Bethany Provincial House,
S. Bathery P.O., Cheeral Road, Wayanad – 673 592, Kerala.
Tel. 04936- 221468 Fax 04936- 223468.


Provincial Superior        :  Mother Geetha    SIC
Councillors                   :  Rev. Sr Thanuja    SIC
                                   :  Rev. Sr Kusumama    SIC
                                   :  Rev. Sr Mary Prabha     SIC  (Secretary)
                                   :  Rev. Sr Thresy    SIC
 Provincial Procurator    :  Rev. Sr Krupa    SIC
 Total Members             : 159
 Total Houses                :  30  
 Institutions in which sisters serve  :  07


1. Provincial House  (Estd. 02-02-1998)
    Bethany Provincial House, S. Bathery P.O.,
    Cheeral Road, Wayanad – 673 592,
    01. Mother Geetha     SIC    Provincial Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Thanuja    SIC     Asst. Provincial  
    03. Rev. Sr Krupa    SIC    Provincial Procurator
    04. Rev. Sr Thejus    SIC    General Councillor
    05. Rev. Sr Pavana    SIC    Germany
    06. Rev. Sr Surabhila    SIC    Ethiopia
    07. Rev. Sr. Parimala     SIC    Councilling Course (Trissur)
    08. Rev. Sr Anuroopa     SIC    Kurisumala
    09. Rev. Sr Swasthy    SIC    Germany
    10. Rev. Sr Athuliya     SIC    Generalate - Kottayam
    11. Rev. Sr. Preshitha     SIC    Germany
    12. Rev. Sr Anandha     SIC    Accountant - St. Joseph’s School
    13. Rev. Sr Tessa    SIC    South Africa
    14. Rev  Sr. Anargha     SIC
    15. Rev. Sr Udthitha    SIC    Ethiopia
    16. Rev. Sr Mahima    SIC    
    17. Rev. Sr Atmaja     SIC
    18. Rev. Sr. Mukthida     SIC    Study
    19. Rev. Sr Roopa    SIC    South Africa
    20. Rev. Sr Prakasha    SIC    Catechism - Bathery
    21. Rev. Sr Upasana    SIC    
    22. Rev. Sr Nirupama     SIC
    23. Rev. Sr Josiya     SIC
    24. Rev. Sr Sheba    SIC    
    25. Rev. Sr Lidiya    SIC    Study MSW Coimbatur
    26. Rev. Sr Alphonsa    SIC    Kottayam - Second Novitiate     
    27. Rev. Sr Theresa     SIC    Kottayam - Second Novitiate
    28. Rev. Sr Angel Maria    SIC
    29. Rev. Sr Arpitha     SIC    MOC – Kottayam     
    29. Rev. Sr Namitha    SIC    MOC - Kottayam
    Activities: This is the Provincial House of the Bathery Province. Sisters do pastoral work in the  parishes and do social assistance in the locality, help the different department of the Dioceses.

2.  Ayyankolly (Estd. 19-08-1987)
    Bethany Convent, Moonnanad P.O, Ayyankolly,
    Nilgiris, Tamilnadu - 643 239
    01. Rev. Sr Irene      SIC    Superior & Accountant
    02. Rev. Sr Merlit               SIC    Principal, St. Thomas HSS    
    03. Rev. Sr Bhagya             SIC    Procurator  & Barsar        
    Activities: Sisters conduct a Higher Secondary School and works in the nearby Parishes.

3. Arunachal Pradesh
    01. Rev Sr. Ajayya     SIC    Superior
    02. Rev Sr. Lissa     SIC    Procurator
    03. Rev Sr. Amala     SIC

4. Bengaluru (Estd. 1990)
    Bethany Convent, Vidhya Bhavan,
    25/27 4th Cross Marutinagar,
    Madivala, Bengaluru - 560 068
    01. Rev. Sr Infant Mary    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Mary Priya    SIC    
    03. Rev. Sr Niveditha    SIC     
     Activities:  Sisters work in the Parishes and run a working Women’s hostel.

5. Cherupuzha (Estd. 01-06-1982)
    Bethany Convent, Cherupuzha P.O., Kannur Dt- 670 511
    01. Rev. Sr Josetta    SIC     Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Leena    SIC    Principal, St. Josephs HSS    
    03. Rev. Sr Prasoona     SIC    Accountant    
    Activities: Sisters conduct a Higher Secondary School and assist in parish works.

