Dec 07, 2021



     It is the highest tribunal within the territorial boundaries of a major archiepiscopal Church. This tribunal is to judge the contentious cases either of eparchies or of bishops, even titular bishops.  Appeal in these cases is made to the synod of bishops without any further appeal with due regard for canon 1059. (CCEO can.1062)
       The synodal tribunal of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church was constituted by the Fourth Ordinary Holy Episcopal Synod held from 31 October to 3 November 2006

President    :    Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos

Judges       :    Most Rev. Yoohanon Mar Chrysostom

                   :    Most Rev. Dr. Yoohanon Mar Theodosius 


       The Ordinary Tribunal of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church was constituted on 15 November 2007 by Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis Catholicos at the Catholicate Centre, Pattom. The members of the Ordinary Tribunal took oath of office and secrecy before the Catholicos and took charge of the office. It was constituted in accordance with the decision of Fourth Holy Episcopal Synod and the confirmation of the same by the Fifth Holy Episcopal Synod of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church convoked from 9 to12 October 2007.
Office Bearers          

President                   : Very Rev. Dr Varghese Manakaleth
Vice President           : Rev. Dr Thomas Kuzhinapurath
Judges                        : Most Rev. Dr Thomas Mar Anthonios OIC
                                        Rev. Dr Geevarghese Kuttiyil OIC
                                        Rev.Dr Thomas Parakkal
                                        Rev. Fr John S. Neduvilayil
                                        Rev. Dr George Thomas Kochuvilayil
                                        Rev. Dr Sandra SIC
Defender of Bond      : Rev. Fr Joseph Venmanethu
Promoter of Justice : Rt. Rev. Msgr Dr Varghese Thannickakuzhy
Notary                         : Rev. Sr. Irine Kannanthanam DM