AMALA VICE - PROVINCE
              Chanda (Estd on 25 March 2003)

          D M Provincial House, Sawangi ( meghe)
                       Wardha, M.S-442001
        TEL: 07152-287791, 287733, FAX – 287791

Short History
Amala Vice Province is the sixth province of the Congregation of Daughters of Mary. Daughters of Mary commenced its apostolic service in the diocese of Chanda at the invitation of Late Bishop Mar Januarius and opened its first house at Durgapur, near Chandrapur on 1 November 1981. Planning to erect its regional/provincial house in the mission area itself, the Congregation purchased two acres of land from the property of St. Antony’s Church, Wardha in the year1997, where the headquarters of Amala province is presently situated. On 26 June 2002 the foundation stone was laid and the construction was completed in a short span of time. On 25 March 2003, Most Rev Bishop Vijay Anand blessed the house and dedicated it to the service of God and man alike. The Region was raised to the status of Vice Province on 23 July 2005.
    The province is spread out in three states and associate with nine dioceses of three rites, Syro Malankara, Syro Malabar and Latin. Seventy two sisters of Amala Province residing in 18 houses spread the word of God in and around through Education, Healing Ministry, Orphanages, Old-age Home, Social service and Direct Evangelization. Home visits, part of the apostolic patrimony bequeathed by its founder are a rich aspect of the Province’s ministry of evangelization. Amalites maintain a warm fraternity of sharing and bearing with the adjacent communities and congregations in the respective areas.

01. Amala Sadan
Mother Provincial : Rev. Mother Rita Jose DM
Assistant Provincial : Rev. Sr Anice DM
Provincial Councillors : Rev. Sr Joselin DM
                                        Rev. Sr Betty Xavier DM
                                        Rev. Sr Seena Jose DM
Finance Officer : Rev. Sr Alphy PuylickalDM
Provincial Secretary : Rev. Sr Teena Rose DM
Houses and Service Centres : 18
No. of sisters : 72

    01.Rev. Sr Rita Jose    DM    (Provincial Superior)
    02.Rev. Sr Joseline     DM
    03.Rev. Sr Alphy Pulickal     DM
    04.Rev. Sr Teena Rose     DM
    05.Rev. Sr Rosy Augustine     DM    (Generalate)
    06.Rev. Sr Deepthi Rose    DM    (Finance Officer )
    07.Rev. Sr VimalaThekkumpuram     DM
    08. Rev. Sr Rony Maria     DM     (S)
    09. Rev. Sr Agnes Therese     DM     (S)
    10. Rev. Sr Maria Glory     DM     (Aluva)
    11. Rev. Sr Theresa Dominic     DM
    12. Rev. Sr Jeeva Therese     DM     (S)
    13. Rev. Sr Anciline Jose     DM     (S)
    14. Rev. Sr Lisset Mathew     DM     (S)
    15. Rev. Sr Thejas Tom     DM     (S)

2.  Ajini (Est. 11 February 2002)
    Amal Jyoti, D M Convent, Plot No. 37, Joshiwadi,
    Bhagavan Nagar P O, Rameshwari, Nagpur -440027
    01. Rev. Sr Anice     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Lissue Mathew     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Dency Therese     DM
    Activities: Sisters mainly engage in missionary activities, visit houses, conduct prayer meetings, visit the patients of nearby medical college and assist in the parish activities.

3. Augsburg ( Estd.1 January 2012)
    Daughters of Mary, KLINIK VINCENTINUM
    Franziskannergasse 1286152,
    Augsburg, Germany
    01.     Rev. Sr MerinaKalathiparambil DM    (Superior)
    02.     Rev. Sr Aishwarya     DM
    03.     Rev. Sr Steena Maria     DM
    Activities: Sisters serve in the Vincential Hospital and old age home.

4. Durgapur (Estd. 1 November 1981)
    Maria Sadan, Durgapur P O;  Chandrapur Dt.
    Maharashtra -442401
    01.     Rev. Sr Prabha Therese     DM    (Superior)
    02.     Rev. Sr Gladys     DM
    03.     Rev. Sr Adarsh Maria     DM    (Principal)
    04.     Rev. Sr Lilly Joseph     DM
    Activities: Sisters work in the mission stations, visit houses, conduct prayer meeting and teachin Nursery, H.S. and Junior College.

5. Greensburg (Estd. 10 March)     
    St. Anne Home, 685 Angela Drive
    Greensburg, PA 15601, U.S.A
    01. Rev. Sr Rose Therese    DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Amala ThekkumpuramDM
    Activities: Sisters serve in the Old-age home.

6. Hanga (Estd. 13 May 2012)
    Sanjo Sadan, D M Convent, Hanga P O, Supa-Parner Road,
    Ahamed Nagar Dt, M S-414301
    01. Rev. Sr Sajeeva     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Grace Maria     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Mariet Antony     DM
    Activities: Sisters teach catechism, visit houses and teach in school.

