Erection : 22 August 2002

Nirmala Provincial House, Venniyoor, Venganoor
Nellivila P.O., Thiruvananthapuram - 695 523
Tel: 0471 - 2481724, 2484694, 2481724 (Fax)


Mother Provincial : Rev. Mother Lydia DM
Provincial councillors : Rev. Sr Krupa Thomas DM
                                  : Rev. Sr Celine Jose DM
                                  : Rev. Sr Sophy Maria DM
                                  : Rev. Sr Mary Dominic DM
Provincial treasurer : Rev. Sr Tessy Maria DM
Provincial secretary : Rev. Sr Aquina DM
Total number of houses : 26
Total number of sisters : 161
Convents in the Nirmala Province

1. Venniyoor (Estd: 24 Nov 1948)
Convent of the Daughters of Mary
Nirmala Provincial House, Venniyoor, Venganoor
Nellivila P.O , Thiruvananthapuram - 695 523
01. Rev. Mother Lydia DM (Provincial Superior)
02. Rev. Sr Krupa Thomas DM
03. Rev. Sr Celine Jose DM
04. Rev. Sr Sr Sophy Maria DM
05. Rev. Sr Mary Dominic DM
06. Rev. Sr Tessy Maria DM
07. Rev. Sr Aquina DM
08. Rev. Sr Mercitta DM (Co-ordinator)
09. Rev. Sr Jerome DM
10. Rev. Sr Suseela DM
11. Rev. Sr Susan George DM
12. Rev. Sr Karunya DM (Generalate-CRT)
13. Rev. Sr Merciline DM (Newman Centre)
14. Rev. Sr Renjana Jose DM (Lisieu Hospital)
15. Rev. Sr Deepa Jose DM
16. Rev. Sr Mercy Joseph DM (Generalalate- coun.)
17. Rev. Sr Vincy John DM
18. Rev. Sr Geetha Sebastian DM
19. Rev. Sr Sobhitha Jose DM
20. Rev. Sr Noble Therese DM (Study-Rome)
21. Rev. Sr Jyothy Paul DM
22. Rev. Sr Karuna Therese DM
23. Rev. Sr Jaino DM
24. Rev. Sr Diveena Paul DM (study)
25. Rev. Sr Tomsina DM (P.O.C- Palarivattom)
26. Rev. Sr Helen Maria DM (study)
27. Rev. Sr Jancy Jose DM
28. Rev. Sr Mariusa DM
29. Rev. Sr Beena Paul DM (Pushpagiri M .C)
30. Rev. Sr Merlin Philip DM
31. Rev. Sr Elizabeth Scaria DM
32. Rev. Sr Ancy Joseph DM (study)
33. Rev. Sr Alphonsa Thomas DM (Anchal Hospital)
34. Rev. Sr Ans Maria DM
35. Rev. Sr Carmal Jose DM (Generalate)
This is the provincial house of Nirmala Province and the formation house
Activities: Sisters assist in parish ministries in the Ecclesiastical Districts of Kattakada, Neyyattinkara and Parassala. They also work in diocesan and convent schools.

2. Bengaluru (Estd: 26 June 1995)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Maria Nivas,
    House No. 29, 10th  Cross, Maruthi Nagar, Madiwala,
    Bengaluru - 560 068
    01. Rev. Sr Preety Francis     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Mary Rose        DM
    Activities: Engaged in giving pastoral assistance in neighbouring parishes and run a  working women’s hostel.

3. Cairo  (Estd: 7 Sept 1984)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary,
    The Patriarchal College 38 – Cleopatra Street,
    Heliopolis 11341, Cairo,  Egypt
    01. Rev. Sr Therese George     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Louie Maria     DM
    Activities:  Sisters are serve in the Greek Melkite Rite.  Assist in parishes in Egypt.

4.  Chaikottukonam (Estd: 24 July 1998)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary,
    Chaikottukonam P.O,  Amaravila (Via),
    Thiruvananthapuram - 695 122
    01.    Rev. Sr Shalom Maria     DM    (Superior)
    02.    Rev. Sr Mary Georgia     DM
    03.    Rev. Sr Geo Francis     DM    (Mobile Mission )
    04.     Rev. Sr Sophy Rose     DM    (Suviseshasangam)
    Activities: Sisters assist in pastoral activities and working in  different diocesan schools.

5.  Dhanuvachapuram (Estd: 8 May 1989)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary,  
    Dhanuvachapuram P.O, Thiruvananthapuram - 6095 503 ,
    01.    Rev. Sr Gracy Francis     DM    (Superior)
    02.    Rev. Sr Martin Mary                DM
    03.    Rev. Sr Darsana Francis    DM    (Suviseshasangam)
    04.    Rev. Sr Anitt John           DM
    05.     Rev. Sr Anna Thomas     DM
    Activities : Engaged in  parish ministry, directing a special school and an English Medium school.

6. Dortmund  (Germany – Huckarde) (Estd: 22  Oct 2006)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Senioren Wohn Haus
    St. Antonius Rahmer Str. 47, 44369- Dortumund,     Germany
    01. Rev. Sr Divya Paul     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Francitta Mathew    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Regin Maria     DM
    04. Rev. Sr Juby  Maria     DM
    Activities: Sisters are serving in an Old Aged home under the administration of Caritas and also involving in parish activities.    