6. Edakkara (Estd. 29-07-1998)
    Bethany Convent, Edakkara P.O, Muppini,
    Malappuram Dt. 679 331
    01. Rev. Sr Suma     SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Rosalia    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Rajitha    SIC    Procurator
    Activities: Sisters give pastoral assistance in different parishes and Srothas activities.

7. Ichilampady (Estd. 23-05-2005)
    Bethany Convent, Umesagli, Ichilampady P.O., Nelliyady Via,
    D.K- 574 229, Karnataka State;
    01. Rev. Sr  Darsana     SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Subashitha    SIC    Procurator
    03. Rev. Sr Aparna     SIC    Study B. Sc  Nursing - Mangalore
    Activities:  Sisters assist in the parishes and take care of female who are either mentally challenged or mentally sick.

8.  Kallichal (Estd. 09-07-1985)   
    Bethany Convent, Kallichal, Moonnanadu P.O., Nilgiris,
    Tamil Nadu - 643 239
    01. Rev. Sr Rosy      SIC     Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Pavithra    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Sobha    SIC          
    Activities:  Sisters give pastoral assistance in different parishes.

9. Kalpetta
    Bethsaida- Mission House, Opp. Central School Munderi,
    Kalpetta P.O., Wayanad – 673 121
    01. Rev. Sr Rosetta    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Daya    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Jaisy        SIC    Procurator    
    Activities: Sisters give pastoral assistance in different parishes.

10.Kelakam (Estd. 10-08-1979)
    Bethany Convent Kelakam P.O., Kannur Dist., 670 674.
    01. Rev. Sr Severia    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Suprabha    SIC    H. M. Little Flower High School     
    03. Rev. Sr Latha    SIC    Accountant & Procurator      
    Activities: Sisters give pastoral assistance in different parishes and conduct a High School.

11.Kozhikode (Estd. 1997)    
    Bethany Convent, Civil Station P.O., Chulliyod Road,
    Kozhikode – 20
    01. Rev. Sr Rubina    SIC     Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Christa    SIC    St. George HSS Velamcode
    03. Rev. Sr Karuna    SIC    Procurator
    Activities: Sisters assist in the parish, run a working women’s hostel.

12.Kuppady (Estd. 01-06-1961)
    Bethany Convent, Kuppady P.O., Wayanad Dt. 673 592.
    01. Rev. Sr Tabitha     SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Mangala    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Salini    SIC
    04. Rev. Sr  Prabha     SIC
    Activities:  Sisters conduct a tailoring center, hostel and help in the pastoral activities of different parishes. Take care of female who are either mentally challenged or mentally sick. "Thrippadam''.

13. Lakkidi
    Bethany Convent, Lakkadi P.O.,
    Vythiri, Wayanad Dt. 673 572.
    01. Rev. Sr Prisca    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Arunodaya    SIC    Procurator
    03. Rev. Sr Melvin    SIC    St. George HSS Velamcode
    04. Rev. Sr Vachana    SIC    St. George HSS Velamcode

14.Mamankara  (Estd. 01-06-1982)
    Bethany Convent, Kambalakallu P.O., Mamankara,
    Vazhikadavu Via. Malapuram Dt. 679 333
    01. Rev. Sr Prasantha    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Rani    SIC    H.M Mareena L.P School
    03. Rev. Sr Manonjna    SIC    Procurator
    Activities: Sisters conduct an L. P. School, work in the different Parishes.

15.Moolankave Formation House (Estd. 04-04-1983)
    Bethany Formation House, Moolankavu P.O., S. Bathery,
    Wayanad Dt- 673 592
    01. Rev. Sr Saswatha    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Margret Mary  SIC    
    03. Rev. Sr Kiran    SIC    Procurator
    04. Rev. Sr Poojitha    SIC    Study
    Activities: Formation House of the Bathery Province. Sisters assist  in  different Parishes.

16.Moolankave Peace Home
    Moolankave P.O., S. Bathery, Wayanad Dt. 673 592
    01. Rev. Sr Resmi    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Scholastica    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Thyboose    SIC
    04. Rev. Sr Nirmala    SIC
    05. Rev. Sr Leoni     SIC
    05. Rev. Sr Pelagia    SIC
    06. Rev. Sr Tessina    SIC
    07. Rev. Sr Lalitha     SIC
    Activities: The aged and sick sisters spend their lives in prayer and meditation.

