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Bethany Sisters Provincialate,
Nalanchira P.O., Trivandrum-695 015
Tel : 0471-2533695, Fax- 2533243; E-mail:
(Estd. 23 April 1936)


Provincial Superior                        : Rev. Mother Damascene SIC
Councillors                                     : Rev. Sr. Sandra SIC
                                                       : Rev. Sr. Nairmallya SIC
                                                       : Rev. Sr. Sandra SIC
Secretary                                        : Rev. Sr. Georgina SIC 
Provincial Procurator                      : Rev. Sr. Deothis SIC
Total Members                                : 251
Total Houses                                   : 40 
Institutions in which sisters serve    : 09
Activities: Direct participation in the various activities of the Church. Give pastoral assistance in the parishes and missions. The province also undertakes various activities such as running hospitals, balabhavans, educational institutions, hostels and book binding units, home for the aged, baby creche, promote leprosy control survey, education treatment and rehabilitation, aids control, palliative care centre, manages rehabilitation centers for the physically handicapped women and other social welfare activities especially in rural areas. Missionary activities and service extend to other states of India and abroad like Germany, America, Italy, and Ethiopia.


1. Nalanchira (Estd. 23 April 1936)
Bethany Madhom, Nalanchira P.O., Thiruvananthapuram- 695 015
01. Rev. Mother Damascene SIC
02. Rev. Sr. Nairmallya SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Sandra SIC 
04. Rev. Sr. Georgina SIC
05. Rev. Sr. Deothis SIC
06. Rev. Sr. Saleena SIC (Catholicate)
07. Rev. Sr. Anugraha SIC (Germany)
08. Rev. Sr. Ardra SIC (Generalate)
09. Rev. Sr. Ashish SIC (Generalate)
10. Rev. Sr. Yeldo SIC (Kurisumala) 
11. Rev. Sr. Saumini SIC
12. Rev. Sr. Suphala SIC
13. Rev. Sr. Merin SIC (Germany) 
14. Rev. Sr. Preethi SIC (Germany)
15. Rev. Sr. Prasantha SIC (Ethiopia)
16. Rev. Sr. Vinaya SIC (Rome) 
17. Rev. Sr. Mercy SIC (Study)
18. Rev. Sr. Jaseenta SIC (Study)
19. Rev. Sr. Ann SIC
This is the Provincial house and the formation house of Thiruvananthapuram Province.
2. Local House Nalanchira
Bethany Madhom, Nalanchira P.O., Thiruvananthapuram- 695 015
01. Rev. Sr. Resmi SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Rehmas SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Hadusa SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Sauma SIC
05. Rev. Sr. Sophia SIC
06. Rev. Sr. Augustine SIC
07. Rev. Sr. Pauline SIC
08. Rev. Sr. Monica SIC
09. Rev. Sr. Agatha SIC
10. Rev. Sr. Assuntha SIC
11. Rev. Sr. Doreen SIC
12. Rev. Sr. Lumina SIC
13. Rev. Sr. Besma SIC
14. Rev. Sr. Laetitia SIC
15. Rev. Sr. Nahir SIC
16. Rev. Sr. Gemma SIC
17. Rev. Sr. Santhi SIC
18. Rev. Sr. Isabel SIC
19. Rev. Sr. Manonja SIC
20. Rev. Sr. Akshaya SIC
21. Rev. Sr. Manjusha SIC
22. Rev. Sr. Anand SIC
23. Rev. Sr. Cyril SIC
24. Rev. Sr. Adarsa SIC
25. Rev. Sr. Catherine SIC
26. Rev. Sr. Amal SIC
27. Rev. Sr. Zita SIC
28. Rev. Sr. Madline SIC
29. Rev. Sr. Aquina SIC
30. Rev. Sr. Celia SIC
31. Rev. Sr. Rose SIC
32. Rev. Sr. Agna SIC (MSSS)
33. Rev. Sr. Rosila SIC
34. Rev. Sr. Pradeepa SIC
35. Rev. Sr. Jubila SIC
36. Rev. Sr. Saswatha SIC (Seminary)
37. Rev. Sr. Vimala SIC
38. Rev. Sr. Sandeepa SIC
39. Rev. Sr. Naivedya SIC (Tomb Chapel)
Activities: Sisters assist in different mission stations and parishes. They run St. Goretti’s Nursery, LP, HS and HSS Schools, St. Rita’s UP and LP Schools, a creche and a school of tailoring for women.
