MARY MATHA - PROVINCE
                        Sulthan Bathery

               Provincial House, Mary Matha DM Convent,
                 Sulthan Bathery P.O, Wayanad- 673 592
                    Tel. 04936-220803, 224642 (Mother)
                              Fax – 04936-224642
                          (Estd. 25 November 1987)

Mother Provincial : Rev. Mother Subha Therese DM
Provincial Councillors : Rev. Sr Elseena DM
                                      : Rev. Sr Margret Mary DM
                                      : Rev. Sr Stella Maria DM
                                      : Rev. Sr Alphonse Jacob DM
Provincial Treasurer : Rev. Sr Nirmal Jacob DM
Provincial Secretary : Rev. Sr Tessin Maria DM
Total number of houses : 18
Total number of Sisters : 94


1. Sulthan Bathery
    01. Rev. Mother Subha Therese    DM (Provincial Superior )
    02. Rev. Sr Elseena     DM
    03. Rev. Sr  Margret Mary           DM
    04. Rev. Sr Stella Maria     DM
    05. Rev. Sr Alphonse Jacob     DM
    06. Rev. Sr Nirmal Antony    DM
    07. Rev. Sr Tessin Maria    DM
    08. Rev. Sr Veronica    DM
    09. Rev. Sr Fatima     DM
    10. Rev. Sr Mary Paul     DM
    11. Rev. Sr Tresa Mathew    DM     (General Councillor)
    12. Rev. Sr Jane Francis     DM     (Italy)
    13. Rev. Sr Francy Maria    DM
    14. Rev. Sr Rose Mathew    DM
    15. Rev. Sr Paul Maria    DM    (Losangels-USA)
    16. Rev. Sr Jophy Maria    DM (Germany - Zweibrucken)
    20. Rev. Sr Pranitha Margret    DM    (Study)
    21. Rev. Sr Nirmal Alphonse     DM
    22. Rev. Sr Jesmine Therese     DM    (Study )
    23. Rev. Sr Joice Mary     DM
    24. Rev. Sr Sancta Maria     DM    (Juniorate-Aluva)          

    25. Rev. Sr Krupa Rose    DM    (Study)
    26. Rev. Sr Johnsia George    DM
    27. Rev. Alphia Chacko    DM
    29. Rev. Sr Alensa Maria     DM
    30. Rev. Sr Ansa Maria     DM            
    Activities: Provincial house of Mary Matha Province and formation house for  the Aspirants.

2.  Munchen (Estd.1 May 2011)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Bavariaring-46 ,80336
    Munchen, Germany.
    01. Rev. Sr Pavana Jose     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Rosna Thoppil    DM
    03. Re. Sr Pranitha Margret    DM
    04. Rev. Sr Francitta Jose    DM
    05. Rev. Sr  Pavithra Francis    DM
    06. Rev. Sr Justina Therese    DM    
    Activities : Sisters render service in the old age home and take care of the spiritual needs of the Patients.

3.  Bengaluru ( Estd. 12 May 1988)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, c/o St. Thomas Church,
    MES Road, Jalahally PO,  Bengaluru – 560 013
    01. Rev. Sr Linda Therese    DM (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Linet    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Tres a John    DM
    04. Rev. Sr Nithya Therese    DM
    05. Rev. Sr Jency Jose     DM
    Activities: Sisters work in Nursery and L.P .school and assist in the Parish. There is a Day Care Center for Children.

4. Bedoor (Estd. 31 July 2000)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Perumpatta P.O,
    Cheruvathoor (Via), Kasargode – 671 313
    01. Rev. Sr Christeena     DM (superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Hedwige    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Aleena Jose    DM
    Activities : Sisters work in Nursery, School and  in the Parishes.

5.  Byndoor (Estd. 1 May 2001)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Nirmal bhavan,
    c/o St.Thomas school, Nithyadhara Nagar,Byndoor,
    Kundapura (Via), Uduppi, Karnataka  - 576 214
    01. Rev. Sr Jesline     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Suma Therese      DM
    03. Rev. Sr Sereena Mary    DM
    Activities : Sisters work in Eparchial U.P.School and assist in two Parishes. There is a  boarding  and day care center for  Children.

6.  Chungathara (Estd. 25  November 2005)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Chungathara
    Chungathara P.O., Malapuram Dt., 679 334
    01. Rev. Sr Elsa Jose    DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Ann Jose    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Leo Edayaniyil    DM
    04. Rev. Sr Anugraha     DM
    Activities : Sisters engage in the parish ministry. There is a Day Care Center for children.

