TEL: 0484 - 2651105, 8281434024 (MOB)
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Provincial Superior    :     Rev. Mother Gladis    SIC
Councillors               :     Rev. Sr Chaithanya    SIC
                               :    Rev. Sr Ivania    SIC (secretary)
                               :    Rev. Sr Josna    SIC
                               :    Rev. Sr Anett    SIC
Procurator                :    Rev. Sr Merline    SIC
Total numbers of sisters    :   55
Total Houses                    :  13


1. Provincial House (Estd: 18 May 2004)
    Bethany Sisters Provincialate, Keezhillam P.O.,
    Ernakulam (Dt) 683 541
    01. Rev. Mother Gladis    SIC    Provincial Superior
    02. Rev.Sr Lucy    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Yowno    SIC
    04. Rev. Sr.Patience    SIC
    05. Rev. Sr Egbert    SIC    
    06. Rev. Sr Merline    SIC  
    07. Rev. Sr Ivania    SIC
    08. Rev. Sr Magie    SIC    (South Africa)
    09. Rev. Sr Mrudula    SIC
    10. Rev. Sr Rani Maria    SIC      (Kurisumala)
    11. Rev. Sr Maria Rani    SIC
    12. Rev. Sr Sampoojya    SIC    (Rome)
    13. Rev. Sr Noel    SIC
    14. Rev. Sr Joel       SIC
    15.Rev. Sr Gracelit    SIC

2. Anchelpetty (Estd. 2 February 1956)
    Bethany Convent, Anchelpetty P.O,
    Pampakuda (Via) Pin: 686 667
    01. Rev. Sr Joselin    SIC (superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Vimal Jose    SIC
    Activities: Teaches in UP School. Helps in various activities of 2 parishes.

3. Dehuroad, Pune (Estd. 6 June 2001)
    Bethany Convent, Meena Colony, Vikas Nagar, kiwale    
    Dehuroad, Pune. 412 113
    01. Rev. Sr Krupa    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Jephin    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Alphonsa    SIC
    Activities: They help in parish ministry by conducting prayer group in Ladies & Gents wing. Help in MCYM and conduct Catechesis. They also help in preparing children for first communion in nearby Syro- Malabar Church. Sisters are also running a High school.

4. Kalewadi, Pune (Estd. 22 May 1988)
    Bethany Convent, Kalewadi, Pimpri, Pune 411 017
    01. Rev. Sr Lincy Maria    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Maria    SIC
    Activities: Run a Women’s hostel, a  Nursery School, teach Catechism in parishes. Conduct Spiritual activities for family welfare. Participate in the activities of Ladies & Gents wings of parishes. They also prepare the host and particles used in the Holy Qurbono.

5. Karimba (Estd. 21 July 2001)
    Bethany Convent Machamthode, Karimba P.O
    Palakkad (DT), 678 597
    01. Rev. Sr Pratibha    SIC    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Josna    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Sheba    SIC
    Activities:  Sisters run a Nursery and English Medium School up to 7th Std. Teach Catechism in parishes. Helps in other Spiritual activities of the parishes.

6. Coimbatore (Mission House) (Estd:1  February  2014)
    Rev Sisters SIC, Plot No.10, Awai Nagar,
    Malamchampatty, Coimbatore - 641 050
    01. Rev. Sr Alphonse Maria    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Remya    SIC
    Activities:  Mission House.

7. Kolencherry (Estd. 31 May 1980)
    Bethany Convent, Kolencherry, P.O,    Ernakulam (DT) 682 311
    01. Rev. Sr Vandana    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Tomina    SIC
    Activities:  Run an English Medium Nursery and L.P School. Help in nearby parishes.

8. Kunnamkulam (Estd. 4 January 1947)
    Bethany Convent, Kunnamkulam P.O
    Valiaparambu, Thrissur- 680 503
    01. Rev. Sr Vimala    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Nyrmallya    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Mary Paul    SIC
    04. Rev. Sr Chaitanya     SIC
    05. Rev. Sr Leya        SIC
    06. Rev. Sr Josmy    SIC
    07. Rev. Sr Annie Maria    SIC
    08. Rev. Sr  Starlit    SIC
    Activities: Sisters help in the parish ministry in various parishes. Run a Nursery School, LP, High School and Higher Secondary School and a small boarding. Everyday noon meal is provided for some poor elderly people of the locality.

9. Kunnikurudy (Mother Huba Memorial Snehalayam)(Estd. 3 April 1967)
    Bethany Snehalayam, Thrikalathoor P.O, Keezhillom. 683 541.
    01. Rev. Sr Anett    SIC    Incharge
    02. Rev. Sr Servia    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Josina    SIC
    Activities:  Help in parish ministry. Takes care of 50 women who are either mentally challenged or mentally sick.

10.Germany, Muehlacker (Estd. 1 August 2002)
    Bethany Sisters Muehlacker, Zeppelin str. 7
    75417, Muehlacker. Germany
    01. Rev. Sr Thejus     SIC    Superior