16.Muthireri (Estd. 07 June 1993)
    Bethany Convent, Thavinjal P.O., Manathavady,     
    Wayanad Dt. 670 644
    01. Rev. Sr Sarga    SIC     Superior, HM Sarvodayam U.P. School
    02. Rev. Sr Silvia     SIC    HM. LPS Yavanarkulam
    03. Rev. Sr Soumya    SIC    Procurator
    04. Rev. Sr Vidhya    SIC
    05. Rev. Sr Mrudula    SIC
    06. Rev. Sr Archana    SIC
    Activities:  Sisters conduct an English Medium L.P. and aided U.P. School and a Bala Bhavan for poor girls in the society, and work in different parishes.

17.Naduvil  (Estd. 10-08-1979).
    Bethany Convent, Naduvil P.O.,
    Kannur Dt. 670 582
    01. Rev. Sr Mariananda    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Mary Prabha    SIC     Provincial Councillor & Secretary,
         HM St. Mary’s High School
    03. Rev. Sr Dhanya    SIC    Accountant & Procurator
    Activities: Sisters conduct a High School and assist in parish ministry.

18.Narangathode (Estd.09-01-1976)
    Bethany Convent, Narangathode, Meemutty, P.O.,
    Kodenchery Via, Kozhikode Dt, 673 580
    01. Rev. Sr Maria Therese SIC    Superior            
    02. Rev. Sr Susan     SIC     HM,  LP School                                                                       
    03. Rev. Sr Sujatha    SIC    Procurator
    04. Rev. Sr Uthama     SIC           
    05. Rev. Sr Hrudhya    SIC
    06. Rev. Sr Nisthula    SIC
    07. Rev. Sr Vijaya    SIC
    08. Rev. Sr Mahitha     SIC
    Activities: Sisters conduct an L.P. School, teach in the St. George Higher Secondary School  Velamcode and assist in different parishes.

    St. Thomas Bethany Convent School,
    Pathardy Gaon Gaulane Road, Nashik,
    Maharshtra, 422 010
    01. Rev. Sr Sobhana    SIC      Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Prasada    SIC       HM St. Thomas School        
    03. Rev. Sr Anila      SIC    Procurator
    Activities: Sisters conduct  St. Thomas High School and work in parishes.

20.Nelliyadi (Estd. 01-11-1986)
    Bethany Convent, Nelliyadi P.O.,
    South Kanara,  Karnataka-574 229
    01. Rev. Sr Elisa    SIC      Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Anjaly    SIC    Procurator    
    03. Rev. Sr Abhishiktha    SIC
    Activities: Sisters conduct a boarding house, Kid center and assist in different parishes in Puttur Eparchy .

21.Palanthadam (Estd.28-07-2000)
    Bethany Convent,
    Near St. Joseph’s Malankara Catholic Church,
    Palanthadam, West Eleri P.O., Kasargode 670 314,
    01. Rev. Sr Regis     SIC     Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Prasanna    SIC    Procurator    
    Activities: Sisters conduct a Nursery & L.P. School and work in different parishes.

22.Pulickalody (Estd. 19-04-1976)
    Bethany Convent Vadapuram P.O., Pulickalody,     
    Malappuram- 676 542
    01. Rev. Sr Treesa    SIC     Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Jyothis    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Akshaya    SIC    HM Bethania Special School     
    04. Rev. Sr Merin    SIC
    05. Rev. Sr Prathyasha    SIC    Procurator.
     Activities: Sisters conduct a School and home for mentally challenged children and assist ing  different parishes.

23.Pulpally (Estd. 23-05-1987)
    Bethany Convent, Christnagar, Pulpally P.O.,     
    Wayanad-673 592
    01. Rev. Sr Mercy    SIC     Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Kusumam    SIC    Councillor, HM St. George UP School
    03. Rev. Sr Deena     SIC     Procurator    
    Activities: Sisters work in the Diocesan School, run a hostel for TTC students and help in different  parishes.

    Bethany Convent, Vodhya Nagar,
    Darbe P.O., Near Father Patrova Hospital,
    Puttur, South  Canara, Karnataka
    01. Rev. Sr Anjana    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Maria    SIC    Procurator

25.Sasimala (Estd.18-10-1981)
    Bethany Convent, Sasimala P.O.,
    Pulpally (via),  Wayanad- 673 579
    01. Rev. Sr Lucina    SIC     Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Christopher    SIC     
    03. Rev. Sr Sathya    SIC    Procurator    
    Activities: Sisters work in different parishes.