7.  Erumamunda (Estd. 25 May 1983)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Erumamunda,
    Chungathara P.O, Malappuram -679 334
    01. Rev. Sr Anitta    DM    ( Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Nyrmallya    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Joan Maria    DM
    04. Rev. Sr Dona Maria    DM
    05. Rev. Sr Rose Jose    DM

8.  Kadaba ( Estd.3 July 1981)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Kadaba P.O,
    South Canara, Karnataka – 574 221
    01. Rev. Sr Subha Jose     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Marina Paul    DM
    Activities : Sisters help in pastoral activities and teach in our High School. There is a Balikabhavan for poor girls.

9. Kartikulam (Estd.1 June 2002)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Kartikulam  P.O,
    Wayanad Dt.- 670645
    01. Rev. Sr Vimal Rose    DM     (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Jaisy Thomas    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Jositta Therese     DM
      Activities : Sisters engage in the parish ministry and conduct a Nursery School.

10.Karuvarakundu ( Estd.1 June 1990)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Tharish P.O,
    Karuvarakundu, Malapuram Dt
    01. Rev. Sr Prathibha     DM  (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Abin Therese    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Liji Maria     DM
    04. Rev. Sr  Saleena  Mathew    DM
    Activities : Sisters conduct  Nursery, L.P, U.P, and High schools and help in the parish pastoral activities.

11.Kodimbala (Estd. 11 August 1979)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Kodimbala P.O,
    Kadaba, South Canara, Karnataka 567 221
    01. Rev. Sr Basil    DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Rosebel    DM    
    Activities  : Sisters help in the parish pastoral activities.

12.Kunthoor (Estd.9 November 2006)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Maria Sadan,
    Kunthoor, Perabe P.O., Karnataka State - 574 285   
    01. Rev. Sr Sharlet    DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Shanet Jose    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Alen Mary    DM
    04. Rev. Sr Teena  Alphonse    DM
    05. Rev. Sr Sophia Francis     DM
    Activities: Sisters run a Nursery, L.P U.P., and High School and a hostel and assist in parish activities.

13.Mananthavady (Estd. 29 May 1985)
    Convent of Daughters of Mary, Chettapalam, Vemom P.O,
    Mananthavady, Wayanad Dt., 670645
    01. Rev. Sr Roselin    DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Silvy Mathew    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Mary Rose     DM
     Activities:  Sisters help in the pastoral activities and conduct a hostel for girls.

14.Moothedam ( Estd.7 June 1999 )
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary, Moothedam  P.O
    Edakkara, Malapuram Dt., 679 334
    01. Rev. Sr Joel Therese    DM (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Gracelin    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Navya  Alphonse    DM
    Activities: Sisters conduct Nursery, L.P., U.P.School and help in the parish pastoral  activities.

15. N. R Pura (Estd.19  October 1992 )
    Convent of Daughters of Mary, N.R Pura P.O, Mensur,
    Chickamangaloor, Karnataka  577134
    01. Rev. Sr Jessy Maria     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Ajayya     DM
    Activities: Sisters engage in missionary activities.There is a Balikabhavan for  poor girls.

16.Padannakadu (Estd .8 September 1991)
    Convent of Daughters of Mary, Padannakadu P.O,
    Kanhanngad, Neeleswar, Kasargode Dt. 671531
    01. Rev. Sr Deena Rose    DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Cherupushpam    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Neesa  Mary    DM
    04. Rev. Sr Mable Threse    DM    
    05. Rev. Sr Stephy Thomas     DM
    06. Rev. Sr Sanjo Therese     DM
    Activities: Sisters work in the Parish and help in the Pastoral Center. They manage a Nursery, L.P, UP, and High School.

17.Pathiricode (Estd  11 October 2004)
    Convent of Daughters of Mary, Pathiricode P.o
    Melattur  (Via) Malapuram Dt., 679 326    
    01. Rev. Sr Mary John    DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr Bonifacy    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Angela    DM
    Activities:They manage a Nursery School and engage in mission work in the parish.

18.Pulpally (Estd . 1  April 1993)
    Convent of the Daughters of Mary,  Pulpally P.O,
    Wayanad Dt., 673 579
    01. Rev. Sr Silvestra     DM    (Superior)
    02. Rev. SrInfant Mary    DM
    03. Rev. Sr Geetha     DM
    04. Rev. Sr Amal Francis    DM
    05. Rev. Sr Merija    DM
    06. Rev. Sr Helena Mathew     DM
    07. Rev. Sr Carmal Jacob    DM
    Activities: They render their service in a High School  in a Nursery School, and engage in mission activities in the Parishes.