7. Kalmeshwar ( Estd. 8 January 2014)
    Nirmal Niketan, D M Convent, Zunki-Saoli Road,
    Waroda, Kalmeshwar, Nagpur, M S 441501
    01. Rev. Sr James Mary     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Cicily Joseph    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Jyoti     DM
    04. Rev. Sr Betty Xavier     DM
    Activities: Sisters serve in the old age home, teach in school and visit houses; also novices are trained here.

8. Korpana (Estd. 22 July 2012)
    D M Convent, Korpana P O, Korpana Taluk
    Chandrapur Dt., M S-442916
    01. Rev. Sr Joel Jose     DM (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Elizabeth Varghese     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Gianna Mary     DM
    Activities: Sisters teach in the school, visit houses and assist in  parish activities.

9. Latone (Estd. 12 April 2015)
    D M Convent, St. Joseph H S, Latone,
    Parsapani P O, Godda Dt., Pathargama Via,
    Jharkhand -814147
    01. Rev. Sr Mary Stephany     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Krupa Maria     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Regina Mary     DM
    Activities: Sisters teach in the exarchial school, visit houses and assist in parish activities.

10.Mevada (Estd. 11 January 1996)
    D M Convent, Mevada P O, Kottayam -686620
    01. Rev. Sr Vinaya Jose     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Therese Michael     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Maria Margaret     DM
    Activities: Sisters engage in pastoral activities, visit houses, conduct prayer meetings and teach in Nursery school.

11.Mehuabathan ( Estd. 20 June 2015)
    D M Convent, C/o Catholic Ashram,
    Mehuabathan, Noadih P.O., P.S. Ramgrah,
    Palamau, Jharkhand - 822 110
    01. Rev. Sr Catherine Davis     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Lucy Joseph     DM
    Activities: Sisters teach in the diocesan school and visit houses.

12. Pattaguda (Estd. 12 October 1991)
    Santhi Bhavan, DM Convent, Pattaguda,Thekkemandava,
    Gadchandur via, JiwatiTq, Chandrapur Dist,
    Maharashtra-442 908
    01. Rev. Sr Joicy     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Helen Mary     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Prabha Maria     DM
    Activities: Sisters work in the mission stations, teach catechism, serving in the dispensary and manage a boarding for tribals.

13.Pune (Estd.12 October 1991)
    DM Convent, Mar Ivanios Nagar, Gurav pimple,
    Aundh P.O, Pune, M S - 411 029
    01. Rev. Sr Arpana Therese    DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Prima     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Carmel Mary     DM    (Principal)
    04. Rev. Sr Stancy Maria     DM
    Activities: Sisters assist in mission activities, teach catechism, visit houses and teach in Nursery and High School.

14.Rajura (Estd.11 August 1992)
    Stella Maris Convent, Chunala P.O, Rajura.Tq,
    Chandrapur Dt, Maharashtra-442905
    01. Rev. Sr Flower Maria     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Vinita Kadaplackal     DM     (Principal)
    03. Rev. Sr Tomcy     DM
    04. Rev. Sr Seena Jose     DM
    05. Rev. Sr Maritta Jacob     DM
    06. Rev. Sr Darsana     DM
    Activities: Sisters assist in the parish activities, teach in the Nursery and H S and manage a tailoring school.

15. Shengaon (Estd.15 August 1987)
    Matha Vihar Convent, Shengaon.P.O,
    Gadchandur(Via), Jiwati.T.Q , Chandrapur.Dt,
    Maharashtra-442 908
    01. Rev. Sr Anurupa     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Bertha     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Jubil Therese     DM
    04. Rev. Sr Ashish George     DM
    Activities: Sisters serve in the dispensary, conduct community health programmes, manage boarding for tribals; also assist in the missionary activities.

16. Thalore (Estd.25 April 2004)
    DM.Convent, Thalore.P.O, Bypass Road, Trissur-680 306
    01. Rev. Sr Emiline Jose    DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr JobinThanathuparampil    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Reeja Jose     DM
    04. Rev. Sr Rani Maria     DM
    Activities: Sisters assist in the parish activities, visit houses and serve in the Jerusalem Retreat Centre.

17. Wani  (Estd.8 Dec 1993)
    DM.Convent, Wani, Nokewada. P.O,
    Gadchandur (Via),  Jiwati Tq, ChandrapurDt,
    Maharashtra-442 908
    01. Rev. Sr Jaisa Jose     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Lisa Jose     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Judit Mary    DM
    Activities: Sisters serve in the dispensary, conduct community health programmes, assist in missionary activities and manage a boarding for tribals.

18.Westheim (Estd.16 January, 2006)
    Caritas seniorentum, Notburga, Von-Rehligen, Str-42,
    86356 Neusass- Westheim, Germany
    01. Rev. Sr Merin palapallil     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Rosmin George     DM
    03. Rev. Sr Teslin Therese     DM
    Activities: Sisters serve in the old age home.