26.Shimoga (Estd.15-11-1991)
    Bethany convent, Kotegungar P.O.,
    Thayavarekoppa, Sagar Road, Karnataka- 577 204,
    01. Rev. Sr Litty    SIC     Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Saubhagya    SIC     HM Girideepam H S
    03. Rev. Sr Vandana    SIC    Study
    04. Rev. Sr Prasobha    SIC     Accountant Girideepam HS    
    05. Rev. Sr Samarpitha    SIC    Study         
    Activities: Sisters conduct a High School and assist in different parishes.

27.Uppada (Estd.22 April 1999)
    Bethany Convent, Uppada P.O., Chungathara Via,
    Malappuram Dt.  
    01. Rev. Sr Savitha    SIC     Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Dayananda     SIC    HM Bethany Vidhyalaya
    03. Rev. Sr Akhila    SIC    Procurator
    Activities:  Sisters conduct an L.P. School and work in parishes.

28.Uppatty (Estd.25 May 1978)
    Bethany Convent, Uppatty P.O.,
    the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu-643 241
    01. Rev. Sr Joice    SIC     Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Pius    SIC     
    03. Rev. Sr Chithananda    SIC    Nursery School In charge & Procurator
    Activities: Sisters conduct a Nursery School and work in parishes

29.Velamcode (Estd. 28 May 1984)
    Bethany Convent, Velamcode P.O.,
    Kodenchery Via,  Kozhicode Dt.
    01. Rev. Sr Keerthana    SIC     Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Thresy     SIC     Councillor &
          Local Manager St. George HSS
    03. Rev. Sr Anuranjana     SIC
    04. Rev. Sr Mary KanchanaSIC     H M In Charge St. George HSS
    03. Rev. Sr Naveena    SIC    Procurator                        
    05. Rev. Sr Sudharma    SIC
    06. Rev. Sr Blessa    SIC
    07. Rev. Sr Ane Mary    SIC
    Activities: Sisters conduct a High School and a Balabhavan for poor Girls of the community and  works in the parish.

Institutions in which the sisters serve
1.  Duelmen – Germany
    Weddern - 22, 48249 Duelmen, Germany;
    01. Rev. Sr Udaya    SIC     Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Subha    SIC     Procurator
    03. Rev. Sr Navya    SIC    Study    
    Activities: Sisters serve in the home for the mentally challenged people.

2.  Milan – Italy (Estd. 25-03-2001)
    Via San Luigi Gonzaga 4,
    20086 Motta Visconti, Milan, Italy.  
    01. Rev. Sr Jyothi    SIC    Superior
    02. Rev. Sr Reena     SIC    Procurator
    Activities: Sisters work in the parish & Oratorium Motta Visconti,   Archdiocese of Milan.

4.Pulpally Nirmala Hostel
Nirmala Ladies Hostel, Pulppally P.O., Wayanad 673 592
    01. Rev. Sr Sadananda    SIC    Warden
    02. Rev. Sr Pushpa    SIC     HM St. George LP School
    Activities: Sisters work in the Diocesan Hostel & School and do mission work in the nearby  parishes.

5.  Reutlingen – Germany
    Seniorenzentrum Nurnberger Str-31,
    72760 Reutlingen Germany
    01. Rev. Sr  Pauly    SIC     Superior    
    02. Rev. Sr Pradeepa    SIC     
    03. Rev. Sr Preetha     SIC
    Activities: Sisters serve in the home for aged run by Caritas.

6. Stadtlhon – Germany
    Marien Strasse 2, 48703 Stadtlohn, Germany.
    01. Rev. Sr Sudha    SIC     Superior    
    02. Rev. Sr Joan    SIC
    03. Rev. Sr Swaroopa    SIC     Procurator    
    04. Rev. Sr Ashisha     SIC
    05. Rev. Sr Vinaya    SIC    Study    
    Activities: Sisters serve in the home for the aged.

7. Sneha Bhavan
    Sneha Bhavan, Vemom P.O., Mananthavadi,
    Wayanad Dt. 670 645
    01. Rev. Sr Amrutha    SIC     In charge
    02. Rev. Sr Sobhitha         SIC
    Activities: Sisters take care of a hostel for economically low grade girls of the community run by the eparchy and do parishes work in nearby churches.

8.  Thapovanam
    Thapovanam, S. Bathery P.O.,
    Thoduvatty, Wayanad Dt. 673 592
    01. Rev. Sr Serin    SIC    In Charge
    02. Rev. Sr Celin    SIC
    Activities: Sisters work in Thapovanam, a home for the homeless of both sex, run by the eparchy.