  
    i. CMSF    :     2
  E. Seminarians
    i.    Major Seminarians    :     18
    ii.    Regent     :     8
    iii.    Minor Seminarians    :     13
F. Women Religious    : 122
    i. Sisters of the Imitation of Christ (SIC)    :      75
    ii. Daughters of Mary (DM)    :     10
    iii. Sacred Heart (SH)    :      11
    iv. St Vincent De Paul Sisters (SCV)    :    17
    v. Snehagiri Missionary Sisters (SMS)    :    7
    vi. Holy Spirit Sisters (OSS)    :     2
G. Institutions
    i. Ecclesiastical
        a. Minor Seminary :    1
        b. Priests’ Home   :    1
        c. Retreat Centre   :    1
    ii. Educational     
        a. Self Financing College    :    1
        b. Technical Institute          :    1        
        c. Higher Secondary Schools    
                Unaided    :     6
                 Aided       :     2
        d. High Schools
               Unaided    :     6
                Aided       :     4
        e. Upper Primary Schools
            Unaided    :     1
             Aided       :     5
    f. Lower Primary Schools
            Unaided     :      5
             Aided        :     11
         g. Nursery Schools    :      22
         h. Boardings
            Boys    :       2
            Girls     :       3
    iii. Charitable
        a. Orphanages (Girls)    :   2
        b. Orphanages (Boys)   :   1
        c. Hospitals                  :   5
        d. Home for Aged & for the Sick   :  2
    iv. Others    
        a. Press           :    1        
        b. Publication    :    2