3. Ambernath-Mumbai (Estd. 7 June 1990)
Bethany Sisters, 203 2nd Floor, Christ Apartments,
Near Fathima Church, Ambernath P.O., Thana Dt. Mumbai - 421 501.
01. Rev. Sr. Pratheeksha SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Kiran SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Savidha SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in various mission stations and run a Nursery, LP and High school.
4. Ambilikonam (Estd. 1 January 1971)
Bethany Convent, Ayra P.O, Parassala - 695 502, Thiruvananthapuram.
01. Rev. Sr. Lalithya SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Susan SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Candida SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Placida SIC
Activities: Sisters run an LP and Nursery school, take part in parish activities and extend their service to mission centres.
5. Amboori (Estd. 27 May 1998)
Bethany Madhom, Amboori P.O, Via Vellarada,Trivandrum-695 505 
01. Rev. Sr. Kshema SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Priya SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Saurabhya SIC
Activities: Sisters are engaged in pastoral activities. They teach in Mar Baselios CBSE school. 
6. Borivili- Mumbai (Estd. 3 July 1992)
Bethany Madhom, G- 102, Panchavan Complex,
Behind Mary Immaculate H.S, Borivili (W), Mumbai- 410 103
01. Rev. Sr. Bhavya SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Agnel SIC
Activities: Sisters serve in mission stations. They are in charge of school of the Borivili Parish and serve in Franciscan brothers Engineering College as librarian.
7. Chicago
7910 Arcadia Street, Morton Grove, Illinois, 60053, USA
01. Rev. Sr. Ivan SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Slooso SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Mariam SIC
Activities: Sisters are engaged in parish activities and serve as nursing assistants in the state hospital.
8. Durg (Estd. 3 July 1992)
Bethany Sisters, House No.73, Paradise Housing Complex, 
Borsi Bhata, Durge, Bhilai- 491 001
01. Rev. Sr. Prakash SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Paulina SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Ivana SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in Mission stations and run a CBSE Higher Secondary school.
9. Elamad (Estd. 17 August 2002)
Bethany Madhom, Elamad PO, Kollam-691 531
01. Rev. Sr. Ruth SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Linda SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Celina SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in Mission stations, render service to the E.M. school run by Major Archieparchy of Trivandrum.
10. Ethiopia (Estd. 01 April 2017)
Bethany Catholic Mission, Getema, P.O., Box No.58, Ethiopia 
01. Rev. Sr. Udaya SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Anice SIC 
03. Rev. Sr. Amoolya SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Ivania SIC 
11. Kaithakodu (Estd. 4 August 2002)
Bethany Madhom, Kaithakodu PO, Kottarakara, 691 543.
01. Rev. Sr. Renjana SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Samipya SIC
Activities: Sisters are mainly engaged in mission activities and serve in CBSE School run by the Eparchy - Mavelikara. 
12. Kalayapuram (Estd. 14 October 1978)
Bethany Madhom, Kalayapuram P.O., Kottarakara-691 560
01. Rev. Sr. Bernadine SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Hasio SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Treesa SIC
  04. Rev. Sr. Jobin SIC
Activities: Besides running a nursery school, LP and UP school they participated in different mission activities in various churches.
13. Kallumala (Estd. 12 August 1974)
Bethany Madhom, Kallumala P.O., Mavelikara-690 110
01. Rev. Sr. Nishta SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Prasada SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Bhagya SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Niseema SIC
05. Rev. Sr. Laisa SIC (Seminary)
06. Rev. Sr. Treesa SIC
  07. Rev. Sr. Architha SIC
Activities: Sisters do missionary activities in near by parishes, manage a nursery, L P and school and run a social service centre.
14. Kanyakumari (Estd. 7 January 2003)
Bethany Madhom, Santhidam Bethania, 
Kottakari Road, Kanyakumari, KK Dt.
01. Rev. Sr. Elsa SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Jency SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Prakashitha SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in mission stations and run a nursery school. The house is a tourist centre especially for school children. 
