Bethany Provincial House,
Pathanamthitta- 689 645
Tel.0468-2228658, 2621501


Provincial Superior    :    Rev. Mother  Hridya SIC
Councillors               :    Rev. Sr Pushpa    SIC
                               :    Rev. Sr Rajitha      SIC
                               :    Rev. Sr Victima   SIC Secretary
                               :    Rev. Sr Pooja    SIC
Provincial Procurator :    Rev. Sr Gabriel    SIC
Total members          : 148
Total Houses             :  28
Institutions in which sisters serve  :   08    

1. Provincial House (Estd. 18 February 1999)
    Bethany Provincial House, Pathanamthitta P.O., 689 645
    01. Rev. Mother Hridya        SIC
    02. Rev. Sr Pushpa              SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Victima    SIC
    04. Rev. Sr Gabriel                  SIC
    05. Rev. Sr Saphallya    SIC  (Sr in Charge)
    06. Rev. Sr Sleeba        SIC
    07. Rev. Sr Philomena    SIC
    08. Rev. Sr Maria Goretti    SIC    
    09. Rev. Sr Ivania      SIC
    10. Rev. Sr Marina    SIC
    11. Rev. Sr Cecilia     SIC
    12. Rev. Sr Zakia    SIC     
    13. Rev. Sr Haliyuse    SIC    
    14. Rev. Sr  Lurana     SIC
    15. Rev. Sr Vineetha    SIC    Generalate
    16. Rev. Sr Baptista    SIC
    17. Rev. Sr Thejus    SIC
    18. Rev. Sr Smitha    SIC
    19. Rev. Sr Joselin    SIC    Germany - Rot
    20. Rev. Sr Mayukha     SIC    Pushpagiri,  TLA
    21. Rev. Sr Princy    SIC    Pushpagiri, TLA
    22. Rev. Sr Christa    SIC    Ethiopia
    23. Rev. Sr Deepthi    SIC
    24. Rev. Sr Joice    SIC    Study - Rome
    25. Rev. Sr Joel    SIC    
    26. Rev. Sr Therese    SIC    South Africa
27. Rev. Sr Celina    SIC
    28. Rev. Sr Justina    SIC    Germany - Rot
    29. Rev. Sr Joseena    SIC
    30. Rev. Sr Anjali    SIC     BEd
    31. Rev. Sr Linet    SIC            
    32. Rev. Sr Pauline     SIC         
    33. Rev. Sr Samarpitha    SIC        
    34. Rev. Sr Foustina    SIC

2. Angamoozhy (Estd. in July 1981)
    Bethany Convent, Chayalpady, Angamoozhy P.O.,
    Pathanamthitta- 689 645
    01. Rev. Sr Sushama    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Aleena    SIC
    Activities: Sisters conduct Nursery and L.P Schools and work in the Parishes.

3. Bhopal- Ayodhya Nagar (Estd. 4 July 1986)
    Bethany Convent, G Sector, Ayodhya Nagar, Bhopal,
    MP- 462 041
    01. Rev. Sr Jyothy    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Ida    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Sharon    SIC
    Activities: Sisters teach and manage the two diocesan schools.

4. Chandanappally (Estd. 16 November 1961)
    Bethany Convent Chandanappally- P.O., Pathanamthitta- 689 648
    01. Rev. Sr Hakim    SIC    Superior
    01. Rev. Sr Shalom    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Hakim    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Sukrutha    SIC
    04.Rev. Sr Rosy    SIC
    05.Rev. Sr Jacinth   SIC
    Activities:Sisters conduct Nursery and U.P Schools and assist in the parish ministry.

5. Elanthoor (Estd. 2 July 1978)
    Bethany Convent, Elanthur P.O., Pathanamthitta- 689 643
    01. Rev. Sr Paschal    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Chaithanya    SIC
    04. Rev. Sr Ann    SIC
    Activities: Sisters conduct Nursery and U.P Schools and work in the parishes.

6. Enathu
    Bethany Convent, Enathu P.O., Pathanamthitta- 691 526
    01. Rev. Sr Pavana    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Surabhila    SIC
    Activities: Sisters do parish work.

7. Erezha (Estd. 2 January 1951)
    Bethany Convent, Erezha South P.O., Mavelikara- 690 106
    01. Rev. Sr Lydia    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Pavithra    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Jasmin    SIC
    04. Rev. Sr Lucia     SIC
    05. Rev. Sr Pradeepa    SIC
    Activities: Sisters run a Balabhavan for girls and adopted children, conduct a Nursery and L.P. School, conduct a school for mentally challenged children - St. Francis Home, a printing press, book binding unit, a cutting and tailoring school and work in the parishes.

