Dec 01, 2021



              (Founder : Fr Abraham Kaippenplakal)

1. Thottapally
Snehambika Convent, Thottapally P.O.,
Alleppy – 688563, Tel : 04792493094
01. Rev. Sr Prakash SMS Superior
02. Rev. Sr Blessy SMS
03. Rev. Sr Liya SMS
Activities :The sisters are teaching catechism and visiting houses. They
are conducting a nursery school and L.P. School. They are involved activity
in social welfare programme.

2. Kannamcode
Snehagiri Missionary Sisters, Shalom Bhavan,
Kulangarakonam, Machel P.O., Trivandrum – 695571
Ph: 0471-2390539
01. Rev. Sr Teena SMS(Superior)
02. Rev. Sr Sobhana SMS
03. Rev. Sr Rijo SMS
Activites : Sisters work in mission stations and teach catechism, visit
houses, teach nursery, L.P. School and in a tailoring school. They also
conduct a cassock tailoring centre.

3. Chemparathivila
snehagiri Missionary Sisters
Neyyanttinkara P.O.- 695 121, Tel: 0471-2222588
01. Rev. Sr Saumini SMS (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr Linet SMS
Activities : The sisters teaching catechism and visiting houses

5 Pattom
Snehagiri Sisters,Santhwanam
Chalakkuzhi Lane– E, Pattom, Trivandrum -4
Mob. 9496724078
01. Rev. Sr Cherupushpa SMS (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr Mary Jose SMS
03. Rev. Sr Tesilla SMS
Activities : Sisters are engaged in the care and protection of the patients
coming in the palliative care centre.

6 Mavelikara
Snehagiri Missinary Sisters, Cherukole,
Ezhakadavu P.O. – 690104, Tel : 0479-2162167
01. Rev. Sr Dennis SMS (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr Preema SMS
Activities : The sisters teaching catechism, visit houses and help the
prayer centre. They also conduct a oldage home.

7. Konni
Snehagiri Missionary Sisters, St. Mary’s Karunya Bhavan
Lakoor P.O., Konni, Pathanamthitta Dst – 689 691
Ph. 9544743019
01. Rev. Sr Alpho SMS (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr Rosna SMS
Activities : Sisters work in mission stations, teach catechism, visit houses.

8. Konni
Snehagiri Missionary Sisters,St. Alphonsa Prathyasa Bhavan
Payyanamon P.O., Konni, Pathanamthitta Dst – 689 692
Ph. 8086925080
01. Rev. Sr Imelda SMS Superior
02. Rev. Sr Maria Rose SMS
Activities : Sisters are engaged in the charitable service for the aged
women in the home. Also sisters work in Parish, teach catechism, visit