15. Kayamkulam (Estd. 2 October 1951)
Bethany Madhom, Kayamkulam-690 502
01. Rev. Sr. Aiswarya SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Edith SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Felicita SIC
  04. Rev. Sr. Sayujya SIC
05. Rev. Sr. Krupa SIC
06. Rev. Sr. Clare SIC
07. Rev. Sr. Poornima SIC
08. Rev. Sr. Thushti SIC
09. Rev. Sr. Sudhara SIC
10. Rev. Sr. Martin SIC
11. Rev. Sr. Ansel SIC
12. Rev. Sr. Brigitta SIC
13 Rev. Sr. Aleena SIC
14. Rev. Sr. Vanditha SIC
15. Rev. Sr. Jaya SIC
16. Rev. Sr. Deepthi SIC
17. Rev. Sr. Abhisheka SIC
Activities: Sisters are engaged in mission activities of parishes, St. Mary’s HSS, HS, UP, LP, Nursery and a CBSE school are under their management. They also run a boarding house and a working women’s hostel.
16. Kulappada (Estd. 3 February 1999)
Bethany Madhom, Kulappada P.O., Nedumangad-695 442
01. Rev. Sr. Pavana SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Macreena SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Darsitha SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in missions and run a creche, a nursery and High school.
17. Kulathamal (Estd.3 June 2002)
Bethany Madhom, Near Kurisadimukku, Kulathamal
Chaikottukonam P.O., Trivandrum-695 122
01. Rev. Sr. Michael SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Hima SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Johnsy SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in mission stations and run Nursery and LP school.
18. Kulathupuzha (Estd. 28 May 1985)
Bethany Madhom, Kulathupuzha, Kollam-691 310
01. Rev. Sr. Eymard SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Jean SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Santhwana SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Praghosha SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in mission stations and run a nursery and LP school.
19. Kumarapuram (Tvm) (Estd. 1 June 1988)
Bethania Rehabilitation Centre, Philip’s Hill, 
Kumarapuram, Thiruvananthapuram- 695 011 
01. Rev. Sr. Sookthi SIC (Superior cum Directress)
02. Rev. Sr. Seena SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Yaga SIC
Activities: Sisters are engaged in missionary activities, run a rehabilitation centre for physically challenged women and give them training in computer, cutting & tailoring, embroidery work and book binding.
20. Kumarapuram (K.K) (Estd. 17 December 2009)
Aseer Illam, Aralvaimozhy, Aral Kumarapuram P.O.,
Kanyakumari Dist. Tamil Nadu - 629 301
01. Rev. Sr. Joice SIC (Sister Incharge)
02. Rev. Sr. Prasanthi SIC
Activities: Sisters run a rehabilitation center for the mentally ill women (Destitutes) and also take up pastoral care of parishes and engaged in rural health programme and other social activities.
21. Kundara (Estd. 2 October 1960)
Bethany Madhom, Thrippalazhikam, Kundara, Kollam - 691 509
01. Rev. Sr. Arsha SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Seraphina SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Parimala SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Sarupia SIC
05. Rev. Sr. Dhanya SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in parishes, run a Balabhavan for girls and run an English Medium Nursery, LP, UP and HS.
22. Kuravankonam (Estd. 29 June 1966)
Bethany Madhom, Kuravankonam, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 003
01. Rev. Sr. Josepha SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Berchmans SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Nuhom SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Pradeepthi SIC
05. Rev. Sr. Neetha SIC
Activities: Sisters take part in parish activities and serve in the Pastoral Education Centre and run a CBSE school up to XII standard.
23. Kuriode (Estd. 28 May 1970)
Bethany Madhom, Kuriode P.O., Chadayamangalam-691 534
01. Rev. Sr. Karuna SIC (Sister Incharge)
02. Rev. Sr. Sathya SIC
  03. Rev. Sr. Prathyasa SIC
Activities: Sisters assist mission stations and manage a rehabilitation centre for physicaly challenged young girls and run a nursery school. There is also a speach therapy unit. 
24. Madras (Estd. 3 November 1974)
Bethany Madhom, Maria Nagar, Padi P.O., Chennai - 600 050 
01. Rev. Sr. Abhishiktha SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Sajeeva SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Maria SIC
Activities: Pastoral care of the faithful is the main concern of the sisters. They also run a nursery school, a working women’s hostel and extend their service to Sacred Heart Matriculation HSS Padi.
25. Manjakala (Estd. 1 October 2000)
Bethany Madhom, Manjakala P.O., Kunnicode, Kollam-691 508, 
01. Rev. Sr. Zalik SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Clarisa SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Amrutha SIC
Activities: Sisters engaged in missionary activities and run a nursery and LP school.
