IN THE OPUS SPIRUTUS SANCTI
                          (HOLY SPIRIT SISTERS)


Holy  Spirit  Sisters,Society of Apostolic Life  is a  missionary  community  founded by late  Rev. Fr Bernhard Bendel in Germany in the year 1950 (after the World War II). ‘Opus Spiritus Sancti’, the work of the Holy Spirit is a Church in miniature comprising of five different communities for Priests, Diocesan priests, Sisters, Single women and lay people founded by the same founder.
    With the special request of late Bishop Zacharias Mar Athanasios the Holy Spirit Sisters started the first house in  1969 atThiruvalla,under  the Patronage of the Archdiocese of Tiruvalla.
    In 2010, the Society was raised to Pontifical status.Today besides India, our Society is spread in different parts of the world; Germany, America, Africa and Philippines. In India the community is having two Regions:Atmadhara Region in Kerala and Jeevadhara Region in Andhra Pradesh.
    Atmadhara Region in Kerala is serving 7 Eparchies of Malankara Catholic church and 13 dioceses in the different parts of the world.
Charism: Praying for a New Pentecost and working for the renewal of the Church and the world.
Activities: Giving pastoral assistance in different mission stations, taking care of the poor children(hostels), elderly, mentally ill, destitute and orphans; and Extending our service in the field of education, nursing,and social service.
Mother house : HeiligGeistSchwestern
                       PfarrerBendelWeg 2
                       61462 Koenigstein
                       Mammolshain, Germany
                       Tel: 0049 6173 921750, 0049 956050
                       Fax: 0049 6173 956070
E-mail : international@holy-spirit-sisters.org
International Leader : Rev. Sr Mercy Cheruvilparampil
Asst. International Leader : Rev. Sr Eugenia Thomas
International Leadership members:Rev. Sr Elizabeth Masawi
                                                     : Rev. Sr Somy
                                                     : Rev. Sr Crispina S. Lyimo

Regional House : Holy Spirit Sisters, Tholassery,
Tiruvalla 689 101
Tel: 0469, 2730823, 2631304
Regional Leader : Rev. Sr Mary Sosamma Chundevalel
Asst. Regional Leader : Rev. Sr Kochuthresia Puliyappillil
Additional Members : Rev. Sr ElsyInchikalayil
                                   : Rev. Sr Lizmaria Uppumackal
                                   : Rev. Sr Merline Vadakkekuttu
Regional House
Holy Spirit Sisters, Tholassery,
Thiruvalla 689 101, PathanamthittaDt.
Tel: 0469 2730823 , 0469 2631304

01. Rev. Sr Mary Sosamma OSS (Regional Leader)
02. Rev. Sr KochthresiaPuliyappillil OSS
03. Rev. Sr ElsyInchikalayil OSS
04. Rev. Sr LizmariaUppumackal OSS
05. Rev. Sr Merlin Vadakkekuttu OSS
06. Rev. Sr Joyce OSS
07. Rev. Sr Keerthy OSS
08. Rev. Sr Anupama OSS
09. Rev. Sr Riya OSS
10. Rev. Sr Anjali OSS
11. Rev. Sr Rani Maria OSS
12. Rev. Sr Susy OSS
13. Rev. Sr Saritha OSS
14. Rev. Sr Little Therese OSS
15. Rev. Sr Alphonsa Maria OSS
16. Rev. Sr Annie Sophy OSS
17. Rev. Sr Angella OSS
18. Rev. Sr Prabathi OSS
19. Rev. Sr Divya OSS
20. Rev. Sr Preethy OSS
Activities: It is the Regional Centre for all the sisters and also it is a Formation House.

1. Tholassery
Holy Spirit Sisters, Tholassery, Thiruvalla 689 101,
PathanamthittaDt, Tel: 0469 2740371
01. Rev. Sr Rosemary OSS (Group Leader)
02. Rev. Sr Licy OSS
03. Rev. Sr Daisy OSS
04. Rev. Sr Lincy OSS
05. Rev. Sr Sharlet OSS
06. Rev. Sr Rachel Mary OSS
07. Rev. Sr Aleyamma OSS
08. Rev. Sr Elizabeth OSS
09. Rev. Sr Elsamma OSS
10. Rev. Sr Rositta OSS
11. Rev. Sr Betsy OSS
12. Rev. Sr Jyothi OSS
13. Rev. Sr Agnes OSS
14. Rev. Sr Deepa OSS
15. Rev. Sr Bindusha OSS
Activities:.Sisters are working in schools, hospital and engage in other mission activities.