8. Kadammanitta (Estd. 27 January 2005)
    Bethany Convent, Kadammanitta P.O.,
    Pathanamthitta-689 649
    01. Rev. Sr Liza    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Beneeta    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Roja       SIC
      04. Rev. Sr Alphy      SIC
    Activities: Sisters run Bethany Santhisadan - A palliative Care Centre and a home for the aged women and also assist in the parishes.

9. Kattanam (Estd. 29 June 1994)
    Bethany Convent, Bharanicavu South P.O., Kattanam-690 541
    01. Rev. Sr Vinaya    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Clemence    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Mable    SIC
    Activities: Sisters conduct Nursery and L.P Schools and work in the parishes.

10.Kolkotta (Estd. 13 April 1993)
    Bethany Convent, 514/1 D.H Road, James Long Sarany,
    Thakkurpukkur P.O., Kolkotta- 760 063
    01. Rev. Sr Amala    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Elsa     SIC
    Activities: Sisters conduct a Nursery and L.P School  and work in the parishes.

11.Kudassanad (Estd. 31 May 1970)
    Bethany Convent, Kudassanad P.O., Pandalam- 689 512
    01. Rev. Sr Geetha    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Stella    SIC
    Activities: Sisters work in the parishes.

12.Mylapra (Estd. 19 June 1977)
    Bethany Convent, Kumbazha North P.O., Mylapra,
    Pathanamthitta- 689 673
    01. Rev. Sr Francina    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Eusebia    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Angelina    SIC
    04. Rev. Sr Angelin    SIC
    Activities: Sisters run a boarding house and work in the School and serve in the parishes.

13.Nangiarkulangara (Estd. 18 May 1931)
    Bethany Convent, Nangiarkulagara- 690 513
    01. Rev. Sr Sajitha    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Epiphania    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Deepa    SIC
    04.Rev. Sr Sudha    SIC
    05. Rev. Sr Nirmal    SIC    
    06. Rev. Sr Grace    SIC
    07. Rev. Sr Mariet    SIC
    08. Rev. Sr Akhila    SIC
    09. Rev. Sr Agnet    SIC
    10. Rev. Sr Maria    SIC
    11. Rev. Sr Juliet    SIC
    Activities: Sisters run Bethany Balikamadhom Nursery, L.P, H.S and H.S.S, C. B. S. E School, a boarding House and work in parishes.

14.Oottupara (Estd. 12 July 2005)
    Bethany Convent, Oottupara P.O., Konni,
    Pathanamthitta- 689 691
    01. Rev. Sr Anicet    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Sebin    SIC
    Activities: Sisters conduct Nursery School and work in the parishes.

15.Orissa (Estd.  2016)
    Superior & Sisters SIC
    C/o Nolinokumar Benu At/ Gadabaguda Main Rode
    Nabarangpur PO Nabarangpur Dist Orissa - 764 054
    01. Rev. Sr Sanathana   SIC Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Roseena    SIC
    03.Rev. Sr Anaswara    SIC
    Activities: Sisters engage in missionary activities.

16.Palayam (Estd. 4 June 1941)
    Bethany Hostel, Punnen Road, Palayam,
    Thiruvananthapuram- 695 039
    01. Rev. Sr Alexia    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Dorothy    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Vijaya    SIC
    04. Rev. Sr Christine    SIC
    05. Rev. Sr. Alphonsa    SIC
    Activities: Sisters  run a Hostel for Women and work in the nearby parishes.

17.Pazhakulam (Estd. 1July2005)
    Bethany Convent, Meloodu P.O., Adoor,
    Pathanamthitta-689 649
    01. Rev. Sr Agape    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Stephana    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Subha     SIC
    04. Rev. Sr. Santhushta   SIC
    Activities:  Sisters work in the parishes.

18.Perunad (Estd. 13 June 1968)
    Bethany Novitiate House,
    Mampara P.O., R Perunadu- 689 711
    01. Rev. Sr Aloysius    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Pooja    SIC          
    03. Rev. Sr Anantha    SIC
    Activities:  Candidates are trained here and sisters work in the parishes.

19.Puliyur (Estd. 11 April 1985)
    Bethany Convent, Puliyur P.O., Chengannur- 689 510
    01. Rev. Sr Ancy    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Gloria    SIC
    Activities: Sisters conduct a Nursery & L.P Schools and work in the Parishes.