26. MTT College Hostel - Nalanchira (Estd. 18 June 1964)
Nalanchira PO, Thiruvananthapuram- 695 015
01. Rev. Sr. Esther SIC (Warden)
02. Rev. Sr. Mangala SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Roshni SIC
05. Rev. Sr. Swasthy SIC
06. Rev. Sr. Marian SIC
07. Rev. Sr. Ajay SIC 
08. Rev. Sr. Blessy SIC
09. Rev. Sr. Vijay SIC
10. Rev. Sr. Tessa SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in mission stations and render service to MTT college hostel and teach in St. Goretti’s HS, St. John’s HSS.
27. M T C (Estd. 30 May 1998)
Mar Ivanios Missiological Theological Centre
Bethany Nagar, Nalanchira PO, TVM-695 015
01. Rev. Sr. Namitha SIC (Sister incharge)
02. Rev. Sr. Unnatha SIC 
03. Rev. Sr. Vachana SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Prassona SIC
05. Rev. Sr. Jeena SIC
06. Rev. Sr. Josia SIC 
Activities: Conduct short terms courses and retreat for the religious and laity. Take classes in the parishes for the promotion of faith and Christian living. Sisters also visit houses and give guidance and counselling to individuals and families.
28. Mukhathala (Estd. 26 June 1966)
Bethany Madhom, Mukhathala, Alumoodu P.O., Kollam-691 577
01. Rev. Sr. Prathibha SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Deena SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Joel SIC
Activities: Sisters are engaged in mission activities in parishes, run a pre-nursery school and render service in St. Jude School.
29. Mukkampala (Estd. 29 July 1986)
Bethany Madhom, Bethany Estate, Mukkampala PO,
Manalikara, K.K Dist. 629 164
01. Rev. Sr. Sreyas SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Niveditha SIC
Activities: Sisters render nursing care and pastoral care to the people of the locality.
30. Nagarcoil (Estd. 6 April 1980)
Bethany Madhom, Pallivilai, Vetturnimadhom P.O, Nagarcoil-629 033
01. Rev. Sr. Melka SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Theerdha SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Abel SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in mission stations, run Nursery and LP school and take care of the old citizen.
31. New York (Estd. 23 May 2000)
Bethany Convent, 1653 High Land Avenue
New Hyde Park-11040, New York
01. Rev. Sr. Arpitha SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Kanchana SIC
Activities: Sisters serve in hospitals and engaged in pastoral activities of Malankara Catholic Communities.
32. Perumpuzha (Estd. 3 August 1968)
Bethany Madhom, Perumpuzha P.O., Kollam-691 504
01. Rev. Sr. Ursula SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Damascene SIC
  03. Rev. Sr. Hyacinth SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Nithya SIC 
05. Rev. Sr. Serne SIC
06. Rev. Sr. Saumya SIC
07. Rev. Sr. Anjitha SIC
08. Rev. Sr. Poojitha SIC
09. Rev. Sr. Prasanna SIC
10. Rev. Sr. Divya SIC
11. Rev. Sr. Fransisca SIC
12. Rev. Sr. Faustina SIC
Activities: Sisters run Assisi Atonement Hospital and Mar Ivanios Nursing School, conduct medical camps in rural areas, give palliative care for the poor cancer patients and assist in parishes. Health care is also given to BPL patients. 
33. Philadelphia (Estd:19 March 2017)
Bethany Convent, 8381 Glen Road, Elkins Park, PA 19027, USA
01. Rev. Sr. Benedicta SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Jocelyn SIC
Activities: Sisters serve in hospitals, and engaged in pastoral activities of Malankara Catholic Communities.
34. Pirapencode (Estd. 11 February 1964)
Bethany Madhom, Pirapencode P.O., Venjaramoodu-695 607
01. Rev. Sr. Louisa SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Emilda SIC.  
03. Rev. Sr. Fidelis SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Judith SIC
Activities: Sisters render service in St. John’s Malankara Medical Village, promote leprosy control and rehabilitation and serve in Asha Bhavan a centre for AIDS, counselling, palliative care and the rehabilitation of the children of HIV patients.
35. Pirapencode Old Age Home (Estd: 6 April 2016)
Bethany Kripalaya, Pirapencode P.O, Venjarammoodu, 695607. 
01. Rev. Sr. Sobhitha SIC (Sister Incharge)
02. Rev. Sr. Sannidhya SIC (Social Work Co-ordinator)
03. Rev. Sr. Jesline SIC
36. Punalur (Estd. 17 July 1988)
Bethany Madhom, Punalur P.O., Kollam-691 305
01. Rev. Sr. Nirleena SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Gwiadis SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Hrudya SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Feba SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in parishes and run a nursery and LP school.