2. Pastoral Centre,Tiruvalla
HolySpirit Sisters, Santhinilayam, Tiruvalla 689101, Tel: 0469 2630852
01. Rev. Sr Sonia OSS (In-charge)
02. Rev. Sr Tess OSS
03. Rev. Sr Rosemaria OSS
04. Rev. Sr Jissa Maria OSS

3. Pallimala
Holy Spirit Sisters, Shalom Bhavan Retirement Home,
Kuttoor P.O, Tiruvalla 689 106, Tel: 0469 2614765
01. Rev. Sr Alice OSS (Sister In-charge)
02. Rev. Sr Mable OSS
03. Rev. Sr Rengita OSS
Activities: Taking care of the clergy and aged people

4. Kottayam
Holy Spirit Sisters, Mar Theophilose Snehabhan
Puthenangady, Kottayam 686001, Tel: 0481 2563752
01. Rev. Sr Anitta OSS (Sister In-charge)
02. Rev. Sr Treesa OSS
03. Rev. Sr Madhuri OSS
Activities:Home for the aged women destitutes

5. Kothamangalam
Holy Spirit Sisters, Vimalagiri Bhavan, Elambra
Nellikuzhy P.O, Kothamangalam 686 691, Tel: 0485 2824600
01. Rev. Sr Tessy OSS (Group Leader)
02. Rev. Sr Rosy OSS
03. Rev. Sr Mary Philomina OSS
04. Rev. Sr Anitha OSS
05. Rev. Sr Liza OSS
06. Rev. Sr Mary Joe OSS
07. Rev. Sr Blessy OSS
Activities: Sisters render their services in different schools, hostel and in different parishes.

6. Kattappana
Holy Spirit Sisters ,Marygiri P. O., Kattappana 685 515
Idukki Dt., Kerala, Tel: 04868 264002
01. Rev. Sr Alphonsa OSS (Group Leader)
02. Rev. Sr Naveena OSS
03. Rev. Sr Gladys OSS
04. Rev. Sr Sunitha Singh OSS
Activities: Sisters work in the school and teach Catechism in different parishes.

7. Kumily
Holy Spirit Sisters, Maria Nagar, 1st Mile, P.B. No. 16
Kumily P.O., Idukki Dt. 685 509 , Tel: 04869 222029
01. Rev. Sr Florence OSS (Sister In-charge)
02. Rev. Sr Marykutty OSS
03. Rev. Sr Elsin OSS
04. Rev. Sr Anjali OSS
Activities: Caring the Orphan girls, hostel and teaching Catechism in different parishes

8. Mavelikara
Holy Spirit Sisters’, Thekkekara P.O., Pillickal East,
Kurathikad, Mavelikara, Tel: 0479 2134527
01. Rev. Sr Vimala OSS (Sister In- charge)
02. Rev. Sr Silvia OSS
03. Rev. Sr Linda OSS
04. Rev. Sr Lucy OSS
Activities: Sisters work in the school,Social Centre, Family apostolate
and teach Catechism in different parishes.

9. Nalanchira
Holy Spirit Sisters, Mar GregoriosSnehaveedu,
Benedict Nagar, Nalanchira 15, Thiruvananthapuram
01. Rev. Sr Ambily OSS (In-charge of the Sisters)
02. Rev. Sr Sandra OSS
03. Rev. Sr Madona OSS
Activities: Taking care of the destitute

10. Nilambur
Holy Spirit Sisters, Enanthi, Nellamthani P.O. 679 355,
Malappuram Dt. Tel: 04931 329408
01. Rev. Sr Nancy OSS (Sister In-charge)
02. Rev. Sr Merline OSS
03. Rev. Sr Alphy OSS
Activities: Sisters work in the school and teach Catechism in different

11. Sulthan Bathery
Holy Spirit Sisters, SanthiBhavan, Poomala P.O.,
Sulthan Bathery (via), Wayanad Dt. 673 592, Tel: 04936 221501
01. Rev. Sr Philomina OSS (Sister In-Charge)
02. Rev. Sr Shincy OSS
03. Rev. Sr Mareena OSS
04. Rev. Sr Aneesha OSS
Activities: Sisters teach Catechism in different parishes, Social Work and
it is a house of Formation.

12. Bhadravathi
Holy Spirit Sisters, JeevajwalaNilayam, Hosmanne,
Bhadhravathi, Karnataka State 577 303, Tel: 0828 2268868
01. Rev. Sr Prasanna OSS (Group Leader)
02. Rev. Sr Resmy OSS
03. Rev. Sr Nirmala OSS
04. Rev. Sr Ann Mary OSS
Activities: Sisters teach in the school and manage a Day care centre

13. Surat
Holy Spirit Sisters, Marymatha Public School, Pramukh Park,
Near Baltiboi& Co., P. O. BRC Pandesara, Surat 394 220, Gujarat,
Tel: 0261 2890647
01. Rev. Sr Kusumam OSS (Sister In-charge)
02. Rev. Sr Sunitha OSS
03. Rev. Sr Anice OSS
Activities: Sisters teach in the school, Teach Catechism in the Parish.