7.  Irumbamutty
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Irumbamutty,
    Palakayam P.O, Kanjirapuzha (Via) Palakadu (Dt) 678 591
    01. Rev. Sr Lumina     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Eusabia     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Anie George     DM
     Activities:  Help in pastoral work mainly by visiting the family, and conducting a Nursery school.

8. Kanakuzhy   (Estd: 9 Nov 2003)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Kadukode, Kanakuzhy,
    Punalal P.O,  Poovachal (Via) Trivandrum – 695  575
    01.    Rev. Sr Maria Therese     DM    (Superior)
    02.    Rev.  Sr Bruno     DM
    03.    Rev. Sr Celine George       DM
    04.    Rev. Sr Alphy Maria     DM    (Suviseshasangam)
    05.    Rev. Sr Mary Tom     DM    (Suviseshasangam)                                                                                                        
    06.    Rev. Sr Reshmi Thomas     DM
    Activities: Assist in Parish and managing a diocesan L.P School.

9.  Kattakkada
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Udayankuzhy,
    Choondupalaka, Kattakkada, Muthiyavila P.O ,
    Thiruvananthapuram - 695 572
    01. Rev. Sr Silvia     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Anselem     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Santhi Therese     DM
    04. Rev. Sr Salini Mathew     DM
    05. Rev. Sr Sukrutha     DM
    06. Rev. Sr Marina Paul     DM
    Activities: Sisters assist in parish ministry and engaged in teaching in diocesan schools.

10.Kiliyarkandom  (Estd 8 April 1989)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Kiliyarkandam,
    Perumthotty P.O., Kattappana, Idukki – 685 508
    01.    Rev. Sr Linta Paul     DM (Superior)
    02.    Rev. Sr Samlabhya     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Leo Augustine     DM
    Activities: Assist in parish activities, managing a nursery school and teach in diocesan U.P and High School.

11. Lutgen
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary
    Wohn und pflegezentrum, St. Barbara,
    Limbecker str. 83 B 44388- Luetgen dortumund,    
    01. Rev. Sr Tresa Michael    DM    (superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Carmeline     DM     
    03. Rev. Sr Lisbeth     DM
    04. Rev. SrThejus Jose     DM
      Activities: Sisters are serving in an Old Aged home under the administration of Caritas and also involving in parish activities.

12.Malayinchi (Estd 3 July 2002)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Malayinchi P.O,
    Krimannoor, Idukki (Dt) - 685 581
    01. Rev. Sr Vinaya Therese     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Soumya Therese     DM    (Karimannoor Hospital)
    03. Rev. Sr Rosmin     DM
    04. Rev. Sr Alen Varghese     DM
    Activities : Parish assistance, conduct a Nursery school, teach in a diocesan school and serve in a hospital.

13.Malayinkil  (Estd: 1 April 1980)        
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Santhi Bhavan,
    Manapuram, Malayinkil P.O, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 571
    01. Rev. Sr Jobin Therese     DM    (Superior)
    02.    Rev. Sr Prasanna Mary     DM
    03.    Rev. Sr Jaya Therese     DM
    04.    Rev. Sr Ashritha     DM
    05. Rev. Sr Mary Antony     DM
    Acivities: Sisters work in parishes and administrating a Nursery, L.P and U.P School.

14.Marayoor (Estd: 9 Dec. 1974)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Pallanadu, Marayoor P.O,
    Munnar, Idukki  – 685 620
    01. Rev. Sr Sayujya     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Sneha Thomas     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Anice Mathew     DM
    04.    Rev. Sr Baseelia     DM
    05.    Rev. Sr Mary Abhram     DM
    Activities:  Engaged in church activities such as teaching  catechism, community development programme in tribal areas and administrating a Balabhavan for the tribal children and teaching in the diocean school.

15. Nellimoodu (Estd: 27 Jan 1952)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Nellimoodu P.O, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 524
    01.     Rev. Sr Alphonse Maria         DM    (Superior)
    02.     Rev. Sr Mary Ivania     DM
    03.     Rev. Sr Delphina     DM
    04.     Rev. Sr Mary Alphonsa     DM
    05.     Rev. Sr Mary Julia    DM
    06.      Rev. Sr Mary Ignatia     DM
    07.      Rev. Sr Mary Cruz     DM
    08.    Rev. Sr Jose Mary     DM
    09.    Rev. Sr Smitha Jose      DM
    10.    Rev. Sr Tresa Francis       DM
    11.    Rev. Sr Claris DM     DM
    12.    Rev. Sr Jasmin Maria        DM  
    13.    Rev. Sr Rani Therese    DM
    14.    Rev. Sr Vimal George     DM
    15.    Rev. Sr Vandana Mathew    DM
    16.    Rev. Sr Merlin Maria      DM
    17.    Rev. Sr Merine Thomas    DM
    18.    Rev. Sr Saroopya    DM
    19.    Rev. Sr Tomsy Maria      DM
    20.    Rev. Sr Nirleena     DM
    21.     Rev. Sr Mahima     DM
    22.    Rev. Sr Sheen Maria     DM
    23.     Rev. Sr Sangeetha     DM
    24.     Rev. Sr Agnes Maria     DM
    25.     Rev. Sr Christo    DM
    26.    Rev. Sr Caroline     DM
    Activities: Sisters are serving in different  parishes and missions. Take care of the elderly sisters and conduct Balabhavan are run by sisters.