37. Punjab (Estd: 07 July 2016)
Bethany Convent, St. Joseph Kinder Garten, Street No:10, 
Dashmesh Nagar, Amrithsar Road, Moga, Pin:142001, Punjab
01. Rev. Sr. Anjali SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Gracia SIC
38. Punjab - Mogga
  01. Rev. Sr. Grace SIC
02. Rev. Sr. Nikhila SIC
Activities : Sisters engaged in mission work.
39. Puthur (Estd. 19 July 1980)
Bethany Madhom, Puthoor P.O., Kollam-691 507
01. Rev. Sr. Anaswara SIC (Superior)
  02. Rev. Sr. Selka SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Sabeena SIC
  04. Rev. Sr. Renjitha SIC 
05. Rev. Sr. Vandana SIC
06. Rev. Sr. Susmitha SIC
07. Rev. Sr. Athullya SIC
  08. Rev. Sr. Sudeepthi SIC
  09. Rev. Sr. Geo SIC 
Activities: Sisters run a hospital, render service to the nursery, LP school of Puthoor parish and assist in the apostolic activities of parishes.
40. Sakinaka (Estd. 19 May 2005)
Bethany Sisters, Flat No. 410, B.D’ Silva Smruti Apartment. 
Asalpha NSS Road, Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai - 400 084
01. Rev. Sr. Lucia SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Keerthi SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in mission stations and render service in the school of Malankara educational trust at Sakinaka.
41. Secunderabad (Estd. 16 October 1999)
St. Mary’s Bethany Convent, Nagaram, Keesara P.O., R.R. Dist.-500 083
01. Rev. Sr. Vimal SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Rosette SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Angel SIC
Activities: Sisters involve very actively in the apostolic activities of the parish and run a High School.
  01. Rev. Sr. Suguna SIC (Superior)
  02. Rev. Sr. Antonia SIC
43. Valakom (Estd.15 June 1991)
Bethany Madhom, Valakom, Kollam-691 532
01. Rev. Sr. Mahima SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Theodesia SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Sujaya SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Chethana SIC 
05. Rev. Sr. Magi SIC (Pushpagiri) 
Activities: Sisters assist in apostholic activities in the parish and manage a nursery and LP school.
44. Veliyam (Estd.27 November 1995)
Bethany Madhom, Nadukunnu, Veliyam, Meeyannur P.O., 
Kottara, Kollam - 691 537
01. Rev. Sr. Teresina SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Scholastica SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Elisba SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Elizabeth SIC
Activities: Sisters assist in parishes and run a LP school.
Institutions in which the sisters serve
1. Bibiano-Italy
Casa Accoglienza Don P Borghi, Via G B Venturi 136
42021 Bibiano, Regio Emilia, Italy. 
01. Rev. Sr. Amala SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Thushara SIC
2. Horb - Germany
Bethany Sisters, Sommerhalde Weg - 5,72160 Horb am Neckar, Germany.
  01. Rev. Sr. Alma SIC (Superior)
  02. Rev. Sr. Rebecca SIC
  03. Rev. Sr. Prasobha SIC
  04. Rev. Sr. Laura SIC
 3. Mannheium-Germany
Maria Scherer Haus, Minnenburg Str. 66- 70, Rheinau
68219-Mannheium, Germany
01. Rev. Sr. Telma SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Sanitha SIC
03. Rev. Sr. Helen SIC
04. Rev. Sr. Hitha SIC
05. Rev. Sr. Nisthula SIC
06. Rev. Sr. Thejal SIC
4. Montecchio Emilia
Casa Della Carita, Via Franchini 45, 
42027 Montechio Emilia, Reggio Emilia, Italy.
01. Rev. Sr. Roselet SIC (Superior)
02. Rev. Sr. Leejia SIC
5. Nature Cure Centre
Bethany Nature Cure Centre, Nalanchira P.O.,
Thiruvananthapuram-695 015
01. Rev. Sr. Hekmas SIC (Sister Incharge)
02. Rev. Sr. Sudeepa SIC 
6. Rome
Bethany Sisters, 
Via Santhi Martiri di selva candida 7, 00166 Roma, Italy
01. Rev. Sr. Keerthana SIC
02. Rev. Sr. Santhida SIC