20.Puthencavu (Estd. 14 October 1945)
    Bethany Convent, Puthencavu P.O., Chengannur- 689 123
    01. Rev. Sr Nileena    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Gregoria    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Jenet    SIC    
    04. Rev. Sr Athmaja  SIC
    05. Rev. Sr Meekha     SIC
    06. Rev. Sr Cherupushpa SIC
    07. Rev. Sr Anima    SIC
    08. Rev. Sr Tessa      SIC
    Activities: Sisters run St. Anne’s Nursery, L.P, H.S and H.S.S, Boarding House and assist in pastoral activities of the parishes.

21.Puthenpeedika (Estd. 1 Decmber 1961)
    Bethany Convent, Santhosh Jn, Puthenpeedika,
    Pathanamthitta- 689 645
    01. Rev. Sr Sarallya    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Sbeeha    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Humilina     SIC
    04. Rev. Sr Thamim    SIC
    Activities: Sisters run a Hostel for Women, Bethany Book Centre and work in the nearby parishes.

22.Puthiyacavu (Estd. 1998)
    Bethany Convent, Puthiakavu P.O., Mavelikara- 690 101
    01. Rev. Sr Theerdha    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Jovita    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Rajitha    SIC          
    Activities: Sisters conduct a hostel for the women and work in the parishes.

23.Seethathode (Estd. 28 May 1997)
    Bethany Convent, Kochukoickal, Seethathode,
    Pathanamthitta- 689 667
    01. Rev. Sr Joan    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Anupama    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Piusha  SIC
    Activities:  Sisters conducting Marian Agathy Mandiram - A Home for the mentally sick women and a candle making unit and also assist  in the parishes.

24.Thatta (Estd. 16 March 2005)
    Bethany Convent, Thatta P.O., Mankuzhy,
    Pathanamthitta- 691 523
    01. Rev. Sr Kripa    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Shino     SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Leslin   SIC
    Activities: A mission House for promoting missionary activities.

25.Ullannur (Estd. 25 May 1965)    
    Bethany Convent, Kaipuzha North P.O.,
    Kulanada, Pathanamthitta- 689 503
    01. Rev. Sr Remya    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Paula    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Darsana         SIC
    Activities: Sisters teach in the MSC LPS Ullannur and help in the activities of the parishes.

26.Vadasserikkara (Estd. 4 June 1984)
    Bethany Convent, Vadasserikkara, Pathanamthitta- 689 662
    01. Rev. Sr Dharma    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Noel     SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Noble    SIC
    Activities: Sisters teach in Mar Ivanios School, work in the Cherukulanji Bethany High School, conduct pre-K.G class and work in parishes.

27.Vakayar (Estd. 4 June1984)
    Bethany Convent, Vakayar P.O., Konni,
    Pathanamthitta- 689 698
    01. Rev. Sr Clement    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Salini    SIC
    03. Rev. Elseena    SIC
    04. Rev. Sr Santhi    SIC
    Activities: Sisters conduct a Nursery, L.P and U.P school, a Balabhavan for girls and work in the parishes.

28.Venmony (Estd. 1June 1974)
    Bethany Convent, Venmony P.O., Chengannur- 689 509
    01. Rev. Sr Lizbeth   SIC  Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Flora   SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Regina    SIC
    Activities: Sisters run a Nursery, L.P and U.P school, and assist in the parishes.

Institutions in which the sisters serve

1. Cheekanal
    Francis Memorial Aswash Bhavan for Disabled Children, Cheekanal P.O.,
    Omallor, Pathanamthitta- 689 647  
    01. Rev. Sr Sauseelya    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Anugraha    SIC
    Activities: Sisters manage Francis Memorial Centre for Special children, and assist in the parishes.   

 2. Bishop’s House
    Catholic Bishop’s House
    Pathanamthitta - 689 645
    01. Rev. Sr Patricia    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Navya    SIC     

3. Germany- Käfertal
    Franz Volker Haus, Dürkheimer Str. 93, Käfertal,
    68309 Mannheim, Germany
    01.  Rev. Sr Pushpam    SIC    Superior
    02.  Rev. Sr Sara    SIC
    03.  Rev. Sr Sevana     SIC    
    04. Rev. Sr Karuna    SIC
    05. Rev. Sr Julia    SIC
    Activities: Sisters serve in the home for the aged run by Caritas and assist in the parishes.

4. Germany Eningen
    Hohenstaufen Strasse-3,72800 Eningen, Germany
    01. Rev. Sr Sicy     SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Sidhi    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Jobina    SIC
    Activities: Sisters serve in the home for the aged run by Caritas and assist in the parishes.

5. Italy
    Santa Teresa
    Via Campo Marzio 13, 42121 Reggio Emilia, Italia
    01. Rev. Sr Sneha    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Mercy    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Josmi    SIC
    Activities: Assist in the Parish Ministry - teaching Catechism, youth ministry, Adoration etc.