16.Nellikkadu (Estd:  1 June 2003)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, St. Philip’s H.S.S,  Nellikkadu., Kollodu P.O Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 572
    01. Rev. Sr Georgina    DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Mary Pio     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Catherine Jose    DM
    04.Rev. Sr Saleena     DM
    Activities: Sisters are serving in a diocean school and collegue and also assist in different  parishes.

17. Neyyar Dam
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Neyyar Dam P.O, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 572
    01. Rev. Sr Jessin Jose     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Beena Rose     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Jossy Maria     DM    
    Activities: Do pastoral works in mission stations and teach in a diocean school.

18. New York (America) (Estd: 23 Oct 2003)
    Madonna, Daughters of Mary Convent, 530 East, 234 Street ,
    4239 Webster Ave, APT/7 F, Bronx,  New York- 10466, USA
    01. Rev. Sr Asish     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Anjali Mathew         DM
    03. Rev. Sr Joveena     DM
    04. Rev. Sr Gracelet     DM
    Activities : Sisters render their service in home for the aged and in hospitals.

19.Olavacode (Estd: 15 June 1998)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Matha Nagar, Kavalapad P.O., Olavakode, Palakkad – 678  017
    01. Rev. Sr Dhanya    DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Sanathana    DM
    Activities : Sisters are administrating a  working women’s hostel and taking care of different parishes.

20.Pampukala (Estd: 13 May 2009)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Vijila Das Bhavan,
    Munduvila , Karumkulam,  Puthiyathura P.O.,  Pampukala – 695 526
    Tel : 9497776252
    01. Rev. Sr Vineetha     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Santhwana     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Sampreetha     DM
    Activities: Sisters assist in pastoral work and  teach in Nellimood school.

21.PMG (Estd: 21  June 1991)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, T.C 12/15-1, P.M.G
    Pattom Down Road, Pattom P.O., Thiruvananthapuram – 695 004
    01. Rev. Sr Clearlet    DM     (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Mercy Xevier     DM
    03. Rev.Sr Mercy Thomas    DM    (study-M.Ed)
    04. Rev.Sr Maria Rita    DM    (Study)
    05. Rev.Sr Bhavya Paul    DM    (Jubilee Hospital)
    06. Rev. Sr Rosy Francis     DM    (study)
    Activities : Sisters and candidates study in schools, universities and help in the Basalica parish activities and in other mission stations. They also teach in the St. Mary’s Higher Secondary Schoos and rendering service in the office of the cause of cannonisation of Mar Ivanios, Pattom.

22. Ponneduthakuzhy (Estd: 11 July 1997)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary,  Sneha Bhavan,
    Ponneduthakuzhy, Uriacode P.O., Vellanad,
    Thiruvananthapuram – 695 543,
    01. Rev. Sr Leo Pold     DM    ( Sister in-charge)
    02. Rev. Sr Josetta     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Ann Thomas     DM
    Activities:  Assist in mission stations and serve in the Unity House.

23.Pothanickadu  (Estd: 17 may 2004)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Pothanickadu,
    Ernakulam (Dt) - 686 671
    01. Rev. Sr Lissy Jacob     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Jean Mary    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Rosia Martin       DM
    04. Rev. Sr Nelha Jose     DM
         Activiies: Teach catechism, assist in pastoral works and teach in diocesan schools.

24.Pravachambalam (Estd: 17 June 1977)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary,  Pravachambalam,
    Nemom P.O, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 020
    01.    Rev. Sr Lucia           DM    (Superior)
    02.     Rev. Sr Flavia     DM
    03.     Rev. Sr Bonaventure     DM
    04.     Rev. Sr  Sebi Rose     DM
    05.     Rev. Sr Seena John      DM
    Activities: Sisters are serving in diocesen Nursery, U.P school and  High School and assist in the pastoral activities.

 25.Punnavoor (Estd: 15 July 1974)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary
    Punnavoor, Koovalassery, Velliyancode P.O,
    Ooruttambalam (via), Thiruvananthapuram – 695 512
    01. Rev. Sr Anie Scaria    DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Vimala    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Alex Maria      DM
    04. Rev. Sr Ann Maria     DM
    Activities : Sisters help in  pastoral activities, managing a  Nursery, U.P  and High School.

26.Vettickal (Estd: 28 Feb 1998)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Thiruvaniyoor P.O.,
    Puthencruz, Ernakulam – 682  308    
    01. Rev. Sr Udaya    D M    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Navya Therese    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Mary Stephene      DM
    04. Rev. Sr Joe Maria    DM
    05. Rev. Sr Francia     DM    
    Activities : Sisters run a CBSE School and assist in parish ministry.